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Seemed pretty obvious to me. Even though Simon liked him and valued the dog very much, it seemed like Melvin and the dog had a real and deeper connection, and became dependent on each other in the time they spent together. As many people are saying, it's true that each person can choose whatever they want. But I also agree he was too old for her. There was nothing in the movie that was leading me to believe a romantic relation was going to appear. I honestly thought only a friendship was going to happen. Every kiss they gave made me feel awkward. It already exists, it's called It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. He was not right, Chaplin is still good to see nowadays. Still, I believe Blackadder was being "despicable" on purpose, and being despicable it's normal that he hates something that is actually good. It's very difficult to say "his top films", because he has many that are great. It will always end up being very subjective. Personally, I would say: 01.Howl's Moving Castle 02.Princess Mononoke 03.Spirited Away 04.Kiki's Delivery Service 05.Nausicaa Currently they're all on Netflix. I watch in Japanese with English subtitles. Horrible soundtrack? What the hell are you talking about? Get out of here... No. Nice one. Of course it's a major issue if a religious school doesn't teach evolution. Everyone is entitled to be free, but the country these people live in is a country that provides support and society integration to their citizens. Therefore, the citizens have to abide to the basic rules. If a country is helping and supporting these people, giving them conditions to live, the minimum they should be "forced" to is get a decent education, so they can contribute back to the society they live in. View all replies >