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Some info (not 100% entirely true) My thoughts on the movie Rank the Indiana Jones movies Chadwick Boseman will NOT be Recast Shea Whighams role Confirmed: Tyrese and the Rock’s beef over Angela Basset returns and new video of Esai Morales and Hayley Atwell's fight scene and more news 2020 saw several Bond cast members pass away Was rumoured to appear in the Expendables back in 2012 Two more movies after this! View all posts >


Not a bad movie, but not good and ruined by false advertising I would have chosen one of the following actors Chris Hemsworth (6'2) Joel Kinnaman (6'2) Bradley Cooper (6'1) Dwayne Johnson (6'5) Jon Bernthal (5'11) Josh Duhamel (6'4) Joe Manganeillo (6'5) Gerard Butler (6'2) Liev Schreiber (6'2) John Cena (6'0) Ray Stevenson (6'3) Hugh Jackman (6'2) Liam Neeson (old, but still) (6'4) Liam McIntyre (6'1) Didn’t mind the fourth, but the Alien stuff is just stupid What a creep Not a bad choice, will be the right age when the time comes, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they consider names like Henry Golding, Richard Madden, James Norton, Daniel Kaluuya, Robert Pattinson (pretty much played Bond in Tenet, but really very unlikely), Oliver Jackson Cohen, Tom Bateman and Aidan Turner As Henry Jones Sr. once said “Indiana, let it go” or Peyton Reed Unlikely to happen since Tommy Morrison, who played Gunn in Rocky V passed away in 2013. I hear that a lot of people want Colin Farrell back, but it might not happen as filming for “The Batman” might not last for another while, however there are other actors who could do the part, Daniel Bruhl, Mads Mikkelson, Dan Stevens, Tom Hiddleston, Joaquin Phoenix (might not want to commit to 3 movies though), Ewan McGregor, or Michael Fassbender Diamonds was the better swan song than A View To A kill, same goes with Licence to Kill, but wasn't intentionally Dalton's swansong because he had another movie left on his contract before he decides throw in the towel and hang up the tux. View all replies >