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Driving too fast for conditions and following too closely. Happens far too often. Wow. We're lucky you're here! I'm the weirdo here - I like Big Band music. Not to say that I don't like 60s and 70s, but Big Band is my favorite. Dang! It's been a long time since I saw American Graffiti. A classic in my book. I'm sorry for your pain. Really. It's no fun at all, and it's [i]exhausting[/i] having to deal with it. But I have to ask, what have you been doing that you've suffered all these injuries? I'm beginning to realize just how poor I am. I never spent anywhere near $800 on Christmas gifts - for multiple people. Okay, back in the day when I bought presents for my kids it was probably the equivalent of $400, but still... However, I never went into debt, so I guess I'm ahead of some folks. I can see why. 😉 Seems pricey to me, but what do I know about snowmobile helmets?? Thank you! Glad I'm not the only one who thought this way. Indiana Christmas - Straight No Chaser View all replies >