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I haven't seen the theatrical version in several years. I liked the plottwist. SPOILER I liked this movie. I'd would like to visit an alternate future where Gwen was in this instead of MJ and was killed off by Green Goblin. Has anyone else been getting lots of Magazines in their mail? Most anticlimatic Disney villain death ever? SPOILER Does anyone else laugh at the parakeet catching fire scene? Anyone else a bit mad about them removing Fozzy singing America the Beautiful from the movie? Your favorite Arnold Schwarzenegger movie quotes. "This one's eating my popcorn!" View all posts >


Because it's still a kid franchise and Disney doesn't go that dark even with PG-13. It's funny how so many people don't know that Millennial actually means people who grew up in the 80s or 90s who became adults around or a little after 2000. Generation Z is actually those who are teenagers right now. First of all it's only in the 3rd ending that Wadsworth is Mr. Boddy. Secondly, he may not be from England. I'm sure there are full blooded English people in America who have accents just like Wadsworth. Heck, I've met a few full blooded Americans with British Accents before and I live in Southern Illinois. But with the first and second endings Wadsworth is the good guy and not the bad guy. 1. Same as TC. Yoda using the force to get the ship out of water. 2. Same as TC plus the whole Darth Vader telling Luke he's his father is such an iconic moment. 3. The hoth battle. Really like the 4 legged walkers they fight. Also how Luke takes one out by roping himself up it and using his lightsaber to cut a hole in it so he can throw the bomb in. 4. The scene where Luke first meets Yoda and Yoda acts silly. 5. Han being put in Carbonite and how he just says, "I know." to Leia saying she loves him. It's been years since I saw that. Now that you mention it though she probably was inspired design wise from Carella. I agree maybe he isn't a great but he still is enjoyable to watch even in his worst movies. Frankly though my least favorite actress is Zendeya. I really can't stand her character in the new Spider-Man movies. Who in the world is Yzma? The only scenario I see is where Peter comes out, sees Flint Marko holding a gun to his uncle, yells at him to get away from his Uncle , Flint Marko gets startled, and still shoots his Uncle. Frankly even besides that I hate that Raimi made Sand Man Uncle Ben's killer. It was stupid. Yet he unneccessarilly kills/severally injures those police officers when he was safely hidden in the sand. Also Raimi was wrong for making Flint Marko Uncle Ben's killer. It makes it so that even if Peter stopped the robber inside, his uncle still gets killed. I hate this movie! I frankly think Nick is just friends with Gatsby. I don't think he is gay. Plus most people in America weren't okay with homosexuality back in the 1920s. View all replies >