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Spoken from the perspective...of a Democrat. No one is objective anymore. Pussies. Spoken from the perspective.......of a Democrat. No problem with that. Just....own it. Or, maybe it was a "wookie mistake", ha ha. I had never noticed that before. Vader.....did Chewie a solid. I agree with this, liscarkat. I'm an Independent, and really don't have a bias to one "side" or the other. However, I do think it's a weak crutch to just parrot: "lie, liar, lies..." constantly without anything substantive or specific to back it up. I get it, Liberals HATE Kayleigh M. If I were a Liberal, I probably would, too. She was usually the smartest person in a room full of Democrats with an agenda, and lots of arrows... It's pretty evident and consistent....if you're a Republican, you like and respect Kayleigh because she stepped into a difficult role, always came prepared, and could handle the bullies in the press room. If you're a Democrat, you hated Kayleigh, and you simply parrot the following crutch: "Lies, lies, lies..." If you're an Independent, you don't walk lock-step with EITHER're able to be objective, and observe the positives and negatives in both parties, and weigh each issue on its own merits. I'm amazed at how many people still lump themselves into groupthink on one "side" or the other...and just speak in absolutes about the other side with no nuance or grey area whatsoever. People who paint with a broad brush like that just lose all credibility with me immediately. They can't be impartial, and this is why there is such a divide in this country right now. As an Independent, I'm able to acknowledge Jen P. did just fine up there, and will only get better. Furthermore, I'm optimistic about Biden, and I want him to do well. I'm pulling for him. I think one of the problems with Trump's term is....he didn't make nice with the people he should have buddied-up with, and it hurt him irreparably. If he had just played nice in the sandbox with people like Schumer, Pelosi...and the press, they'd not have made it an agenda to hate on him and go after him at every turn. Trump did some important things that never got the praise they deserved. This, because most of the media are Liberals...but also, he went to war with them. If he had charmed them in those press briefings, the tone and focus of their reporting (and the daily stories on would be different. Also, he chose the wrong angle to brand the news with. Instead of saying: "Fake News, Fake News".....he should have been saying: "Biased News, Biased News". Much of what the media reported was based in truth....but it comes down more to what they chose to focus on. There was an agenda. Every day on CNN (on TV and their website), I'd say about 98% of their stories focused on anything negative about Trump and his administration they could find. They HATE him. You can practically hear them high-fiving each other off-camera after another gotcha story. (For example, Cuomo and Lemon). None of the positive things he did ever got any attention. It amazes me how poor his diplomacy and people-skills are. Especially when you consider the positions he has held. I almost think he may have a form of aspergers. Ultimately, he was never out to win a popularity contest. He said what he intended to do. And then, once elected...he set out to follow through on those promises. I admire him for that. I didn't like everything he said or did, but i can acknowledge that he did some very important things, and i'm not going to just stamp him with the "100% Bad, No good at All" hate stamp. To me, that shows no ability to think critically or objectively, at all. You didn't see some of those graphic fight scenes, like the one at the beginning when those thugs tried to steal the limo? She's fine. But she also has the advantage of representing a milquetoast president everyone in the room wants to like and respect. The press is biased to the left. And...they hated anything and everything associated with Trump. The deck is stacked in Jen's favor....and she learned something very valuable when watching much of the previous administration's dealings with the press: Play nice with them (even if you hate their guts)...and they won't be quite so out to get you. This is a lesson Spicer and Sanders never quite practiced. Kayleigh was outnumbered and it was like going up against a firing squad, daily. However...she was always extremely prepared, and....very quick on her when they tried to bully her and brow-beat her, she was able to push back and give as good as she got. This is probably why CNN stopped airing the daily press briefings. Unlike the previous Press Secretaries who got pushed around, Kayleigh was typically the smartest person in the room, and would often wipe the floor with those jackals, and expose their hypocrisy. CNN used to have Kayleigh on as a talking head regularly about 5 years ago while Trump was campaigning for the presidency. As usual, the panel of analysts they'd have would essentially be the strongest Democrats they would find....stacked against the weakest Republicans they could find, at a ratio of 5:2....(plus, the hosts were obviously Democrats). And yet....she'd routinely kick their asses and make them look foolish. So eventually, they stopped having her on. She's an impressive young woman, and did her job extremely well, under very challenging circumstances. The press entered that room each day wanting to pelt her with hate stones and gotcha rocks. With Jen, they walk in wanting to toss Hawaiian leis at her. Growing out of it is your constitutional right. You should move on from it then. SNL is a tradition, and iconic. And be careful what you wish for, because once it's gone, there will never be a show like it again. Once it's gone, so will be another bastion of your youth. SNL was never designed to be perfect, polished or even funny ALL the time. It was dubbed the live show with "not yet ready for primetime performers". And its very concept is pretty awesome. A bunch of performers in NY just down the street from the theater district, gather at a small theater at 11:30 PM and perform for a small theater audience (and us at home) in the true spirit of live theater and improv. What a great NY tradition. And even when a big name does a cameo (like Paul McCartney, Alec Baldwin, Mick Jagger, Tom Hanks, DeNiro, Steve Martin, Obama, etc...) they have to show up at that studio in the middle of the night (sometimes flying across the country just to do so). This, because of such a great and treasured tradition. It's the show you snuck to stay-up and watch on a late Saturday night, well past your bedtime (because you heard your older brothers/sisters talking about things like "Mr. Bill"..."Eddie Murphy"....."The Sushi Chef", etc, etc. It's the show you were finally able to stay up and watch when you got a little older (but not yet old enough to drive), and looked forward to watching after The Love Boat and Fantasy Island. It's the show that was there in the background on a TV during a college dorm party...or perhaps the show you turned on after coming home from a great night at the bar. It's the tradition that has always been there. And it's perfect BECAUSE of its hit-and-miss imperfections. Sometimes, a failed sketch can be the best kind. Not to mention the ad-libs, the live flubs and the performers sometimes just trying to keep it together and not bust out laughing. And BTW....part of the tradition is the passing of the torch, as some of the veteran performers (like Bill Murray, Chevy Chase, Eddie Murphy, etc, etc....) exit the show, and hand the baton to the new faces, some of whom themselves will become legends. It would be a terrible idea to just blow-up one cast and add all new faces in the next season. In any case, if you no longer appreciate the tradition of SNL....just walk away. There's no need to call for its demise. something else. This is Lorne's baby. A cool, former hippy who still has mad respect and pull at NBC because of SNL. And if he's reading this...I hope he keeps the show running for as long as he wants to. With the thousands of cookie-cutter shows being mass-fed to everyone these days...maybe SNL doesn't get talked about at the water cooler anymore, but it has a heart and spirit that....well, once it dies out, so does another part of our youth. That is all. The gimmicky flashbacks have gotten way overused and now it's just a stale and tired bit. And the drama........the DRAMA. And I thought Grey's Anatomy heaped-on the cheesy drama and monologues! This show makes Grey's look like a sit-com. And don't get me started on that damn music playing in the background of every help spoon-feed every emotion to us. Seriously, do any of the people on this show ever have a light-hearted moment? Smile? Go to a concert....or the bar...or a baseball game? Lighten the eff up. It has become a drinking game. Each time a character goes off into a preachy, drama-filled monologue, take a sip. Done with this sullen, depressing, sappy drama-fest. View all replies >