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Average thriller Great romantic Russian drama Good action It reminded me of "Purge", but better... Great movie! Overrated It is not horror. It's a thriller! Don't watch this! What a mess! He is a great actor! View all posts >


I would call it a disturbing movie instead of horror. They raped her. It was obvious from the mood of the movie and from collecting the sex toys afterwards. I thought it ended with the bombing of the alien's nest. My take was that humans will never stop fighting and rebellion will continue. Great pondering :) Felt the same way. It was uninteresting. Way better than Atomic Blonde, but still not perfect. Completely agreed! The fake Russian accent was so annoying, why not to speak in a proper language? If you speak in English then speak it properly for f. sake. Fake accents really spoil movies. Why are the filmakers still doing it? It's silly. I thought the first one was really good. What I meant was the third series which is overrated in my opinion. It deserves a 6.5 on imdb, not a 7.6. Hugely overrated! It was average at best. Even children might get bored watching it. Not impressed at all. It was a fictional mess. You can't make any sense of it. View all replies >