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That blatant ad for Fortnite

Wow. Shameless and tacky af product placement.


I didn't mind it, my brother is a fan of the game



You are so desperate to make relevant threads because you derive your self-esteem from internet posts.

Bro, this is the third time you’ve stalked my posting history.

Obviously, I hurt your feelings at some point, but your obsession with me on these message boards is creepy...



You make dozens of posts per day. I wish I could avoid your shitty threads, but its not nearly possible. And it was you who replied to me in the first place, trying, as always, to make a snarky critical comment

But you're just not that smart. None of your takes are that good or interesting. Don't think I bothered to actually look that deep into your post history. I just read like a dozen posts, but I recognize a simple mind that keeps saying the same shit thinking that they are making creative new takes on movies

I'm sorry, dude. I love talking about movies with people. I wish you had valuable things to say, so we could engage in interesting conversations. But you're just looking for attention and validation. But you don't deserve it.

This post sucks and you know it. You are just looking for the short-lasting dopamine-boost of some internet dork who tells you that you are right. It's so pathetic that I HAVE to make you aware of it, because I feel like I'm doing you a favor


Man, I’ve never seen someone on this forum acting so deeply hurt about being proved wrong (a week ago).

You make dozens of posts per day

Not according to my own posting history. I understand that you feel embarrassed when I call you out for being a creeper (you only read a DOZEN of my posts?), but there’s no need to lie.

Just be less creepy.



"Proved wrong"

You are a ball of cringe, and deep down, you know it

851 posts, dude. It doesn't matter how often you post, you know you've posted a lot. And you know that most of your posts are bitchy and whiny attempts at commentary

You are bitching about a two minute scene involving a video game. Nothing I can say could own you more than you own yourself. Nobody else in the world cared about that Fortnite scene. If anything, they appreciated it for the absurdity of seeing an alien king playing a children's game. You decided to try to make an attempt at biting commentary about it. You are a walking self-parody


Nobody else in the world cared about that Fortnite scene.

There’s another reply in this thread that agrees with me.

So, once again, why lie?

Sure, I embarrassed you on a previous thread (over a week ago). But you’re humiliating yourself just fine without me on this one...



As I understand it, Fortnite Battle Royale had an official Marvel-sponsored event tie-in with Avengers: Infinity War in 2018, which featured the Infinity Gauntlet. The two companies (Epic and Marvel) have done a lot of cross-promotions since then.

Personally, I dislike this kind of noticeable product placement in films and I found Fortnite in "Avengers: Endgame" really on-the-nose.

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Eh... its a FTP game so not really all that shameless.

The real joke is the people that believe Fortnite will still be all that popular in 2023 which is when that scene takes place.