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It will be very very awful. WB will be foolish to sink a lot of money into this. I predict too much CGI, race/gender swapping with the characters, and random action sequences. Just watch the original 1939 version. Or Return to Oz for a well-made film true to the source. Try Black Summer, on Netflix. It’s based on the start of the apocalypse. Only two seasons but pretty good and better than Walking Dead for years now. So…. What’s your take on completely alien species in MCU or Star Trek films speaking perfect English? :) Going back to the silent era, Charlie Chaplin’s The Seagull was fully completed, screened, and never released. chaplin apparently burned the film and negatives a few years later as a tax write-off. He produced it only, Erich von Stroheim directed it. So, are we to assume the arriving predators kill the whole village and take the gun as a souvenir, to be returned in Predator 2? That’s my take. They weren’t evil. They were quite competent hunters and planned well, but they just couldn’t handle the advance tech. Oh, and they were French or Canadians. The heroine won in the end because she observed how the Predator reacted to the hunters and she adapted. Yup, solid film. Direction is good, and you can see how the girl uses tactics and observation throughtout the entire film. She makes many mistakes and learns from them. I think Disney was stupid to put this just on Hulu. It could have easily claimed $100 million domestic at the box office. The word of mouth would have carried it. 1994’s Fantastic Four was never officially released, but pirated copies remain. I guess you can expect the eventual same fate for Batgirl. So never fear! I predict Black Cat as one of the characters. I’m going to recommend this film to Criterion and see what happens! It is great and magical for such a shoestring budget! View all replies >