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Just got done reading the book this is based on. SPOILERS for the book and movie. What are your favorite quotes from this? I am now watching this for the first time on Hulu. You gotta love Henry's father. I miss this show. Question. Spoiler. I love this film but the first line of the movie has become so dated now. I started watching this on Disney+. It is so funny! I will get flak for this but this is better than the original 1933 version. I feel like this movie doesn't get its lesson right. SPOILERS View all posts >


Except neither Sarah or John commanded it to do that. Only ones I can think of are Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and the ABC song and Are you sleeping Brother John and Farashukah. I find it funny you are insisting that the terminator has files on all law enforcement procedures when he comes from a future where there is no law enforcement or that Future John would have put that in there when he also didn't even bother putting in that he can't kill people. Whatever. There's nothing in the movie that confirms it. No. He said he said he had detailed files on Human anatomy to which Sarah responded that makes him a more efficient killer. Except we don't know what he's programmed with. Would the Terminator even really know the rules of police and their vehicles, though? Unless John put that extra bit of info into his CPU, he wouldn't know that. I don't think people should get stoned but that's just me. I would never smoke Marijuana. Funny you say that since most of those aren't that fast paced either. Should have posted, "OP should stick to action films." Yeah. I like that scene. Though to this day I have never had lobster since it's expensive and if I don't like it, it's a waste of a lot of money. View all replies >