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Jon and Dany’s “love” = unconvincing Questions about the Mountain? Why didn’t Sandor kill Gregor earlier? I can’t stand Bran (spoilers) The leaked plot spoilers thread (spoilers) The Battle of Winterfell in the books Is Theon finally redeemed now? The inactivity of the White Walkers in the battle Season 8, Episode 3: a murky, repetitive anti-climax... That blatant ad for Fortnite View all posts >


Sandor could have tried to kill Gregor at any point in his life if he was so desperate for revenge. Sandor was also never suicidal. The confrontation between the two was purely fan service for people demanding “Cleganebowl”. It didn’t feel like organic storytelling, particularly after Sandor ostensibly became a “good guy” after joining Team Stark. I noticed it, too LOL This is sad af I can’t believe that you are arguing that a film can’t be referred to as “the original” when compared to a remake ... just because it’s based on a book. Not only that, but you have the temerity to call someone else a “dumbass”? LOLOLOLOL A lesbian female director. She found his stash of Disney porn. Robert Pattinson is fine. What isn’t fine is: A) the non-stop criticism he’ll receive online. B) the fact that while he’s locked into Batman movies, he won’t be able to keep doing all the cool little films he’s been in for the past few years, like “Good Time”, “Cosmopolis”, “The Rover”, “High Life”, “Maps to the Stars”, etc. So...? - Weak villains: Luthor was annoying and Doomsday was a visually incoherent mess - The script fumbled all of the key dramatic moments - It rushed Superman’s character development from “Man of Steel” - Too much awkward set-up for “Justice League” crowbarred in But, yeah, the majority of the casting was fine, it was a good intro for Wonder Woman, the film looked slick and the central conflict between Superman and Batman was fine. All of these DCU films are peppered with good ideas. There’s just a lack of overall quality control needed to make them all on par with “Wonder Woman”. Yeah, I agree ... I thought it undercut the loss of his hand. If he’d been shown to be some kind of super dominant fighter (like The Hound), the hand chop would have been a “wow” moment. Instead, the show either downplayed his skill to make other characters look cool (why did Ned need to be bad-ass?) or they didn’t have the budget (the off-screen battle with Robb’s army). View all replies >