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Social media has ruined more acting careers than turning down sex with Harvey Weinstein Netflix listed this under comedy Steven Strait should have played Jon Snow Fraud, and here is the evidence This piece of garbage is still in theaters 3 months later This show is just DNC propaganda Made before the internet was big I would like to offer a formal apology to the Portland PD 50 cent supports the candidate that will make him worth a buck View all posts >


Good to hear. The world still needs the Dude. Tough. I like Bridges in almost everything he has done. I would say in general, I prefer his later work to his earlier work. 1) True Grit (IMO, so much better than the original) 2) Big Lebowski 3) Hell or High Water 4) The Contender 5) Crazy Heart That HAS NOT BEEN DEBUNKED. There was also a corresponding and sharp spike that temporally coincides with the fraud in the video, buttressing the fact this is fraud and not something innocent.. Yes, some schiils out there are pushing a false narrative in order to confuse the slow witted, but anyone with a room temperature IQ can see what that really is. Is that what you are? Are you a schill that is paid to surf message boards and social media in order to create a smoke screen? There are thousands of them out there, and I am guessing you are one of them. No. Hollywood is really struggling right now and they won't shit on anything that might get at least some traction with viewers. The president submits a proposal with suggestion, but Congress actually writes the budget. blame them. Under Trump we: Stopped bombing kids in Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan (Biden wants to start the war machine back up to please his military-industrial complex masters) had the strongest economy in decades where the gap between the lowest paid and highest paid workers closed for the first time in decades Poverty rates for blacks and hispanics brought to an all-time low First Step Act set a lot of nonviolent offenders with long sentences free Freeing hostages others, but those are the ones off the top of my head. I have to admit, Superbad was funny. His schtick seems to be wearing thin though. Outside of a voice role (where they could have used anybody), Rogen's last four films (like father, long shot, zeroville, American Pickle) bombed. Now that he has basically called half of America white supremacists, I think any future movie he stars in will bomb until he stops being cast. 48 seems high for Pedo Joe, but this is at the beginning of his presidency where Presidents usually score the highest ratings of their presidency. I would say the crazies are on the side of the left. I watched them loot and burn cities all last summer. Also, when your leaders are installed and not elected, there is no voting them out if they decide they want unleash tyranny on the people. There is only one way out of that situation and it involves spilling blood. People didn't vote for him. Election workers rammed through hundreds of thousands of fraudulent Biden ballots in the middle of the night after everyone was sent home. Here is a video on just some of it Spouting off when you haven't even looked at the evidence makes you.....ignorant. Should change your handle from Voice of Reason to Voice of Ignorance. View all replies >