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What did you watch this week ballers? (16/02-22/02) Stonekeeper's Guessing Game: I Recommend THIS Mystery Movie #900! ( Gozu 2003) What did you watch this week my little grasshopper? (02/09-02/15) Who’s Buck? A favourite of mine... Sandy Wexler meets Wolf of Wall-street What did you watch this week? (02/02-02/08) Best Actor Battle: Day Lewis VS Cruise What did you watch on this last week of january? (01/26-02/01) What did you watch this week sweetheart? (01/20-01/25) View all posts >


Isle of Dogs (2018) Murder party Haunt Most horror movies... Cool, cool. Thanks for dropping by my lady. I love it when you drop by here and you know it. So what is On Cinema at the Cinema Oscar Special? Like a tv episode of recommendations of movies or what? lol, I'd like to watch Pieces with you someday! I was always curious about House. I've been literally looking for memories of murder for the past 7 years or so. Snowpiercer: A few great scenes and the rest is good. 7/10 Melancholia: nice cinematography but not very entertaining. 6/10 Adaptation: So much fun to watch. 8/10 Barking dogs never bite: one of the greatest atmosphere ever in a film. 9/10 Snatch: Love Ritchie, love Pitt, love the movie. 9/10 I too saw Office Space for the first time only a few years ago and it was okay. 6/10 Escape plan: 6/10 Midsommar: 7.5/1 » Us: 6.5/10 I so want to see parasite. One of my favorite directors. Lucy: meh 5.5/10 The Man from uncle:8/10 That’s what’s up View all replies >