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This movie rendered a real problem of alcoholism. Cheers for that. I'm one of those guys and the depiction in this movie is very close to reality. A real drinker could easily finnish a whole fridge shown in the movie. Those beers are in small cans. No big deal to drink that. And showing his thoughts about coaching the team was very realistic. When people drink and think about something they go over it again and again. Nevertheless there should be a limit, you don't bring alcohol to work or to school. Nonetheless, he was blamed coming to work drunk. That was a bit unfair. He slept it over. Of course the smell could still be there, but going behind his back and reporting after all he's done was unfair. That math teacher was a dick. That triggered the incident that leaded him going into excessive drinking and into a wrong house. Her performance was very good. However I think a better looking person could've delivered more for the viewers. At the same time we don't know if another actress could've pulled this role that well, showig the phobia. Fair point. I struggled with that too. But I liked the movie though. Agreed. Her sister in the movie looked much better than her. I was wondering as well why this obsession of Adrian over an average looking woman? It didn't make sense, however the movie was well made. If they had a better looking female the story would've been more believable. She's not very attractive, but calling her a subhuman is wrong. We look they way our genes make us look, and of course our lifestyle :) I guess it was too disturbing to be nominated for Oscars. Mostly they choose politically correct and soft movies. Midsommer isn't and I agree with you it's a masterpiece in horror genre. Another movie to mention is "Nightingale" that is extremely disturbing, but powerful at the same time. Unfortunately Oscars do not nominate the best movies. There is an agenda behind what to nominate and what not. I agree, they've been missing in most of the episodes. But the show wasn't about the hosts, but about the people who took part in the show. I believe the approach of this show was to let it flow freely without interfering or commenting on the situation. Therefore I wouldn't blame the hosts, maybe they've done their part behind the scenes? In the final reunion episode the lady host was on the ball. It is a very weird movie. I would recommend it for those who love watching weird. Personally I enjoyed it, even if we don't get the answers about strange characters in the shop. I guess they were witches. Not sure, it's up to viewers interpretation. I don't think it was better than the first one. Both movies were crap. They bored me to death. The second movie didn't make sense with the doll. In the first movie the doll didn't have any superpowers, however it does in the second movie. Just awful in short. Agreed the humour was really well combined with the action scenes. It was a pleasand and an easy watch. View all replies >