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[quote]So not technically a hermaphrodite but two identities simultaneously occupying the same space with the negative spirit controlling it.[/quote] Grant Morrison and DC editorial have referred to the character as being a hermaphrodite. You’re welcome to your opinion, though. There was no way they were going to portray Negative Man as a fusion of a man and woman in the TV series. People can’t even handle the fact he’s a gay man... “Liberal snowflake Batman”? You have worms in your brain, dude. Stay away from comics and take some time off the internet. The movies never explained that the Kree are different colors (blue, pink, black, etc) due to cross-breeding with different races (they are trying to kickstart the Kree evolutionary gene). Blue, from memory, is the “pure” Kree. Not only can you not stand one second of a gay kiss ... but you want a Batman who wears purple gloves and shoots people with a gun??? LOL Bro, you live in 2019. If you want to see 1950s and 1960s values reflected on TV, go and watch some “I Love Lucy” or whatever. You’re in the minority. Stop crying online like a nerd... Point is ... Grant Morrison had the most well-known and critically-acclaimed run of any writer on “Doom Patrol”, so it was hardly “fan fiction”. Morrison’s comic book run, starting in the late 1980s, is the main source for this series. It’s where Crazy Jane, Mr Negative, etc come from. Are you really going to tell me you wanted see an adaptatio of the original 1962 run of the comic, you whiner? You’re just afraid of seeing a gay man. LOL 1509 posts on this board and [i]that[/i] is the garbage you’re writing? You must be so bored. It’s comfort food and it’s part of a big brand. People don’t like being surprised. People like attaching themselves to brands. It isn’t. It’s just that everyone is hyper-sensitive in 2019 to the stuff they’d usually let slide with celebrities in previous years. Also, the media is getting bored waiting for another celebrity sex offender to be revealed. Negative Man was a hermaphrodite for a long period of the Doom Patrol comic, starting around the late 1980s. He had a man’s genitalia, a woman’s breasts, cross-dressed and was attracted to men. I’m not sure why you’re crying on the internet like a dork over the character being presented as a butch gay man. The TV series is actually toning the character down. Probably not. Nobody cares about that stuff. View all replies >