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The ending (spoilers) I don't think it's a Sci-fi. Spoilers!!! What a movie! It is worth watching Average thriller Great romantic Russian drama Good action It reminded me of "Purge", but better... Great movie! Overrated View all posts >


I thought it was good, but not as good as the first season in my opinion. Anyway I enjoyed the second season as well. It wasn't good at all. I wouldn't recommend it to be seen. I had the same feeling of Final Destination. And I agree the movie sucked, full of stereotypes and boring. CO2 has nothing to do with rising temperatures. That's false science you believe in. Try to read more about it. No, she doesn't. She needs to master acting first, then we could talk about being nominated! She's got a long journey to go. Nu pun intended. I wasn't that bored. It was a decent drama, but I agree it could've been better. I watched it until the end. It's not great but watchable. I found it a bit too difficult to understand all the details of doing the scheme. I felt a bit stupid watching this movie :) I have a question. Why is there a concern about Global Warming? From what I understand with global warming there will be more food. Higher temperatures means more crops. Crops that can be grown even further North. It would be a lottery ticket for those who live in the North! Unfortunately the current picture is different. Regions from the North still can't grow much. It's a fact that Global Warming is not happening. Their winters are actually worsening. Strating in October and finishing late April. What kind of Global Warming is it? What are the dangers of it. I still don't see it :) Yes, our influence is quite noticeable, such as air pollution and plastic pollution. I agree that these are urgent matters to tackle. But talking about that we (little humans) are in power of changing climate is ridiculous. We cannot change climate. There are forces way stronger than us that control it. And the major force is the thing you can see it everyday. It's the Sun. It controls the climate on Earth. Period. I disagree with you. For its genre this movie is quite good. It's disturbing, surreal and gets under your skin. I would actually recommend this movie for people who like eccentric stuff. I get it. This movie is not for everyone, but the movie itself is great. View all replies >