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After all of this Illuminati kid farker just stop I like the Critical Drinker Pretty funny, but many of his jokes are overly racial Loved the original series Alright Grim Reaper, please tamp it down Watched first season. Pretty good show, but a minor quibble I hate to shit on the recently deceased, but here goes View all posts >


"I'm sure there are a lot of rational science following right leaning voters . Not a lot of evidence on this site though." That is funny coming from you. No. That is NOBEL LAUREATE Kary Mullis(won a Nobel Prize for inventing the PCR test that you probably used to see if you had Covid). Also, no one has debunked Robert Malone, who was on the team that invented the mRNA technology that is used in the Covid vaccine (and was under consideration for a Nobel Prize himself). Authoritarians trying to push the narrative deplatformed him. You really don't understand what is going on, do you? Well, you are wrong. I don't think you even listen to his show. Have you ever heard of the marketplace of ideas? All ideas are put forth, and those with the most merit usually end up prevailing. You are suggesting that only one position be championed and anything contrary to that narrative be squashed. That is terrifying to me. Keep in mind, these aren't the opinions of Joe Rogan, but the opinions of his guests, who are usually on his show and are typically very highly qualified to be speaking on the topic they are discussing. (e.g. Dr. Robert Malone). Anyway, here is *NOBEL LAUREATE* and inventor of the PCR test Kary Mullis (ie a real scientist) opining on the intellect and character of your god Anthony Fauci. Genghis Khan pushed asian supremacy on the Europeans, and The Ottomans pushed Islamic Supremacy on Europeans. Those are just two examples. Whatever you spent on your education was squandered as they only taught you a tiny sliver of world history. Don't get me wrong, Columbus was not a good guy, but you are hating on him for the wrong reasons. War and conquest happened all throughout world history and no society was immune. Before Columbus showed up, the natives were conquering and slaughtering each other. Ever heard of the Caribs and how they rolled? That is a call to violence and is explicitly illegal. Pick a better example. I couldn't possibly refuse a woman her dying wish. Unfortunately, you are right. Another good show I discovered during the lockdown that isn't coming back. Unfortunately, you are right. Shame, it was a good show. I didn't contradict myself. He is in the news for being a whiny bitch and I follow the news. Logic is not your friend. No, I'm full of cold hard truth. I have seen you bloviate here without providing an ounce of substance to back up what you are saying. View all replies >