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The Battle of 1984 Wish they would've continued on with... Cancelled... Pink, and the social dynamics of this movie Really wish they would've made Pennywise more like the Tim Curry version Abomination Really is a very good movie LOL. View all posts >


JAWS. Such a great album. Yeah, haven't listened to them in awhile, so it sounds really good. Feels like the summer of '87. 👍 Def Leppard: Greatest Hits Yep, thankfully, there are other things to fill the void. Yeah, I can't really complain too much if the quality keeps going up. My problem is I consume it too fast, and then get a little depressed when it's over and I have to wait another two years to get a fix. lol. Hellraiser. Phantasm. Critters. The Blob. The Thing. Videodrome. Maybe an Elm Street prequel. I would also love for there to be a "Tales From the Crypt" revival. Yes, love that film. Very underrated. Cannot wait. It took FOREVER to get here. Kinda cheating, but... Traveling Wilburys. George Harrison Jeff Lynne Tom Petty Bob Dylan Roy Orbison View all replies >