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[url]http://www.agcwebpages.com/BLINDITEMS/2021/JANUARY.html[/url] [b]133. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/15 **1**[/b] [url]https://www.crazydaysandnights.net/2021/01/blind-item-1_15.html[/url] I guess this A list late night host with the drinking problem should have been nicer to his head writer. Once she bailed on him, his ratings have crashed to the point that replacements for the host are being considered. [i]Jimmy Fallon/Rebecca Drysdale (‘The Tonight Show’ Head Writer Rebecca Drysdale Exits, Also Says She’ll ‘Never Work on Another Trump Sketch’) (‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’ Plummets to Fourth-Lowest Ratings Ever)[/i] [url]https://www.quora.com/Is-it-true-that-Frances-Bavier-did-not-like-Andy-Griffith/answer/Jon-Mixon-1[/url] [quote]There’s also the fact that Bavier seems to have been suffering from one or more mental illnesses over the course of her life. She never married, her on-set behavior was occasionally quite disruptive, and she was apparently an animal hoarder near the end. She died alone in her home several days after being released from the hospital at age 86.[/quote] While not a movie from the '80s, Miami Vice with Don Johnson and Philip Michael Thomas also falls in line here. Carrie Bradshaw’s world no longer exists, nor does her sexual landscape [url]https://www.themarysue.com/hbo-max-sex-and-the-city-revival-officially-frustrating/[/url] The Sex and the City revival will only highlight the show's flaws, says Princess Weekes. "When I look at the fact that Gossip Girl, Dexter, True Blood, Pretty Little Liars, The Sopranos, and Sex and the City are all coming back, it just feels so utterly disappointing," says Weekes. "We have worked so hard to create organizations and production companies that are trying to make new, inclusive content, and we are just making … the same things. We already watched how Netflix’s Gilmore Girls revival only served to highlight issues that the show had with race, body issues, sexuality, class, etc., because despite the love people have for the series, it doesn’t need to continue or have a place today." Sex and the City reboot will have to avoid being out of touch in wake of the pandemic [url]https://time.com/5928535/sex-and-the-city-revival-samantha/[/url] "This is not a great moment for a series about three upper-middle-class, white, post-feminist women partying their way through a city even they shouldn’t be able afford—amid an economic climate where the conspicuous consumption of thousand-dollar shoes calls to mind the excesses of Marie Antoinette, to say nothing of the damage our current global health crisis has done to the sex lives of single New Yorkers," says Judy Berman. "To have any chance of relevance in 2021, Sex and the City would need to lean hard on 60-year-old Samantha Jones as she navigated the increasingly app-based, gender-fluid, kink-savvy dating scene she helped to bring about. Better still, the show’s producers could have heeded some of their character’s wisest words: 'What happened was in the past. Leave it there.'" I'm sure that Will gets this a lot, but it freaks me out how much he looks like his dad. I think that he's now about the same age that Christopher Reeve was when he made the first Superman movie. Will could literally turn into Clark Kent if you put a pair of glasses on him. [url]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HlNKLiI9h3g[/url] SUPERMAN 5 -The Christopher Reeve Sequel That Never Was... [url]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lUP7EiA0wME[/url] [quote]This is the first of four videos about cancelled Superman movies I'll be uploading in the next few days. The next one will be a deep dive into the history of 'Superman Reborn' to 'Superman Lives', followed by J.J Abrams' 'Superman' Codenamed 'Flyby' and then the story of the Wolfgang Peterson's cancelled 'Batman Vs Superman: World's Finest'.[/quote] [b]Ray Fisher (Cyborg) details racism and gaslighting while working on Justice League after being fired[/b] [url]https://www.lipstickalley.com/threads/ray-fisher-cyborg-details-racism-and-gaslighting-while-working-on-justice-league-after-being-fired.4294856/[/url] He got fired from THE FLASH because DC Films president was trying to shut him up about the racism, discrimination and such that was PROVEN by investigation during Justice League: [url]https://pbs.twimg.com/media/ErpkfdpXcAAuMOe?format=jpg&name=large[/url] [url]https://pbs.twimg.com/media/ErpkfdrXUAE32WC?format=jpg&name=large[/url] I just thought about this the other day, I wonder if they wanted to keep the same flavor as the Tim Burton movies, how a live-action Batman movie directed by Henry Selick would be like. Selick collaborated with Tim Burton on The Nightmare Before Christmas. [url]https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henry_Selick[/url] Tom Green now that I think about it, seemed to be a case Drew Barrymore, who he was engaged to at the time, making a push to put him on the show. [url]https://www.onesnladay.com/2020/02/22/november-18-2000-tom-green-david-gray-s26-e6/[/url] [url]https://www.goliath.com/tv/the-13-worst-snl-hosts-of-all-time/#:~:text=Tom%20Green&text=He%20hosted%20his%20own%20show,Green%20was%20never%20that%20funny.[/url] [url]https://www.fame10.com/entertainment/7-worst-celebrity-hosts-of-snl/[/url] [url]https://toofab.com/2018/03/31/snl-saturday-night-live-worst-hosts/[/url] [url]https://screenrant.com/worst-saturday-night-live-snl-hosts-all-time/[/url] [url]https://faroutmagazine.co.uk/snl-worst-hosts-saturday-night-live/[/url] [url]https://celebritytoob.com/the-20-worst-snl-hosts-of-all-time/[/url] View all replies >