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Some really odd writing and creative decisions in this series (spoilers) This reminded me a lot of Christopher Smith's 'Creep' (2004) I'm actually looking forward to this film. I enjoyed this (spoilers) Does anyone want to discuss the series, instead of identity politics? I mostly enjoyed this (spoilers) I thought this was awful (spoilers) I'm not really enjoying the retcon (spoilers) Weird that this has such a low RT score... I wonder where things are headed with Will and Mike? View all posts >


From what I gather, episode 8 of 'House of the Dragon' will feature another big time jump that will replace the child actors with young adults but, once again, keep the other actors looking almost exactly the same. I just did a little digging around online and apparently this is only a 10-episode limited series? If so, perhaps it could have benefited from being an ongoing series with multiple seasons instead of this visually arresting but narratively dislocating mess. I watched the first season and enjoyed it, then started reading the book series, which is terrific. I really need to finish watching the show. It's unfortunate. 'Logan' was a perfect send-off for Hugh Jackman, perhaps the best one that an actor has ever had for a superhero character. Disney's version of Deadpool? Not so much. Money talks, though. What doesn't make any sense? The talismans? The first season of 'The Witcher' was widely criticised for having each of its three main characters operating in a separate timeline - the story around any one character never goes back in time, but the time jumps forward between episodes were very large. It was confusing. I really enjoyed the second season of 'The Witcher' - I think its the best fantasy series on TV at the moment - but that first season was rough. As we see in nearly every episode of the series, the townspeople have mysterious talismans that, when placed inside an enclosing structure, act as a shield from the monsters. The monsters can also be invited inside, as shown with the child in the first episode and the extremely lonely guy during the party. The box does not have a talisman, therefore the monsters can simply rip it open. What aspects have you been enjoying so far? What are your thoughts on the series, Kowalski? You didn't like the score by Bear McCreary? Without getting into book spoilers, he's a Littlefinger-style manipulator with no loyalty, playing all the different sides against each other to gain behind-the-scenes power for himself. View all replies >