My thoughts

For most part of this movie I felt like I had found someone’s old family tapes and spied on their ordinary souvenirs. With the black and white, the distant camera angles and the low-key acting combined, I failed to connect with any of the characters and after an hour and a half I still felt as if I was watching some stranger’s home tapes. That guy dancing with his penis flapping around was not a memory I wanted. The dead baby’s arms and legs flapping around is an image I did not need to see. It took what seemed like forever for the movie to actually start so that was a bad sign. The zoom on a floor being washed was fun for a bit. Oh, look, we see a plane in the reflecting water. Maybe something else will happen. Nop, more water and… more water. Yes I get it; sometimes we feel we’re just a grain of sand in a world of rocks. And yes, I found pleasure at looking at the action in the background of some scenes but what was on the foreground made me feel like I was wasting my precious grains of time in a world of clocks. 4.5-5/10 (Y tu mama tambien and Children of men are two of my favorite movies)