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Jane Curtin and Laraine Newman recall "very sad and painful and awful" backstage fight between Bill Murray & Chevy Chase Is Lara Flynn Boyle's downfall and current appearance considered part of the Poltergeist curse? What if the Green Ranger was killed off? Why are there so few shows about college? Read an oral history of Spike TV's Pros vs. Joes WTF Happened to PAUL VERHOEVEN? Was Splinter of the Mind's Eye proof that George Lucas was making things up as he went along? An interesting connection between Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988) and LA Confidential (1997) 'Pee-wee's Playhouse' Genie John Paragon (Jambi the Genie) Dead at 66 Almost Stan Lee's Power Rangers - The Crazy Story of Sun Vulcan & Young Dan Larson View all posts >


I thought that things end so abruptly for Julie's character because in a deleted scene, Ivy stabs her to death. Rocky V always struck me as the Alien 3 of its respective franchise. Instead of killing Newt, Hicks, and Bishop off right from the jump, we have Rocky Balboa suffering from severe head injuries from his bout with Ivan Drago and then losing all of his fortune. In other words, both movies pretty much shit all over the otherwise triumphant endings of its predecessors in favor of something darker and more nihilistic. This of course is supposedly all under the guise of "going back to the basics". However, both Rocky and Ellen Ripley's sacrifices and struggles were at the end of the day, all for naught to put things into perspective. Other than his relationship with Ray, I never got the feeling that Winston was really friends with the other Ghostbusters outside of merely being business and work acquaintances. Ray seems to be the only one who makes an effort to get to know Winston, make him feel at home, and tutor him about the ins and outs of their work. I wonder if the complaints about Winston's characterization are that why couldn't he too have some sort of doctorate or some other high success in academics like Peter, Ray, and Egon? Ernie Hudson himself, said that Winston was originally written to be an Air Force major and demolitions expert. But in the finished product, Winston just comes across as some average bum off the street, asking for a job regardless of his qualifications. [url]https://www.cinemablend.com/new/Ernie-Hudson-Role-Ghostbusters-Was-Supposed-Very-Different-68102.html[/url] [url]https://www.quora.com/Why-do-people-say-that-Jerry-Lewis-the-late-comedian-was-mean-in-real-life-As-a-lifelong-fan-I-never-got-a-mean-vibe-from-him[/url] [quote]Finally he excluded the children of his first marriage from his will. While it was his money and he could do what he wanted with it, that made him appear to be as vengeful and petty as gossip and media accounts report him to have been.[/quote] The Sad Failure of The Green Hornet [url]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DeIPq0UhEiU[/url] [quote]The Green Hornet was a disappointment for star and writer Seth Rogen back in 2011. It was a project long in development, jumping from different directors and stars. So why didn't the film work? That's what I wanted to talk about this week.[/quote] [b]Who suffered more career wise Diana Scarwid or Faye Dunaway due to Mommie Dearest?[/b] [url]https://www.datalounge.com/thread/28734168-who-suffered-more-career-wise-diana-scarwid-or-faye-dunaway-due-to-mommie-dearest-[/url] [quote]I guess it is hard to compare. Faye's fall has been well documented but Scarwid was a really interesting actress. I watched that Guyanna Tragedy a while ago and she is really quite good in that. And Inside Moves is a lovely performance. I guess she bounced back a bit with Extremeties and Silkwood (but I think [i]Silkwood shows how far she had fallen[/i]. She was an Oscar nominee and had done a major role in Mommie Dearest but in Silkwood it is almost like a cameo.) —Anonymous 34 replies 13 7 hours ago[/quote] After tossing the ref out of the way, isn't it at best assault and battery followed by involuntary manslaughter? DC banning Harley Quinn from showing Batman performing oral sex on Catwoman sends a "pretty bleak" message about female sexuality [url]https://www.salon.com/2021/06/15/batman-catwoman-oral-sex-scene-cut-womens-pleasure/[/url] While Harley Quinn co-creator Justin Halpern's revelation to Variety -- that DC was afraid of ruining Batman's toy market -- "has caused any number of humorous reactions on social media and in the superhero sexual discourse, the underlying reason for erasing this scene is more upsetting," says Kylie Cheung. "Somehow, that toy marketing argument just doesn't wash. Harley Quinn is billed as a show for adults and even carries a TV-MA rating. Its adult content – rampant portrayals of murder, blood, other violence and racy humor – hasn't been a deterrent for selling toys of so-called 'heroes' so far. DC can attempt to make any excuse it wants, in this case, pretty explicitly discouraging men from going down on a woman if they have any dream of being a superhero. But Halpern's recollection of the exchange with DC reads pretty transparently as what it is, which is discomfort with female sexuality and pleasure, when it's not catered to the male gaze, or in service of male pleasure. In fact, if a powerful, macho superhero is supposedly the pinnacle of masculinity to which men must aspire, the message here is pretty bleak — that pleasing a female partner is somehow less masculine, and masculinity is defined only by being pleased. With male superheroes being defined by their refusal to give women head, it's no surprise supervillains are becoming more and more appealing." Ken Levine has his own ideas in regards to "fixing" Major League Baseball: [url]http://kenlevine.blogspot.com/2021/06/how-i-would-fix-major-league-baseball.html[/url] [quote]First, I’d eliminate the shift. I’d eliminate walk-up music. Get in there and hit. I’d install a pitch clock. It works in the minors. Get the ball and throw it. And if you’re a hitter, stay in the box and hit. No more “Human rain delays.” With two strikes, you get two foul balls. Any more than two and it’s a strike out. No more fouling off pitch after pitch. An announcer friend made this suggestion that I would use. With a runner on first you get one throw over there. You may say that gives the runner an unfair advantage. If you think he’s going to steal, pitch out. There were teams last year who never needed to pitch out once. You want fewer home runs? Move fences back. That also means outfielders have to cover more ground. More balls might drop in for singles and doubles. Eliminate the stupid extra-inning rule where a runner starts at second base. Two sacrifices and the runner could score. That’s an unearned win in my book. Challenges must take no more than three minutes. And if that doesn’t work, eliminate challenges. I’d rather see arguments in front of the fans than everyone sitting around for ten minutes while umpires review replays in New York. Lose one commercial break per half inning. Charge more for the commercials to make up the difference. If a pitcher warms up to begin an inning he has to face at least one batter. None of this Tony LaRussa shit where a pitcher warms up, then a pinch-hitter is announced, and he pulls the pitcher to bring in someone else, thus causing another three to four minute delay. Study analytics before the game all you want, but during the game, no note cards. No seven-inning double headers. This is the fucking big leagues. I would fire Angel Hernandez, an absolute disgrace of an umpire.[/quote] View all replies >