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Stephen King spent decades insulting Kubrick’s film. Now, in 2019, we get a reference to “The Shining” in “IT Chapter 2” AND a full-blown sequel with Mike Flanagan’s “Doctor Sleep”. Moral of the story: King doesn’t have a clue about movies. No, there’s a bunch of computer animated junk ... way more than the first film. “Ready Player One” was scarier. Yep. In the book, IT killed the gay guy (described by Mike as “a child-like man”) on the anniversary of IT’s murder of Georgie. They mention there is deliberate synchronicity between the new wave of murders and the Loser’s era. In the movie, presumably there’s some kind of symbolic connection between IT killing the gay guy due to IT failing to kill gay Richie back in the day. I’m probably reading too much into the lousy script of this film, though LOL No, dude. The kids defeating IT in the miniseries was handled better than the film, despite the vastly lower budget. The miniseries didn’t reduce Beverly to a damsel-in-distress or turn the defeat of Pennywise into a one-sided curb-stomp. Dude, what are you talking about? Stop trying to make a bad movie more sophisticated than it actually was. This film sucked. Deal with it. LOL! View all replies >