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How does this guy keep finding so much work? Review of Dark Fate I wonder if Evans' real-life cocaine traficking story Glad I didn't pay to see this in the theater One of the bet comedy specials ever So glad I waited until this came out on HBO Looks 10 years older than he actually is Surprisingly unfunny Where's that fucking petition? I want to sign it now Will BBT be the Last Great Sitcom? View all posts >


Looking at that photo, I've come to the conclusion that his head isn't that round. He doesn't look like a Peanuts character or anything. You are painting with quite a broad brush. I take into consideration *quality* research, the opinions of researchers that aren't biased (e.g. Judith Curry, Patrick Michaels) and tend to discount the opinions of those who have laid down their objectivity in the name of research dollars and notoriety (e.g. Michael Mann). Nor can the U.N. Climate panel be taken seriously as they make grandiose claims not supported by the science (e.g. humans are THE DOMINANT CAUSE of warming). That simply isn't true. Yes, humans make a small contribution, but by far the largest factors lie elsewhere. Answer this, if carbon emissions by humans are THE DOMINANT CAUSE of temperature increases, why does a straight line best fit the data going back to the end of the little ice age? Wouldn't it be curvilinear to reflect the increased carbon output that came along with industrialization? She is just a pawn being manipulated by the powerful to push an agenda. I feel more sorry for her than anything else as she didn't choose this so much as it was foisted upon her. Good. The show has run its course. That was my gripe. The story was somewhat incoherent, particularly when compared to Frozen I. My 5 year-old neice likes II better though and she is the target audience for this movie, so coherent story be damned. As seasons 1-4 are considered some of the best television there is, they are pretty good at adapting existing material. Where they really run into problems is when they have to create the story themselves. Seasons 5-8 were shit compared to 1-4 She looked better with her original teeth (and nose). The nose job and caps give her an air of fakeness and she is a good enough actress to not need it. She turned in a great performance when it mattered most for her - during True Grit. That single performance in an overall superb movie earned her a lot of goodwill in Hollywood and they set about making her into a star. She almost fizzled out after TG with a few misses, but then she was cast in Pitch Perfect 2 and the rest is history 2010. Splendid performances all around Your anecdotal evidence does not jibe with my anecdotal evidence. In my experience, people tend to choose romantic partners that are comparable to them in attractiveness and it is noteworthy when they don't (e.g. Christina Hendricks and that nerd from Starship Troopers). View all replies >