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Jason... The Battle of 1984 Wish they would've continued on with... Cancelled... Pink, and the social dynamics of this movie Really wish they would've made Pennywise more like the Tim Curry version Abomination Really is a very good movie View all posts >


Apparently, that scene was shot with an all female crew. Yeah, "Halloween" (1978) is a must watch. But anyone of those are nice as well. Just watched "Motel Hell" recently. What they do to their victims is probably one of the worst ways to die ever in a horror movie. I think I might go off the board this year with something like "Terror Train" (1980) or "The Burning" (1981). The hype was a lot better than the movie. I'm guessing since Steve never came back for his car, his cop friend decided to go check on him. Hearing "Rock" bands from today makes me miss Nickleback. He wasn't talking about the crappy Star Wars films, he was talking about the MCU and comic films. And to make a broad generalization statement like that is just incorrect. It reminds me of what critics used to say about the slasher genre in the '80s. It may not be your cup of tea, but that doesn't mean it isn't cinema. To people that are in the business of making cinema, saying that their work is not cinema is pretty much shitting on them. Goonies! Kind of a dumb thing to say. No real reason to shit on someone else's work when you can just say it isn't really your thing and move on to the next question. View all replies >