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Yes, Beast! Thanks, I'd forgotten about that one. Oh, yeah, just terrific. Agree on the gunman. He took the verdict much too well. Not sure about Philomac's demise. You make a compelling argument, but I took the dropping of the watch to signify that he came to appreciate what he'd been told about how stealing would make him no better than the people he was stealing from. He didn't throw it, like he was disgusted. He simply dropped it, like he knew he was better than that. Nice review of the trailer. Make sure to stop back with your thoughts about the actual film itself if you ever get the chance to see it. I just watched it last night for the first time in probably 30 years. I had it in my mind that it was a masterpiece and was surprised at how much I disliked it last night. Emotionally shallow, neurotic people. I didn't really care for anybody in the film. I was also planning on watching "Annie Hall" again, but now I'm afraid to... Interesting. For my money, you're overstating it. Robbins wasn't bad. He wasn't bad at all, actually. That said, I've always wondered how much better this film could have been with someone with a little more screen presence. Robbins makes a good supporting actor, like in Bull Durham. I just never thought of him as a leading man type. There had to have been someone else around in 1994 that could have carried this film just a little more compellingly. Just so long as we all acknowledge that my Steelers owned the 70s. "fifteen more minutes and nothing happens." Yes, that was on purpose. It was a microcosm of the entirety of this film. A final symbol of the complete absence of a narrative arc. The perfect conclusion, when you stop and think about it. Excellent summation. Could not have said it better myself. "Failed to connect." I'm thinking he probably pleaded self-defense with the Dan thing. After all, it was Roman who called for the guard. He wasn't trying to hide anything. Yes, I think we can assume his sentence was increased after releasing Marcus. But that's the point. Sadly, Roman was never going to make it in society. That was what Bruce Dern was alluding to when he said, "Some horses are just bad." Roman knew he meant him, not Marcus. And that's what he had so in common with Marcus. Neither could play nice with others. For Roman, that cost him his freedom. But for Marcus, it meant his freedom. Roman gave Marcus the freedom he knew he could never get for himself. That's the way I saw it anyway. I had the same question. It was the only thing I really didn't like about the film. I mean, these things have to happen sometimes, yes? Why cancel the program? Didn't make a lot of sense to me. View all replies >