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You don't wait around for the cops to show up after you kill 7 people. Plus they had home addresses and could get them later (as they did with the other guy). yeah, the secret plan was the weakest part of the film, but wasn't really essential to the plot, just that there was a secret plan to stumble on. People would complain more now, but that doesn't make it a worse movie. Women slept with spies they just met in almost every spy movie. Maybe a distraction? Most people would watch the trash cans, like an audience fooled by a magician's misdirection. If Wicks just stands there and goes for his gun, Condor would shoot back or flee. I don't think there was a deeper meaning, they were just signs in New York at that time. they like how a lone gunman can take down more armed adversaries in a few hours than Audie Murphy did in WWII. only if they fly it well and the copilot is good too. not really. most nerds don't start getting girlfriends until college. maybe so, but the 90s were boring. the 80s had personality. the 70s had personality too, but it was whacked. I prefer Batman Begins, but then I never liked the Joker. View all replies >