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Nedry was an idiot. You ever heard of an apartment complex that didn't allow kids? I felt anger in this when...SPOILER Does anyone else think Groundhodg Day is a stupid Holiday? The guy calling Crocodile Dundee a poacher was a hypocrite. I haven't seen the theatrical version in several years. I liked the plottwist. SPOILER I liked this movie. I'd would like to visit an alternate future where Gwen was in this instead of MJ and was killed off by Green Goblin. Has anyone else been getting lots of Magazines in their mail? View all posts >


Will. The promoter was just as much in the wrong for stealing the money. You can tell he was keeping most of it for himself with the, "Now he's getting away with my money!" line. But 2 wrongs don't make a right. When it was first released on VHS back in the early 90s. I was 6 years old. I probably only watched the scenes towards the end with Marv and Harry getting injured by Kevin's traps. No. He is a no good stinking jerk bully. Even before Marty interferes with the past we find out Biff made George do his homework for him which is completely wrong. Then he later threatens George just for entering a diner which he has no right to tell him not to be there. Then there's trying to murder Marty. Then there's trying to rape Lorraine. Yeah. I don't feel sorry for him. Getting covered in Manure isn't even punishment enough. Though in the altered timeline it is good he becomes George's servant. In some ways yes. Like the utter fools who demand minimum wage be raised everywhere to $15 an hour and think anyone who currently make well above minimum wage are going to be getting $20 an hour after ut happens. And that no family owned businesses are shutting down due to said raise of minimum wage. Or who think that the prices of everything aren't going up with that raise of minimum wage. Then there's these fools demanding the government give them free college and free paid sick days and other free things and think it's only going to be paid by raising taxes on the billionaires and millionaires but it's really coming out of every poorer part time and full time workers' taxes that don't make much. Hardcore leftists are going to destroy America and turn it into how Venezuela is now. Your medication! Give it to me! Now! I do think it's dumb the trailers say Cameron is producing it but that someone else is writing and directing. If Cameron had decided to direct and write this I'd be more hyped. The antagonist Terminator doesn't seem like an improvement of what we've already had either. I'd give it a 7/10 myself. I like it but it is definitley not one of the best movies of all time. This topic reminds me of the fact that showing smoking much at all will push a movie up to a PG-13 or R. It's funny though cause most of the movies I can think of with lots of people smoking are all rated R. Like this movie. Or Die Hard. Or some of Scorsese's movies. It seems kind of silly for a movie to be rated R for Violence, Language, Sexuality, and heavy amounts of smoking. I mean I guarantee that kids see someone smoking everyday. Just to go your local grocery store and people will be smoking outside. Heck, yesterday while I was on my job collecting carts I saw a guy with his wife and baby daughter who was smoking a cigarette. I'm not in support of people smoking but you can't really shield your kids from it completely. Then again you can't shield your kid from bad language either. Although I like the scene, it is funny that Will's problems are all solved by someone saying, "It's not your fault." over and over. Me and my brother like to act out that scene. View all replies >