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How Reagan Ruined Everything [url]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l7dHvqA-WB4[/url] [quote]From trickle down Reagonomics to union busting to decimating the middle class and more, Ronald Reagan is responsible for many of the shifts that occurred at the end of the 20th century that caused the major inequalities we see in America today.[/quote] [url]https://www.datalounge.com/thread/32990225-linda-fiorintino.-i-ve-never-heard-anything-nice-about-her-but-i-ve-never-heard-anything-specific.-[/url] [quote]In addition to her reputation as being difficult to work with, [b]Fiorentino probably did her career no favors by[/b] a) dating Anthony Pellicano, and b) pretending to date an FBI agent in order to manipulate him into giving her restricted information that could help Pellicano's case, which she gave to Pellicano's lawyers. Considering just how many people went to jail over the Pellicano stuff, it's kind of surprising that Linda was never charged nor prosecuted. by Anonymous reply 23 May 28, 2023 2:30 AM[/quote] Taylor Swift’s Collaboration With Ice Spice Has Been Called “Insidiously Calculated” And A “Blatant Distraction” After Matty Healy Made Racist Comment [url]https://www.lipstickalley.com/threads/taylor-swift%E2%80%99s-collaboration-with-ice-spice-has-been-called-%E2%80%9Cinsidiously-calculated%E2%80%9D-and-a-%E2%80%9Cblatant-distraction%E2%80%9D-after-matty-healy-made-racist-comment.5275720/[/url] [quote]To her fans’ disappointment, Taylor has not acknowledged any of the concerns surrounding Matty’s behavior. This has seen her get branded as “another complicit white woman” as people question how she could affiliate herself with somebody who has made such problematic comments.​ Her Black, Jewish, and Asian fans have felt particularly hurt by her decision to both align herself with him and give him a platform with performances at her sold-out Eras shows.​ At her Massachusetts concert Saturday, Taylor appeared to be dismissive of this response as she uncharacteristically decided to speak out on her personal life with this incredibly loaded statement: “I've just never been this happy in my life — in all aspects of my life — ever before.”​ This seemingly blasé reaction to her fans’ concerns led some to cancel their preorders for Taylor’s upcoming album, Speak Now (Taylor’s Version), and demand refunds for their tickets to her future tour dates.​ And on Wednesday, fans became even more confused by the entire situation when Taylor announced a collaboration with none other than Ice Spice. The rapper will feature on a new version of Taylor’s 2022 track “Karma.”​[/quote] [url]https://www.buzzfeed.com/stephaniesoteriou/taylor-swift-collab-ice-spice-calculated-matty-healy?origin=tuh[/url] Besides likely being too big of a name, Harrison Ford also probably would've been too old. He was I want to say, about 46-47 in 1988-89. He may have been the right age if they wanted to do a Dark Knight Returns type of storyline but not something about a Batman who is just becoming "known" to the general public. I wouldn't out and out eliminate Mel Gibson simply for being "too short" because Michael Keaton himself, should've otherwise been written off in that regard. Michael Keaton is I believe, about 5'9" whereas Bruce Wayne is traditionally described as being 6'2". Among "current" or more contemporary actresses, I'm almost immediately inclined to say that Margot Robbie is probably the closest that I would imagine of fitting the basic image or idea and concept of the "soft variation of the femme fatale". [url]https://www.datalounge.com/thread/32991974-%E2%80%98twilight%E2%80%99-star-rachelle-lefevre-rips-apart-target-over-erasing-gay-people-[/url] [quote]“Twilight” star Rachelle Lefevre accused Target of “trying to erase” LGBTQ people after it removed its “PRIDE” collection from the front of its stores following backlash from conservatives. The actress blasted the retailer for engaging in “performative allyship” that she said falsely gave her 7-year-old child a sense of acceptance upon seeing the front-of-store Pride Month display. “I came in here two days ago and my 7-year-old, who’s nonbinary, saw it and said, ‘Look, Mom, it’s pride Look, they’re going to celebrate me,'” the Canadian actress said in an Instagram post while holding back tears. “I can’t bring them here anymore, at least for the entire month of June, because if they walk in, and all the other people who walk in and go, ‘Where’d it go?’ are going to realize that