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What's buzzing through your mind right now? One more episode Rest in peace, Gaby. Bedroom Cinema 🛌 I finally met the neighbor I hoped to never meet 🌩ī¸ Summer storm Quiet evening?? I can't help it Summer is here!!?? 🌞 đŸ’Ĩ Memorial Day weekend View all posts >


I agree. No one really knows when a seemingly healthy person can begin to have issues that may interfere with their ability to govern. I would go a bit lower - say 72 or so. If they take office at 72, well, they're already pushing it. I'm thinking of just how stressful and draining the job is. Just look at the photos of previous U.S. presidents, comparing the beginning of their presidency to the end of it. Aren't airline pilots forced into retirement at 65? (I may have that wrong, though.) It makes me think of "Dancing with the Stars." I've never watched it, but I give a lot of credit to those who were game to give it a go. I agree. THANK YOU! So irritating! Is Natalie Wood adorable in that movie or what?? It's a Wonderful Life has a tear-inducing ending for me. My husky nephew lives elsewhere. Mr Neighbor is away for the weekend so this drone thing will have to wait. He has a setup for discouraging the squirrels that have already ransacked the corn plants in his garden. He's well aware of what's beyond his target location and has taken precautions so that nothing goes astray. Better than a mosquito! You make a good point that the newest game just might be a total dud. Amazing the number of people who fall for the hype. Why is it that folks will stop at a 'yield' sign at the roundabout but will roll through a 'stop' sign at an intersection?? View all replies >