ATG6 (1400)


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True, but well worth watching. Life is actually better than ever, but the Left and the Right are pretty close to open warfare right now. From the looks of things, it won't be long until Congress has its own police force. Yeah, why does it have to be "Walker, Texas Ranger". Couldn't it be "Smith, Texas Ranger" or "Jones, Texas Ranger"? There are a lot of Texas Rangers. Not just an arrow, it was a spear (thrown at high velocity with an atlatl throwing stick), and it had an obsidian spear head. Obsidian can be sharpened to an edge like a scalpel. That thing would have seriously cut him up. That would have been a great twist. If having your daughter killed by someone is motive to make you a serial killer, then the Jamie Lannister guy could have been the killer. A pretty sheriff is fine, just act like a sheriff. Good cat and mouse chase, a few dumb decisions (people make them), but he kept finding her again way too easily. One end is usually somewhat sharpened, like a screwdriver, to take the tire off the rim. But a couple of blows to the head would pretty much knock anyone out anyway. Nope, he's just a serial killer. They have a lot of them in the Pacific Northwest. View all replies >