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Utter trash Netflix is great at marketing bad films Why was the school for the blind “safe”? Annoyingly ill-defined “monsters” It reminded me of “Cell” Kate Hudson didn't look like the wife The Ant-Man brand: boring, inoffensive but accessible Why is Chris Hemsworth trying to be Sterling Archer? They couldn't just continue the story with a recast Hellboy? Visually, it's aged badly View all posts >


Reported for starting a pointless “I hate SJWs” thread with zero substantive opinion or analysis of the show this board belongs to. Reported for using the message boards as your own private chat room. Thry still make a lot of money. Look at the fans on this board, for example. In the films, Smaug. He’s larger and more powerful. In the books, the Balrog’s physical and mystical abilities (he breaks one of Gandalf’s spells) are too ill-defined to say how he’d compete against Smaug. Nice review, dude. It means it’s dated. The Fellowship running from the Balrog through Moria probably has the most visually dated CGI in the film trilogy. It looks like a video game. [quote]Um, no dear, [b]'why does this exist: were there that many fans of get hard out there'[/b] is not rhetorical.[/quote] “Why does this exist?” “Were that many fans of “Get Hard” out there?” Why bother re-editing the punctuation of my post? Just so you could squeeze in a patronizing “um, no dear”? LOL [quote]I can see enlightened discussion is beyond your capabilities [/quote] I explained at length in my post why I disliked the film. Your reply was “I’m 56”. LOL You like bad movies. View all replies >