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What a Terminator 7 Hollywood pitch will look like.... David S. Goyer is THE TERMINATOR! BORDERLINE ROTTEN on RT!!! Terminator: Dark Fate title makes it easy to mock Remake NOBODY asked for is bombing. Gosh, I wonder why? At least the Terminator theme music is GREAT in EVERY movie! Worst David S. Goyer franchise killer? Terminator or Superman? Worst David S. Goyer franchise killer? Terminator or Superman? Hack writer David S. Goyer now TERMINATES the Terminator franchise! How do they get 'I'll be back' and "Come with me if you wanna live' into this? View all posts >


I think the problem is the story is the comics was never meant to be told in a 2 hour movie. Unlike DOFP or any of the other comics, the Phoenix Saga wasn't a singular "event" one-issue story, but an ongoing saga that evolved and spanned a long time, and would go dormant but resurface as an ongoing problem from time to time. It would work well as a TV miniseries, perhaps. The X-Men animated series did a decent job adapting it into two seperate episode-arcs, "The Phoenix Saga" and "The Dark Phoenix Saga" Both also marketed themselves as atonement for a previous "bad" end of the original trilogy (The Last Stand/Rise of the Machine) but got a more scathing response than the "bad" film they were made to supposedly "correct" and bring their franchise back to greatness. The "bad" film they dismissed and tried to recon actually got a mildly positive response at the time. >>>> The real Alien 3 would have probably just been another disappointing sequel that doesn't live up to the first two. <<< Ummm, "the real Alien 3" already IS that. Though I admire David Fincher's intentions on that film. Blomkamp's pitch, BTW, was for Alien 5, which would have been a sequel to Resurrection. It was rejected in favor of the prequel film Prometheus. People bash his Twilight Zone series for being "woke", but I wouldn't consider his movies to be in that vein. He's certainly left-wing in ideology but one of the big twists in the movie Get Out is the "evil white people" in the movie turned out to be white LIBERALS and proud Obama supporters, rather than white conservative Trump fans. I cut my list down to name only the successful ones. For example, The Quick and the Dead was not a success so it didn't make my list. Agree. The way she was in CONSTANT fear of Michael for years and had the house booby-trapped Home Alone style to trap and finally kill him once and for all made it feel like Halloween 2, H20, and Resurrection happened in this timeline. Made no sense she'd be so paranoid about some random guy who tried to kill her ONCE, 40 years ago, and has now been locked up for DECADES and is a 60-something old mental patient. I also liked the opening credits with the rotted pumpkin reforming itself into the original Jack O'Lantern as the replicated the exact look of the 1978 credits. I didn't think it was garbage, it was competently made and put a lot of effort into trying to capture the "feel" of the original movie, but it was just another soulless rehash. Yikes. They're doing ANOTHER "ignore all the sequels, THIS movie is the TRUE sequel" pitch for the Robocop franchise now?! Hollywood is so hypocritical. They get pissed when the FANS refuse to acknowledge one of their installments as canon (for example, I refuse to accept STD is part of the original Star Trek timeline), yet they do it ALL THE TIME and ignore decades of sequels they don't like. I agree, the SJW crap is annoying but to say that's the main reason for the movie flopping is disingenuous. The fact they keep rehashing the plots of the first two movies and the sequels keep becoming increasingly convoluted and nonsensical was a big factor why T6 was DOA when it arrived in theaters. For me, whether it had been SJW or not, I was not going to see another movie written by David S. Goyer. View all replies >