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Lethal Weapon 5 That forced, fake Jamaican accent... Ethan parachuting into the train… There should be a “Making Of” documentary… In the first one… His current look... J-Lo giving Ayo the cold shoulder… Everyone is trashing Hef now.... They removed Bill Murray… Why no more movies like this? View all posts >


Opinions vary. I thought it was great. Mel is badASS in this….and badass Mel is always great. Retired too soon. I wouldn’t bet against the charm and persuasiveness of Mel and Danny to make it happen—especially since the whole project is in honor of Richard Donner. If they do get him for a cameo, it should be an uncredited surprise. I think John is a DB on a pretty regular basis, particularly to Jamie. He also lets Rip beat the hell out of Lloyd, even after he just faught Walker. And, he's well aware of the murders that take place at the "train station". John is kind of a dick, but I appreciate that the characters on Yellowstone are not written as being either 100% good or 100% bad. They are all flawed, and do both good AND bad things. The only characters that have any real decency are Kayce and his wife. Dude, everyone thinks you’re a total dick. Who talks like that to other people on an (opinion-based) movie chat site? Most of the posts of yours I’ve seen on this site, if people don’t agree with your opinion, have shown what a little idiot you are. What are you, 12? And I’m not the only one to point that out. Nobody wants your negative energy here. Now fuck off. It wasn't Clint saying those things, it was the character. He was playing a very flawed character. To cancel an actor because the character they portrayed used awful language or did awful things....would be like canceling Anthony Hopkins for playing Hannibal Lector. For the same reason 1,000 rappers have not been canceled. It starts on AMC this month. A very good assessment of this movie. The chemistry (and locale) kinda make this a halfway enjoyable watch. I think people, if in the right mindset, appreciate a movie that feels like you went on a light, breezy little vacation, and could just unplug for a while. Even if it’s just contrived silliness. Two Words: Those LEGS! View all replies >