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So glad I waited until this came out on HBO Looks 10 years older than he actually is Surprisingly unfunny Where's that fucking petition? I want to sign it now Will BBT be the Last Great Sitcom? I kept checking to see if my DVR was stuck in fast forward Are D&D trolling us? Let's send our cavalry charging blindly into the darkness to fight an enemy they can't see No one would have been happier that Theresa May came along FYI, Kit Harrington thinks critics can go fark themselves View all posts >


My feeling is it will break on gender. I think women will like season 3 more than men Puberty was not kind to a couple of them. While the show is set in the 80s, there is only an occasional nod to nostalgia (unlike Ready Player One that was just saturated with it). The show doesn't focus on it. As far as the 90s being better than the 80s, it is all entirely subjective. I would say as far as music that targets white males, the grunge bands of the 90s were definitely better than the hair bands of the 80s, but as far as pop stars that target both genders and all races, there has never been anyone bigger than Michael Jackson, and he was big in the 80s (not to mention Prince) Thriller and Purple Rain are some of the greatest albums ever and they were in the 80s. yep Beautiful tits, and they gave her arguably the worst line in the entire series. Very cool. Let us know what you find out. Cross and Stiles wasn't unbelievable. See couples like that all the time. Ferrera and that guy was harder to believe as he just isn't the kind of guy that women, especially younger reasonably attractive women, go for. Yeah, Amazon lists this movie as a *comedy*. I guess whoever categorized it just looked at the cast and didn't actually watch it. This movie is actually pretty fucking dark. "Put some mustard on it and pretend its a pickle" It is a bad ending. The Sopranos made this type of ending popular, but at least with the Sopranos, the writers had an ending in mind for Tony and left clues for the viewers that pointed to it, which made it a pretty good (and innovative) ending for its day. Here, there are no clues pointing to how it turned out. The viewers are just left hanging and forced to fill in their own ending. Ruined an otherwise good movie. Better than what they actually did. Greyworm letting him live is inexplicable, especially after earlier in that very same episode it was established that he would ruthlessly kill anyone who stood against Dany, If he would do that, certainly he would have killed Jon. With Drogon, can make the case that since Jon is a dragonrider and a Targ, Drogon won't attack him. They would win if the Razzies had a category for television View all replies >