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I don't think he was getting off on the girl's pain or distress... he simply wasn't thinking about it at all. All he cared about was getting his rocks off. Period. Based on interviews and such I think Harmony Korine is well aware that he's a douchebag who writes about douchebags. In this case it was obviously rape. Jennie was passed out and was in no condition to give consent. And like others have mentioned, she actually did wake up enough to mumble "No." If she was drunk and conscious, that would be different. My only "controversial opinion" when it comes to rape is this: If a girl willingly gets drunk or high, and in that condition she consents to sex or initiates sex herself, then it's not rape. People need to be accountable for their own actions, and that should include willingly/deliberately getting drunk or high to the point where it affects your judgment. I'm so sick of hearing about situation where a guy and a girl hook up at a party, both of them get drunk off their asses, they mutually decide to have sex, but in the law's eyes the guy committed rape and the girl is the innocent victim. That's just pure bullshit. If you get drunk and then you do something you regret, suck it up and learn from it. Don't shift blame to others. By the same token, Casper was drunk but he's still responsible for his actions. He took advantage of someone who was passed out and then woke up enough to say "no." That's definitely rape. Some jerk randomly spoiled me with a couple of jpegs in an FB comment thread, and then I went all in and read all of the leaks. I know I speak for a lot of people when I say it didn't "murder my anticipation" whatsoever, in fact it did the opposite. I want the game more than ever now. Seems like there are two camps who hate what was leaked: A) Typical gamergate alt-right fucksticks who think the world is trying to shove transgenderism up their ass, and B) pathetic twerps who apparently can't cope with life unless they have Joel as their shining beacon of ultimate heroic goodness and are blind to any and all possible ambiguity or gray areas in his actions in the first game. They say stupid shit like, "THE SCIENTIST JOURNALS AT THE END SAY THERE WAS NO WAY THEY WERE GOING TO CREATE A CURE THEY WERE GOING TO KILL ELLIE FOR NOTHING" even after the guy who wrote the story said there was never meant to be any doubt they were going to successfully create a cure. If someone had told me it was an episode of The Outer Limits I probably would have believed them. It wasn't bad, though. Damn, he really did blow that line. The character's name was Sol Roth. =P No, stupid. The dumbest line in the movie is: SIMONSON Do you have the words straight? GILBERT I won't understand them if I live to be [<i>a hundred</i>.] "You can't say something is always legal, full stop." That wasn't my point. My point was that 'failure to yield' in and of itself is what's illegal in your example. There's no need to add specifics beyond that in terms of which direction the driver happened to be going at the time they failed to yield. Yes, it's illegal to fail to yield to right of way traffic while backing out. It's illegal to fail to yield while pulling out forwards. It's illegal to fail to yield while driving upside down. It's illegal to yield while smoking crack. Etc. etc. etc. etc. Hey look, another one. Score! =D It's illegal to yield to the right of way, period. If you fail to yield, it doesn't matter that at the time you happened to be backing out, pulling out, changing lanes, rounding a corner, whatever. If the car was pulling out going forward instead of backing out, it would change nothing from a legal standpoint. Laws vary from place to place, but where I live (Los Angeles) it is absolutely not illegal to back out of a driveway or parking spot, period, full stop. Any other caveats and qualifiers you want to put on top it are a whole 'nother matter. View all replies >