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What if Tobey Maguire's Spiderman/Peter Parker was in the MCU? How would he interact with the other Avengers?

So, the first thing to keep in mind is Iron Man taking place a year after Spider-Man 3, so whatever character arc Peter has experienced, it’s complete already.

First, if Spider-Man was intended to be a part of the MCU from the get go, then there would probably be at least subtle nods to Spidey’s existence. A large part of the film takes place in California, so anything overt is unlikely, but there could at least be some minor references. The most logical place I can think of for this is in Captain America: The First Avenger, when Steve first sees what 21st Century Times Square looks like. Again, nothing overt, but maybe a Spider-Man emblem on a sign there.

The big thing to keep in mind is that Peter doesn’t really have any reason to be around until The Avengers.


yeah, he just like let the Chitauri mess up his hometown? no way.


Tobey is over 40 years old now. And I highly doubt he'd want to be in the MCU. Neither would Sam Raimi for that matter. Not to mention even if Marvel gets back the rights to Spider-Man Sony will still own the Raimi films and therefore Disney won't be able to use them. I suppose if Sony had just made the deal with Disney then it could've happened but I doubt Raimi, Tobey, and Kirsten would be on board with joining the MCU. Raimi is an independent film maker and I doubt he'd be on board with having to include certain events from other MCU movies in his movies he works on in the MCU. Plus he hated being forced into using Venom and it's not like Marvel Studios wouldn't make him use certain characters anyway. He was probably through with big companies like Sony after the Fiasco of Spider-Man 3 and that's why Spider-Man 4 never got made. There was a rumor Carnage would be in Spider-Man 4 and it could be Sony was trying to convince him to use that villain that made him quit.