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Starring Kevin Eubanks? Will we see him in LW5? What is her current medical condition? The photo seems incongruous… Never used to bother me… Smiling in the movie poster Derivative…??? The "Lone Wolf"....(mild spoiler).... I just wish… Is the version shown on AMC…. View all posts >


I’ll go with that same actor…..Casino Royale. I know, right? People love to be all cavalier and callused about this….like they’re just so BOLD for calling Heche out. These are people who probably have not yet had the harsh realities of life hit them, and hit them HARD. When it does, they might eventually get it, and start to understand what compassion is, for all involved. In the meantime, it might feel tough and emboldened (and enlightened) to be so callus…..but life will catch up to these people eventually, and it will be a rude awakening. They are either really young, or just simpleminded. Dickheads. I really liked it as well. It was really smart centering this around a Native American tribe, because EVERYONE likes stories and movies about Native American culture. And the cinematography of 1700’s America = beautiful. The story was compelling, and some scenes in particular (like how the chases through the tall grass were filmed) were brilliant. All in all, a very solid movie. It looks more like Kevin Eubanks, Jay Leno’s band director from The Tonight Show. Yes, great post. They definitely come across as a tight unit, even if if not much is verbalized to help spoon feed us on that. Your post reminded me that even the end credits are rather unique, and a throwback. One of my pet peeves with Commando is….with each of those machine gun fights, whenever a grenade gets thrown, you see 3-4 enemy soldiers get catapulted through the air (and plain as day, you see the little ramps that launch forward to send the stuntmen flying)! Plus, I can’t get past the bad guy being…the badass with the mohawk from The Road Warrior…but here, he has flabby arms, a Village People mustache and a mesh, sleeveless shirt. SMH. Commando is cheesy. Predator is just full-on badass. Right down to having Sunny Ladham (Billy) in the cast! Word has it…the producers had to hire a bodyguard whenever he was on set. Not to protect Sunny from the cast. It was to protect the cast…from Sunny!! Right! I remember that one as well. And that one is more fitting, IMO. The newer one where he's smiling is just.....goofy. It would be like having a poster for Jaws, or The Godfather, or Mission Impossible.......and in the photo, everyone is smiling. LOL. Ummmm, SPOILERS??? It was mostly about ego. He wasn’t about to let a passenger on his boat make decisions about what needs to be done. This was his boat…and his mission. Combine that with an unreasonable, hair-trigger temper….and you get a smashed radio. He was making a point. I went in really wanting to like this movie, but it was pretty bad. They tried too hard with the humor….it didn’t NEED to be so cartoonishly violent….the story was ridiculous. It wanted so badly to be like some pretentious, “look how quirky and clever this is” Guy Ritchie movie. But instead, it’s the kind of movie 17-21 year olds walk out of high-fiving each other about how cool it was. But for everyone else….it was a big misfire. Pitt can do much better than this kind of stupid material. View all replies >