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Every single thing about this movie is terrible

Law of averages says there has to be one redeeming aspect of this film but nope. It's an epic failure of immense proportions.

Let's start with the dialogue. They didn't have the foresite to realize filming near an ocean would be noisy. As a result, every interaction is cartoony because it seems like every line was ADR'd months later in a sound booth.

Speaking of cartoons, all of the characters are straight out of cartoon. Each performance is as subtle as a glass window breaking. For some reason in almost every scene, Dalton has this big dumb grin on his face. Which makes absolutely no sense considering the character is supposed to be so depressed he is suicidal. Somebody should have told his face. Connor McGregor's stupid grin is even worse. I mean no one expected an Oscar winning performance but if he doesn't sweep the Razzie's this year with his coked out goofy-ass performance there is no justice in this world. Give that man everything.

The fight scenes! Good lord i guess pro MMA fighters can't choreograph fights because the original Roadhouse fights seem like a UFC PPV fight compared to the awful clumsy "fights" in this movie.

If you liked this movie, get your Radon levels checked.


Yep, it was awful. No redeeming value at all.

Why is Conor McGregor weirdly grinning all the time, and acting like an idiot? Do the writers,producers watch the UFC at all? He's a better villain if you just let him be himself and just talk shit.

They replaced Brad Wesley, the main villain from the original, with this trust fund douche bag son of someone we never see. And this guy isn't threatening at all.

Dalton comes in and just immediately gets along with everyone. Part of the charm of the original is how cagey Dalton is, and also when he sees all the other current bouncers stealing, and taking advantage of their positions, and he tells them to hit the road. That part adds some nice tension to the situation and sets up later events. This has fucking nothing like that at all. No charm whatsoever. If I told ChatGPT to write an action movie that's like "Roadhouse" this is what it would come up with.

Jake Gyllenhaal looks weird and roided up. Every time he has his shirt off, I think that his head doesn't match how jacked he looks. It looks really manufactured. Swayze was so much better.




The villain plot is similar to Fire Down Below, except we don't get to see the 'dad boss' like you pointed out. But it's the same, you have this rich entitled goof ball son trying to wipe out the interloper, and failing, and keeps sending more and more goons.


I don't think many people are arguing the original Roadhouse wasn't the better movie of the two. But this one....on its own.....if you try to resist the urge to compare it to (or hold it to the same standard as) the a fun, schlocky fisticuffs popcorn movie. One of the reasons the original was a lot better came up with that (relatively original) concept first. (Although it would be easy to argue the concept dates back to films like The Outlaw Josey Wales...Pale Rider, and actually...the "gun for hire" concept dates waaaaay further far back as stories have been told.

But as far as recent, modern flicks go, it had a relatively original and modern take, and has become legendary by being one of those so-bad-it's-good "guilty pleasures" that pops-up on TBS every other week, the way The Beastmaster used to.

I think people get off on hating this movie for other righteously indignant, principled reasons. And by doing so, they miss the bigger picture. Rather than slamming this as an example of ongoing poor quality and a lack of original ideas from Hollywood....they should be CELEBRATING this movie for having the guts, unapologetically, to revive an extinct genre (a non-woke fisticuffs movie that dares to feature a straight, white male as the alpha protagonist) the same vein as say...Clint was in Every Which Way But Loose".


Yep. Watched this movie because Connor McGregor was in it. Great fighter, but a terrible actor. His character seemed more like a caricature than a human. The "romance" between Dalton and the woman was clunky and just unbelievable. The only mildly interesting character besides Dalton was the pacifistic "thug", that really just wanted to ride motorcycles.


I thought it was a fun movie.

You can kiss my ass. Ain’t nobody in here got an Oscars ballot to fill out.


I enjoyed it, decent light entertainment on a Friday evening. Don't know or care who the guy playing the "bad guy fighter" is or where he came from. Seems to me you'd have to have a pretty big stick shoved up your ass to get this upset by this movie. I don't remember jack shit about the original and never thought it was anything more than mediocre, maybe that helps?


What were you expecting? Oscar winning performances? Jake has been nominated you know. Conner also Played kickpuncher II the punchkicking King of Corona. The fight scene was flimsy and messy and ill timed and poorly written and excuted. But expecting Oscar perfomances is just silly. Even though it was full of plot wholes, I am not sure what you were expecting from that one big guy too.