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She deleted all of her social media accounts within days of the backlash. Also, there wasn't much of a follow-up attempt by the media, for whatever reasons. I assume Disney was in damage control so that 'Black Panther 2' wouldn't become even more of a train-wreck. One of the points she doubled down on is Luciferase which is an enzyme used in the vaccine. It’s an ‘interesting name’ apparently, hinting that it’s too close to Lucifer. [url][/url] Regardless of John’s reasons, concealing a homicide is still a criminal offense. If charged solely with this, he would be guilty in almost all jurisdictions of a low level felony offense and might spend a few years in prison or on probation. However, he could also be charged as an accomplice after the fact to murder, which would carry an even stiffer sentence. Since no serious bodily injury occurred during his attempted murder of his brother (interrupted by Mare), the penalties for an attempted murder conviction are similar to those for aggravated assault—a maximum penalty of up to 20 years in prison. Billy told John “I’m ready to confess” - John convinced him it was better for everyone if Billy took the fall because Billy “had no one,” and because John’s family needed to be protected. At some point, John decided it was safer to shoot Billy and stage it to look like a suicide, rather than rely on an unstable alcoholic to make a convincing confession to the police. After being arrested, John adjusted his plan and took the blame himself, instead of implicating Ryan. It was extremely obvious during Episode Six that Billy didn’t kill Erin and that John was setting him up as a scapegoat before taking him fishing in order to shoot him (or stage a suicide). I’m hoping that there will be a final rug pull and it will be revealed that John was prepared to frame Billy in order to protect the actual murderer: his son or wife. Both of them were upset that John was having “affairs” and the son definitely saw something his father asked him to keep a secret. Perhaps one of them discovered that John fathered a child with Erin? Perhaps Erin tried to blackmail John for money to pay for her son’s ear surgery? It seems like most newly released film on the MovieChat boards have at least one thread complaining about how “woke” it is by people who spend way too much time online. I agree that it has become tiresome and one of the downsides to MovieChat. Since “calling them out” only adds to the thread and bumps it back to the top of the page again, maybe avoid engaging and try reporting them to the forum moderators. [b]-------------------------------------------- You can read all of my latest film reviews here: [url][/url][/b] Doubly ironic since Letitia Wright, who plays Shuri, the biggest technophile in the MCU, thinks that the enzymes in coronavirus vaccines are derived from the Devil. You saw the opening musical montage. That’s enough. [b]-------------------------------------------- You can read all of my latest film reviews here: [url][/url][/b] Viltrumites are basically the strongest species in the Image universe. The rest of the superheroes on Earth get their powers in the usual ways you’d read about in DC or Marvel comic books: inherited, mutations, accidents, magical items, etc. [quote] I can not believe this is getting decent reviews and Netflix is going forward with sequels and trying to build a universe around it...[/quote] It’s baffling to me, too. If I had to guess, I’d say that Netflix (a) wants to tap into Zack Snyder’s perceived popularity after years of #ReleasetheSnyderverse trending on social media and (b) just wants the content, whether it’s good or bad. [b]-------------------------------------------- You can read all of my latest film reviews here: [url][/url][/b] I’d definitely be interested in seeing the original director’s cut. [b]-------------------------------------------- You can read all of my latest film reviews here: [url][/url][/b] View all replies >