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Are you surviving...πŸ”₯ It's "M" day 😒 Is it the heat?? πŸ”₯ πŸ₯΅ Our turn for the heat wave β˜€οΈ The Plots Thicken πŸ“Ί πŸ˜„ "Junk" TV πŸ“Ί Happy June everyone! πŸ„πŸŠπŸŒοΈβ€β™€οΈ 😟 Is anyone here annoyed or... Iconic movie & TV vehicles πŸš—πŸοΈβœˆοΈπŸšŒπŸš’ The 🎡 is back 🎀 View all posts >


I can understand your feelings. We all have our favorite seasons. Some like the heat, others prefer cooler temps. My favorite time is spring when we come out of that long tunnel of winter and the snow is finally gone, the grass has greened up, the trees are starting to bud, and the bugs aren't out yet. Fall comes second, then summer, then winter - although that first snow is nice. You have the humidity. No thanks! We need a LOT more rain here. The only good thing about it is there's no need to mow - the grass is dry and brown (of course, the weeds seem to keep growing). πŸ™„ I lived in Phoenix for eight years. At first, it was nice not having to deal with the winter cold and snow. But after a while, it became tedious - I described the seasons as hot, and not as hot. Too many days of highs way over 100Β°F. I realized that it's sort of the opposite of Minnesota. When it's that hot, you stay inside. When it's fiercely cold here in MN, we stay inside. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ Crappy neighbors, as in those who don't take reasonable care of their property and have junk laying seemingly everywhere around their yards/driveways. Obnoxious accelerators, as in drivers who purposely make as much noise as possible when they accelerate. Partnered with those who downshift loudly instead of using their brakes. Boom cars. I used to call them 3-block cars because you heard them 3 blocks coming and 3 blocks going, but then I learned they're called boom cars, those with speakers in their cars that have excessive bass sound. Completely annoying. Light pollution. Businesses/apartment complexes, etc. with spotlights on their signs that blind passing drivers. Yes, unnecessary noise and light pollution annoy me. I'm playing catch-up since this list includes the past couple of weeks. Just Between Friends (1986) – 7/10 DCI Banks – (2010-16) - 7.5/10 Gracie’s Choice (2004) - 7.5/10 Flashdance (1983) 6.5/10 Footloose (1984) - 7/10 Speed (1994) - 7.5/10 Coast to Coast (2003) - 6.5/10 (TV movie) Homeless (AKA No Place Like Home 1989) - 7/10 (TV movie) Roman Holiday (1953) - 8/10 Smashup on Interstate 5 (1976) - 6/10 (TV movie) Urban Cowboy (1980) - 6/10 Sense and Sensibility (1995) - 7/10 The Apartment (1960) - 8/10 Some Like It Hot (1959) - 7.5/10 Nope. But I admit there were a couple of time I wanted to. I use Wiki more than I use IMDb. It seems like the times I do visit it, they've changed their format yet again. Annoying. πŸ˜– Nope, I don't like their current format at all. At least three years ago, since that's when I had my bathroom remodeled. They took out the cheapy bathtub and put in a shower. In the eight years I've lived here, I probably took two baths in the five years before the bathroom was remodeled. πŸ’ƒπŸŽ΅πŸ‘ View all replies >