they are being successful in trying to erase them.” “We’re not supposed to negotiate with terrorists,” she added. Target suffered a $9 billion market loss in just one week following an uproar over its LGBTQ-friendly clothing line, which featured “tuck-friendly” women’s swimsuits and rainbow-colored onesies for infants. The backlash included several violent demonstrations in which conservatives — including one wearing a MAGA hat — stormed stores to tear down Pride signs, badger workers and even leave a case of Bud Light alongside the offending items. The mega-retailer, fearing a “Bud Light situation,” rushed to move the “PRIDE” collection to the back of the store, or in some cases out of locations entirely. In a follow-up video, Lefevre, who played the vampire Victoria in “Twilight,” encouraged LGBTQ individuals to find joy in their daily lives in spite of the criticism.[/quote] [url]https://nypost.com/2023/05/28/twilight-start-rachelle-lefevre-slams-target-for-removing-pride-collection/[/url] [url]https://www.quora.com/Why-was-Bob-Feller-such-a-jerk?comment_id=12754431&comment_type=1[/url] [quote]Who said he was a jerk? He may have been blunt and gruff but he wasn't a jerk. He also came from a different time and wasn't lazy or a snowflake. He went to WW1 very quickly and also at a time when it wasn't popular to do so treated black players the same as white players barnstorming in tbe off season etc.[/quote] Why is Star Trek into Darkness so disliked by Star Trek fans? [url]https://www.reddit.com/r/startrek/comments/8isbcd/why_is_star_trek_into_darkness_so_disliked_by/[/url] Why don't people like Star Trek Into Darkness? [url]https://www.reddit.com/r/movies/comments/3zq7jm/why_dont_people_like_star_trek_into_darkness/[/url] ELI5: Why do many Star Trek fans hate Star Trek: Into Darkness? [url]https://www.reddit.com/r/explainlikeimfive/comments/37zch4/eli5_why_do_many_star_trek_fans_hate_star_trek/[/url] Do more people like "Into Darkness" or dislike it? [url]https://www.reddit.com/r/startrek/comments/2160px/do_more_people_like_into_darkness_or_dislike_it/[/url] Does anyone actually like Into Darkness? [url]https://www.reddit.com/r/startrek/comments/dwy99q/does_anyone_actually_like_into_darkness/[/url] Why does Star Trek Into Darkness get a lot of hate? [url]https://www.reddit.com/r/movies/comments/4vydlx/why_does_star_trek_into_darkness_get_a_lot_of_hate/[/url] Why is Into the Darkness considered to be a bad Trek movie? [url]https://www.reddit.com/r/startrek/comments/2pkqcm/why_is_into_the_darkness_considered_to_be_a_bad/[/url] Seriously. What's your problem with Into Darkness? [url]https://www.reddit.com/r/startrek/comments/1w3ehn/seriously_whats_your_problem_with_into_darkness/[/url] Star Trek Into Darkness: The sequel that took the Kelvinverse wildly off course [quote][url]https://www.space.com/star-trek-into-darkness-the-sequel-where-the-kelvinverse-went-wildly-off-course[/url] Four years later, Star Trek into Darkness arrived on a warp bubble of hype and anticipation, but Wikipedia controversy created by the absent colon in the title was just the tip of the iceberg. Abrams' follow-up undid everything its predecessor got right and sent the Kelvinverse spinning wildly off course. Into Darkness started off promisingly enough: Spock in danger, the Enterprise hidden underwater, and an audacious mission to save a primitive civilization from a volcanic eruption. This spectacular violation of the Prime Directive prompted a brief demotion for Kirk, until a series of terrorist attacks left his mentor, Christopher Pike, dead, and Starfleet on a defensive footing. From here, the movie never recovered. Darker sequels have become something of a Hollywood cliché, but this was a particularly unnecessary swerve away from the fun adventure vibe of the first movie. With Kirk and the crew forced into an Apocalypse Now-style manhunt to track down fugitive assassin John Harrison (Benedict Cumberbatch), Into Darkness squandered the easy chemistry the cast had established first time out. Chris Pine's Kirk suffered more than most, as the pressure of command robbed him of the rogue-ish charm that made him the MVP of the first film. But – with the possible exception of Carol Marcus's gratuitous shuttlecraft striptease – Into Darkness 's biggest crime was its obsession with places Star Trek has boldly gone before. Indeed, after the massive narrative hoops the first film jumped through to make this Kelvin timeline a blank slate, this was something of a wasted opportunity.[/quote] View all replies >