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Actually not too bad. People just don't like seeing certain characters knocked off. It's a very dark franchise and this just took it to the next level. one of the all-time great movies. with more than one hidden message. it should have been cut. an alien/demon suspense threat movie doesn't need a 5 minute backstory monologue. I thought for a minute maybe they were trying to bore the gremlins to death. I lived in a small town in 1984 in the USA. We had encyclopedias and knew what all the major mammals were, including mammals from China. We watched Wild Kingdom too. Best Comedy in years. It's all the jumping around through spacetime on the BiFrost. Ask Dr. Jane Foster about it for the details. The first Thor was a good low key origin story. Thor 2 was a snooze fest -- greater threat than Thanos, no sense of danger. Thor: Ragnarok was a masterpiece. Should have won an Oscar for Best Picture. Really. nice list very hot. can do way better than a Property Brother. My favorite scene was the little Korean kid throwing knives at them. View all replies >