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I like this movie but I hate to admit I laugh when Marley screams in anger at Scrooge. Ghostbusters lines you have used in your every day life. What episode did this happen? Comment/Question MAJOR SPOILER Is Edna Strickland related to Marty's and George's principal from the movies? That cartoon Daniel was fired from. What day would you not want to live over over? Comment/Question Spoilers The part where they sing on Top of Old Smokey all covered in blood. This was pretty good I thought. View all posts >


I actually was surprised by it. D'oh. Well she was actually one of their hostages. At least that's what I thought. He knew he was the mole the moment Colin told the other officers that Queenan was the mole. Cause he was the only one besides Queenan that knew Billy was an undercover cop. They are good guys though. And why feel sorry for the Gurillas? One of them shot an unarmed man in the head. Can you really feel sorry for the type of person that does that? Not to mention that they were making a deal with drug dealers. The remaining members should be in it. And they had even announced a while back that they would be in it. Frankly if Winston, Ray, and Peter aren't in it I have no interest in it. I admit I didn't like what I saw in the trailer. It seems the actual ghostbusters aren't main characters and the entire movie is just going to be these kids and their dad discovering the Ghostbusters' equipment and using it. I hope the original remaining 3 ghostbusters are in the next trailer. I'm still curious how he thinks he did that in front of his sister and mother without them noticing. Back to the future. Friday the 13th Part 2 I frankly didn't like Last Jedi but I liked this one. Frankly I don't like a Clockwork Orange but I liked 2001 A Space Odyssey and The Shining. Just because ad film maker makes a bad film doesn't mean you have to hate him. Honestly though I wasn't ever on board with making a Star Wars Episodes 7,8, and 9 to begin with. He was being sarcastic. It'd be like going into some woods somewhere here where I live in Southern Illinois and saying, "This looks like Chicago." View all replies >