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What did you watch this week surfer boy? (07/07-13/07) My rating and thoughts for each movie of the franchise Rate all the Mission Impossible movies (+ My thoughts) Stonekeeper's Summer Game: I recommend THIS Mystery Movie #462 (Grosse Point Blank 1997) Rate these 2 songs PT 2 Rate these 2 songs out of 10 On my way to 5K... A masterpiece. (If you ask me) My thoughts Not bad...but Caution! View all posts >


It looks pretty good. Thanks! I want to see The witch. Mean Girls: Left me a bit cold, what with all the hype. 6/10 Midsommar: I don't go out to the theater much since the last decade but Im highly considering this one. I might even go alone for the first time if I don't find anyone to go with me. (my wife would not like this genre) "an't help but feel that it's a bit of an empty exercise": I don't like the sound of that... Zodiac: The first part of your review describes well what think. Too long and convoluted for me to fully appreciated and I don't feel like giving it a rewatch even though I own it. 6.5-7/10 the 1975 movie? Nice week you had there Stratty! Pulp Fiction: 9/10 Jackie Brown: 7.5-8/10 Thanks for the kind words man. I rated Stranger Things S1 7.5/10 and the second one 7/10. Let'S just hope it won't be even lower this new season for me but I'll give it a try in the futur for sure. Im too busy with The Walking Dead for the moment. Primal Fear: 9/10 Cop Land: need to rewatch "There is also a big unanswered question which I suspect is intentional given that the country is Iran. 7/10" - Why? because Iran out of money to finish the movie? It's cool that you also enjoyed Mohtman movie. Yes, it went very well, thank you. Nothing like being in your own home for the first time. You had a nice week! Creep: 7.5/10 St. Vincent: 8/10 Into Darkness: 5/10 Caddyshack: 6.5/10 Brick: 6.5/10 Constantine: can't remember Rebirth: 7/10 The Italian Job: 7/10 Back to the futur: 8.5/10 Elm Street: been too long Fargo: 8.5/10 I’m so old I remember yelling “I got it!” When the phone rang Glad you enjoyed Cam and The invitation! Cam:I gotta say that I enjoyed the abrasive tones of this movie, the atmosphere, acting and directing combined together really got me into the story so I felt the tension. The first half of the movie is great and the second half is okay. Spoiler:I think it could have been better if they made the Tinker guy’s part of the story bigger. He was connected with all the copied girls yet, not much came out of him. My rating: 7/10 The Invitation:This was a mystery/thriller just like I like them. It’s actually one of the best I’ve seen in a while. Holds you on the edge of your seat until the moment it finally pops and shit hits the fan. Not watching any trailer beforehand was a great idea too! This movie is like the serious version of the movie The Mansion(2017) , another MovieChat Special we had. View all replies >