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Really enjoyable! I had to take a nap to finish this movie If you are an alcoholic it's a must see! Too Long Boring! Odessa Young Better than the ratings Nominated for 5 Oscars in 1984? The ending The ending (spoilers) View all posts >


I liked how her father played in the movie. I thought his acting was the best. Agreed. It is much better than the ratings and the negative reviews. It looks like people score or give negative reviews without watching the film. My bad! Totally forgot about him in season 2, it seems my memory sucks :) It's a thriller :) Even if I had a feeling about the twist all along I thoroughly enjoyed it. It is believable that the parents would act in this way. They would anything for their child. It's good, but I wouldn't call it fantastic. It drags at times and it is somewhat cheesy in many shots or developments. Just the last scene with German zeppelins was so cheesy :) Maybe they filmed it during the COVID lockdown :) Great movie in my opinion, very well acted! I watched it all and I thought it was gritty. It wasn't that bad and I learnt some history :) I've just seen it and it's a great movie. You will not be disappointed! Recommended! View all replies >