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1Lamest Bond Title Ever! I'll take DeNiro over DiCaprio Works better if you pretend its part of a trilogy my reaction whenever I see a movie starring this gentleman... When did you quit watching nuWho? She's the Man Elliot's lesbian wife discovers he is actually a straight man Will Elliot be returning all his "Best Actress" Awards? Elliot Page's disturbing record of bigotry against women, hispanics, gays.... I am now a member of the LGBTQ+ community! View all posts >


That would have been my dream casting. In any case, I will take THIS over "the Snyder cut" any day. Glad to see Superman is uplifting and inspirational again. They can have their depressing, nihilistic, "dark & gritty" so-called "modern" Superman with the godawful casting of Jesse Eisenberg as Lex. I'm glad we have this as the alternative to that crap now. Whatever "fans" think Snyder's "vision" for Superman was awesome and want more of it certainly don't speak for the rest of us. I agree, I avoided seeing this film for a year because it sounded like it would be the weakest film in the trilogy and a lame ripoff of the already awful Battle for the Planet of the Apes. It was definitely more of a prison break movie, Great Escape with apes. There was no "war". Ummm... they already joined 'Spider-Man 3', back when the movie was filmed in 2006. Agree. And this time he won't have Drekkies around to claim its the "best version of Hannibal Lecter yet!" and call anyone who disagrees with them a racist sexist homophobic Trump voter who wants cardboard sets from the 1960s. Well, you are correct, I can't "cancel" a service I never signed up for in the first place, sooo.... Ummm, Anthony Hopkins DOES show up in season 2. The character is dead but they still found a way to integrate him into the story. And worse, they ALREADY used a variation of this title for the theme song of Craig's 2nd Bond movie, it was "Another Way to Die" or whatever. At least one of the book titles found a way to use the tired old "Die" title in a Ian Flemingeseque sounding pun, with the title "Win, Lose or Die" I think these guys are just randomly assembling words from past Bond movies at this point. I just found that out as well. I knew the character died in season 2 but I didn't realize the actor was also terminally ill in real life until I went back and read up the actors bios from The Karate Kid. Elliot should be ashamed of his male privilege and stealing acting roles that rightfully should go to actual women. Well, Elliot already identifies as "gay" and claims that he "loves being queer", so he should prove it by hooking up with a man now that he's divorced from Emma. Don't be afraid to be your true self, Elliot. You need to get away from living a lie by sleeping with women. BTW, I'm available. Elliot has nice boobies and vajaja. ;-) View all replies >