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Can't trust the fanboys Lots of sequels take over a decade to complete.... Reactions from Star Trek Discovery fans? Can we NOW agree that 'Bill' was the WORST thing to happen in NuWho? I thought DC was "serious" and "grounded in reality" and "aimed at adults" Time for a new federal law But...but...wasn't Tom Cruise "box office poison"? FINAL Stewart lackey LEAVES The Daily Show! "Taking the time to get it right" View all posts >


They did a good job reviving the show in the past. Check out the premiere of the 1985 Twilight Zone series with the one-two punch of "Shatterday" / "A Little Peace and Quiet". It sold audiences on the idea you could still do The Twilight Zone without Rod Serling's involvement. All the DC Sydnerverse films are garbage, this one is no exception. This was originally meant for season 1. Fox decided to cut it and reduce the season's episode run to 12 episodes. After seeing the material, I now agree with their decision in hindsight. This is easily the weakest Orville episode and it was a bad idea to have another raunchy sex comedy episode shortly after "Cupid's Dagger". But moving it to second two resulted in two episodes in a row about Bortus' bodily functions. Not good either way. i think the writing was the problem, not her acting. They can't seem to get away from a "David Tennant type Doctor" no matter what actor is playing the part now, and Jodie is just performing the role the way it was written. The Doctor being "zany" and "hip" has really gotten tiresome now. This is FANTASTIC news! Aside from the occasional obvious Democrat Party talking points (like using the old "Kavanaugh deserves to be destroyed cuz of Merrick Garland" talking point) we are FINALLY starting to get the REAL Daily Show back. Desi Lydic had a segment the other day where she tried to join the Girl Scouts as an adult, and it was great stuff. Very much in the mold of the classic Craig Kilborn era. He is part of "The Paternoster Gang", so no. They are one of the main reasons Doctor Who started to suck. And Sontarans should be villains anyway, not goofy comic relief. No, but "Bill" was the Worst Companion Ever LIVE ACTION ONLY: Superman (1978) Superman 2 Superman 3 Superman (1948 serial) Superman vs. Atom Man Supergirl Superman returns Superman and the mole man (1951) Stamp Day for Superman Superman 4 Superman the Musical Superman vs. the Gorilla Gang Turkish Superman . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Man of Rehash/Batfleck v. Pseudoman/Just-Us Fatigue >>> how terrible this movie is. From the ridiculous plot to the ridiculous enemy to the ridiculous characters. Batman is a joke really and they even say it out loud. The Flash was annoying and cringeworthy. The TV Flash is so far superior to this laughing stock. . Cyborg was just bad. And Superman - normally good, was a waste. The whole Superman dying was just atrocious and silly. And now he comes back and his shirt disappears for half his scenes. LOL. And his lines and character is just laughably silly. And Alfred sounded like a bad video game. The Steppenwolf guy was just a joke. Superman v Batman was a silly bad movie and Justice League continues that bad plot, bad characters and bad acting/chemistry and bad lines.Compared to Avengers and their chars, this all felt so cheesy and lame sadly. I love Superman but he's just rubbish here. I think JL is done. <<< YEP!!!! Agree 100%!! Let's hope this is the final nail in the coffin for Batfleck & Pseudoman. >>> My rating: 3/10 <<< Too high. More like 0/10. >>This probably wouldn't apply under that law is it's an adaptation of folklore.<< I would most CERTAINLY make the law apply to folklore. If Hollywood did a big budget, live action adaptation of Paul Bunyan less than a decade earlier, they would be banned from doing it again. Ditto with fairy tales and classic literature. We don't need dozens of live action adaptations of The Jungle Book made within a few years. View all replies >