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*I suppose that Danny Tamberelli is sort of like to All That what people like Billy Crystal, Martin Short, Christopher Guest, and Harry Shearer were to SNL during the 1984-85 season. What I mean is that Danny was probably the first All That cast member who was already "famous" (due in no small part to The Adventures of Pete & Pete) before joining the show. The 1984-85 season was unique in that it was the first post-Eddie Murphy season and the last before Lorne Michaels returned as executive producer. So SNL tried to make up the void that Murphy (and to a lesser extent, Joe Piscopo), by filling out the cast with "all stars". Danny himself, had to fill a void when he took over from Lori Beth Denberg on Vital Information. [url]https://www.hollywood.com/tv/saturday-night-live-lost-year-1984-billy-crystal-martin-short-57375361/[/url] [url]https://www.nathanrabin.com/happy-place/2020/7/9/pod-canon-the-cathartic-brilliance-of-double-threats-on-a-zoom-call-with-woody-allen[/url] [quote]In his introduction, Baldwin gushes of his longstanding reverence for his guest, “I’ve hosted parties where the only activity is just watching Broadway Danny Rose together.” Baldwin of course means that he’s thrown a party where people watched Broadway Danny Rose but his awkward phrasing suggests that he throws LOTS of Broadway Danny Rose parties. Scharpling and Klausner run with this idea, imagining a world where Alec Baldwin hosts weekly Broadway Danny Rose parties where attendees dress as their favorite characters (I would probably go as Lou Canova, the lounge singer played Nick Apollo Forte) and are forbidden from socializing or talking because the only activity allowed is “just watching Broadway Danny Rose together”, without worrying about rude, thoughtless little pigs ruining everything. Baldwin’s decision to awkwardly shoe-horn the molestation allegations into his introduction alongside effusive praise about Allen’s movies “having some of the funniest lines in modern cinema and, though he denies it, profound insight into psychology and the human condition” and talk of Broadway Danny Rose parties registers as unintentionally comic. There simply are some things too serious to be handled in such an off-handed manner. Child molestation is one of them. You can’t introduce a guest as a legendary filmmaker, personal friend, hero and three time collaborator (who could possibly forget Blue Jasmine and the other two movies Baldwin made with Allen?), accused child molester and the author of a new memoir, Apropos of Nothing without accidentally highlighting the ugliness you’re going out of your way to bury, or at least downplay.[/quote] I had to look up on Urban Dictionary to figure out what the term "yachting" meant: [url]https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Yachting[/url] [quote]Yachting is a term for Z-C list celebrities who need money to supplement their incomes and in order to keep up appearances. [b]They will go on a yacht typically owned by a millionaire/billionaire and do what said millionaire/billionaire wants. Mostly sexual wants.[/b] Celebrity will also most likely be caught by the paparazzi on the yacht and people will think that the celeb has paid etc [i]C-lister is YACHTING again to pay her bills and get the front page[/i][/quote] [url]http://www.agcwebpages.com/BLINDITEMS/2020/JULY.html[/url] 79. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/09 **6** [url]https://www.crazydaysandnights.net/2020/07/blind-item-6_9.html[/url] Through the first part of the pandemic, as shown in early Spring blinds, this former B+ list mostly television actress was earning a ton of money yachting and going from country to country. Maybe that all became too much for her to handle. [i]Naya Rivera ('Glee' actress Naya Rivera is presumed dead after disappearing at a lake in California, authorities say) (‘Glee’ star Naya Rivera shared chilling message days before disappearance) (BLIND ITEM 03/22/20)[/i] [url]https://www.crazydaysandnights.net/2020/03/blind-item-7_22.html[/url] That reminds me of when George Clooney was making his Oscar acceptance speech, which would later be the basis of that running gag in the "Smug Alert" episode of South Park. While talking up Hollywood's liberal, and accepting credentials - He specifically cited Hattie McDaniel winning an Oscar as proof of this supposed liberal utopia. Of course, Clooney failed to mention that McDaniel was forbidden to attend the premier of her own movie. And also at the Oscar ceremony, she was placed at a side table away from her white co stars. What derailed Kim Basinger's career post-Batman (in my estimation) was her and Alec Baldwin's unprofessional antics on the set of The Marrying Man, the Boxing Helena lawsuit (the producers successfully sued Kim for backing out of the movie and reneging on her verbal agreement), and the simple fact that outside of Batman, none of the movies that she starred in prior to LA Confidential, made their money back. What also didn't help Kim was her further financial issues steaming from her buyout of that Georgia town around the same time that Batman was coming out. We probably wouldn't have gotten Schitt's Creek if it weren't for Kim's decision back in 1989, to plonk $20 million to create her own version of Dollywood. It looks like Sean Young's actions on the sets of Wall Street, The Boost, and Batman was what ruined her reputation in Hollywood. On Wall Street, Sean Young clashed with the director, Oliver Stone because she wanted to play Darryl Hannah's part. She also clashed with Charlie Sheen, who responded by taping a note to her back that refereed to her as the C-word. She later clashed with James Woods on the set of The Boost, which culminated with Woods suing Sean for harassment. While Sean's issues with Batman wasn't exactly Sean's fault (it was just an awful case of bad luck), it was her antics come the time to make Batman Returns that was pretty much the "final nail in the coffin". She aggressively campaigned for the Catwoman role, presumably believing that Tim Burton owed it to her since she was originally supposed to play the female led in Batman (1989). She soon went on Joan Rivers' talk show wearing a home made Catwoman costume and people didn't know what to make of it. Was Sean being sincere or was it some elaborate, Andy Kaufman-esque, form of performance art. Then again, she allegedly caused Tim Burton to go hide in a closet when she went looking for him on the Warner Brothers lot. Yep: [quote][url]https://www.quora.com/Why-did-the-Star-Wars-sequel-trilogy-fail/answer/Ardavan-Farahvash[/url] Bob Iger: Wanted first and foremost for the sequels to make Disney a lot of money so that they could recoup the huge 4 billion dollar cost. He got what we wanted, all 3 movies were massively profitable and Star Wars, despite everything, is still a huge cash cow. [b]Iger[/b] should have realized that the long-term profitability of Star Wars comes from the popularity of the movies, which is a result of the simple fact that they are GOOD, EPIC STORIES. Without that key element, the Star Wars IP will eventually run out of juice, something which seems to already be happening.[/quote] In other words, NONE of the people in charge (Bob Iger included) put good storytelling and making a proper, sensible conclusion to the Star Wars mythos as the PRIMARY objective of the sequel trilogy. Not to make excuses for Tom Cruise, but it appears that we're basically dealing with a stressed control freak actor working with a horrible script and absent director. Well, for what it's worth, here' the original Reddit source: [url]https://www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/hm0c5n/people_that_work_on_movie_sets_what_are_the_most/fx2qesz/[/url] View all replies >