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I think I like Armstrong less now (and that's unfair) Everybody gets the album cover, right? Just finished watching the second season... There are two kinds of people in the world... Bad movie If I ever become so serious about cinema... I didn't understand the message Did anyone else find the study fascinating? Horror? Or tragedy and sorrow? If the Coen Brothers were to have made a film about the death of Stalin... View all posts >


Excellent. I thought this was what the film was about, too. I see a lot of criticism about it because it presumably sermonized on race or wasn't nuanced enough about race or didn't solve any racial problems, etc., etc., etc. I'm not sure what these people were watching. I watched a film about two men ultimately coming to respect each other despite their (many) differences and learning a thing or two about dignity along the way. I thought the same thing. Have we run out of good guys to glorify in film? That said, "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" is one of my all-time favorites. So go figure. Agreed. Good way to put it! I would suggest that if you don't want people to answer your questions, you don't post them on public message boards. Why not? It was a fascinating look at how things are often spun in the political world. It's a story about power and hubris and arrogance and what people are willing to do (or not do) given the stakes involved. These are transcendent themes. They're always interesting. "Chappaquiddick" was a fine vehicle for revisiting them. I didn't laugh one time. Loved it. Loved the twist. Up until then, it was a Lifetime dramedy. Nothing wrong with it, just not my thing. The twist saved it for me. Hi. Yes, I'll defend to the death her right to express herself. I'm not questioning that a bit. No, she certainly does not have to be impartial. You and I agree on all of that. I respect the how. I'm still puzzled over the why. Wow. I didn't think they made brushes that broad. View all replies >