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Can someone progressive please explain something to me, a racist dullard? Awful adaption in terms of story changes Are people more upset that 007 will be black or a woman? This isn’t Spider-Man... it’s Iron Man Jnr Mysterio being a villain was a twist??? Released with extra footage just to beat Avatar So disappointing People will hate this, regardless. The similarities to “Blood Father”... View all posts >


I said: “She doesn’t.” Next. LOOOOOL No. And like I said, defining a slim lesbian model as “masculine” because of a short haircut says more about your personal definition of masculinity than anything else. Clearly you have issues... with your own masculinity. Weird hill to die on. LOOOOOL She’s a lesbian model with short hair. If you’re threatened by this chick’s, ah, “masculinity”, it says more about you than her appearance, bruz... LOL This is what I wrote: [quote]Dude, why aren’t white peoples [b]creating[/b] more white spy movies if James Bond is so popular?[/quote] As the other posters have mentioned, your reading and comprehension abilities need a polish. “Mission Impossible” is another ancient, popular franchise [i]that existed for decades before becoming a vehicle for the highest paid actor on Earth at the time, Tom Cruise[/i]. Black actors should have access to the series as James Bond, not an ally or side character. It’s 2019. Please, go back to your comfort zone of complaining about being forced to watch SJW content by the radical Left... LOLOLOLOL “far Left radicals” LOLOLOL “Why can’t black people just create their own black spy series?” Dude, why aren’t white people creating more white spy movies if James Bond is so popular? It’s because James Bond is a decades old franchise that has become imbedded in pop culture, like “Star Wars”. It was also launched at a time when pop culture was predominantly white. You’re saying that black actors can’t access James Bond because it makes you feel uncomfortable and they should instead build their own rival franchise and then develop it over 60 years. LOL “SJW messages” LOLOLOL LOOOOOOL BigWorm for the win A black actor can’t fake being British? View all replies >