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It is worth watching Average thriller Great romantic Russian drama Good action It reminded me of "Purge", but better... Great movie! Overrated It is not horror. It's a thriller! Don't watch this! What a mess! View all posts >


I' don't compare it with another X-men movies as I can't remember how I felt the. But from watching this movie alone it wasn't that bad. It kept me interested until the end and the action scenes were quite good. This is the worst out of the series. It was really bad. Bad acting, bad writing and basically no plot, just drivel. It's an interesting idea, but the movie bored me to death :) I really tried hard to stay awake and finish watching it. The eyeball scene was extremely disturbing. Well done from producers :) I think you should watch it and decide by yourself. I watched it and I wouldn't say it was shit. It was better than many movies that they are showing regularly in the cinema. It's not a masterpiece, but it is watchable :) I agree! For this money, they've done an amazing job. Agreed. I watched it and it was bad, plain boring. I'm surprised it's scored that high (6.2) on IMDB. It deserves a 4 by Imdb standards. It's underrated for sure. I thought it was really good. May be it's not everyone. I watched it. Nothing special about this movie. It is a below average thriller. I would call it a disturbing movie instead of horror. View all replies >