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If you don't like [Insert Movie Title], we're not gonna be friends The district attorney letting Scorpio go Put on Hiatus, actors released from their contracts. Best 5 picture stretch ever? Robbed. Eye of the Tiger Jason... The Battle of 1984 Wish they would've continued on with... View all posts >


Better Off Dead (1985) No Retreat No Surrender (1986) Halloween Dawn of the Dead Jaws 2 Animal House Superman Game of Death Kickstart My Heart Looks That Kill Too Young to Fall in Love John Carpenter's Halloween theme. The Longest Time Uptown Girl Movin' Out (Anthony's Song) Let off some steam, Hitlah... Think about how long she had been awake though, I'm surprised she could stand up let alone execute her plan. Wouldn't It Be Nice Fun, Fun, Fun Good Vibrations I Get Around California Girls Yep, and I'm going back! All I need is some plutonium or a bolt of lightning. Cool cool cool. Good luck with that. View all replies >