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Julie McWhirter's Betty Rubble makes it sound like she was trying to emulate Betty Boop! [url]https://www.behindthevoiceactors.com/characters/Flintstones/Betty-Rubble/[/url] [url]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ID3ljoHGV9M[/url] [url]https://www.comicmix.com/2011/06/14/the-jetsons-meet-the-flintstones/[/url] [url]https://aminoapps.com/c/cartoon/page/blog/the-jetsons-meet-the-flintstones-review/N4Bh_MuaVnLk7xlJGq0rKVjbbkYaDxx[/url] [url]http://www.ksitetv.com/dvd-reviews/dvd-review-the-jetsons-meet-the-flintstones/6798/[/url] Rebel Wilson Pleaded Against The Hustle's 'R' Rating to a MPAA Arbitration Jury and Won [url]https://www.reddit.com/r/movies/comments/bfgxwq/rebel_wilson_pleaded_against_the_hustles_r_rating/[/url] [url]https://youtu.be/W8yD4dVrzZY[/url] [quote]Rebel Wilson, a producer on the film, and Jon Glickman, President of MGM Film Group, represented the appellant Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures, Inc., and Joan Graves, Chairman of CARA, represented the rating board. About the Appeals process: The Classification and Rating Appeals Board is made up of members of the industry knowledgeable about the distribution and exhibition of motion pictures and whose sole mission is to maintain the integrity of the voluntary ratings system. A successful appeal requires a decisive two-thirds majority affirming that the rating is “clearly erroneous.” The overriding objective of the appeals process is to ensure that the rating system remains consistent and therefore credible. The Board reviews 800-900 films each year. Usually fewer than a dozen ratings a year are appealed. For more information about the CARA Appeals process, please visit [url]www.filmratings.com[/url] and click on “Ratings” and the “Rating Rules” tab.[/quote] Have you ever heard of the phrase "Don't blame the messenger"!? [url]https://film.avclub.com/my-year-of-flops-case-file-15-best-defense-1798210918p[/url] [quote]Not surprisingly Murphy's scenes feel thoroughly disconnected from the rest of the film. Not even a young Eddie Murphy is capable of generating hilarity out of thin air and Best Defense gives him nothing to work with. Even with Murphy inside the tank the film sorely lacks urgency and momentum.[/quote] [url]https://www.reddit.com/r/television/comments/bepfc9/last_man_standing_with_tim_allen_gets_renewed_by/el8zvgb/[/url] [quote]Taking everything away from it and just looking at the raw ingredients of a sitcom. Its not good. You have one mega star known for comedy not doing comedy and just bitching. With a bunch of nobodies. He's an upper middle class guy that owns a sporting good store, only relatable part of that is sporting goods. Who makes at times passive aggressive black jokes at the only black neighbor whose become his friend and security guy at the store. Then you have writing so bad that the show is on its 4th or 5th time jump just to make things work story wise. They've also done the dangerous "jump the shark" thing of adding a character, which is an asian exchange student. The writing is all over the place. Characters change immensely. From being straight as an arrow for say 8 episodes, to uptight for 3 episodes then loosey goosey for say 5 episodes. Characters change all the time and it makes no sense. The show could have redeeming qualities in the fact that its a diverse family with different opinions. It could show them having their separate opinions, living and loving together. Setting a great example for America. Instead its the right wing vs the left wing fighting for an entire episode about an issue. Then one side wins and they hash it out all while Tim Allens character says in so many words "surprised it worked, here's some more propaganda about why I'm surprised it worked" or "I told you to do it my way" Which sounds okay but then every episode is finished with Tim Allens character talking about how he, his idea or side was right the entire time and sometimes you just got to "let the idiots win" is generally the gist of his diatribes at the end of every episode.[/quote] The Salkinds also felt that Richard Lester was a very economical director, meaning that unlike with what they felt with Richard Donner, Lester could keep things on a budget. I think that Lester unlike Donner employed a very workman like approach to making the Superman movies. He had a certain shot-list of things that he needed to get done but there was little passion or genuine love or feeling for the source material that Donner gave it. [url]https://www.movie-censorship.com/report.php?ID=4165[/url] [quote]The comparison between the theatrical version and the Richard Donner Cut is more than difficult, as both version are very different from each other. Not only the usual additional scenes were added, it is almost a completely new movie. Parts of the story are shown at completely different points in time, other sequences were completely removed and some new sequences were added. Therefore, it was impossible to write a chronological censorship-report like the ones our readers are used to. Here, the starting time references are mentioned first and only then follow the comparisons of the different sequencing of scenes. Otherwise it would be way too confusing. However, new scenes are mentioned separately as usual. Scenes which are identical in the theatrical version and the Donner cut are not shown with pictures. For those only starting time references are given.[/quote] I had a gut feeling that Gwen was going to die and I'm someone who tries very hard to avoid reading anything about a movie prior to seeing it. I recall the adverts showing Gwen falling and Spider-Man trying to catch her. And of course, if the Green Goblin is in it then, then of course, that's a big indicator that Gwen was going to die. I think that they even had Emma Stone wear a similar outfit to the one that Gwen was wearing in the "Night Gwen Stacy Died" story. My point is that, the whole thing felt awfully telegraphed if you're well aware of the comics. It just came off like the filmmakers killed Gwen off because it was dedicated by the comic mythos (like what happened with Uncle Ben), and not because it truly makes sense from a narrative standpoint. Gwen Stacy' death was probably the ultimate example of fridging, where a female love interest is killed or maimed to provide an cheap and exploitative excuse emotionally torment the hero. To me, they should've kept Electro as the sole villain and maybe have Harry become the Green Goblin in a possible third movie. But instead, the filmmakers made the same mistake as Sam Raimi and company made in Spider-Man 3, in that they had to double-up on the villains that Spidey faced. As a result, it often felt like we were watching two movies at once being awkwardly joined together. Again, it just comes across as something reminiscent of the '90s Batman movies where two supervillains, who otherwise have little else in common, abruptly team-up to take down the hero. [url]https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/YMMV/TheAmazingSpiderManSeries[/url] [quote]The sequel became subject to this by unashamedly featuring three supervillains, which is generally not seen as a good thing by audiences after Batman & Robin (especially after a similar issue was part of the Franchise Killer of the previous trilogy, Spider-Man 3), and kept people from seeing it. The sequel also switched tone from dark and gritty to Lighter and Softer like the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which only furthered suspicions that these movies were heavily influenced by a corporation following whatever the current trend is. [b]Then, the alienation went even further with the movie's borderline Cruel Twist Ending, which killed off a character that people considered to be one of the good things about the movies and resulted in a number of people being discouraged from watching the movie again.[/b][/quote] View all replies >