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Wish we could have the original comics Kang instead of the alternate universe one. The lack of news is disturbing. I can't believe I never noticed this! List 2 different film characters with similar traits. Post your favorite quotes. It's a shame this movie doesn't get more love. What is the superhero movie or show with this line? Wow! How things have changed! Have Rhody in it as Iron Man. Can someone tell me what Superhero movie or cartoon this is from? View all posts >


That's one of my favorite scenes in the movie. Thank you and it's okay. I can see how my words might have sounded rude if taken in the wrong way. It was running slow yesterday. I'm a Christian and have been since before I can remember. It makes more sense to me that God created the world than it just happening randomly. I believe you either accept God and his son Jesus and go to heaven by doing so in life. Or you reject them and thereby choose to go to Hell for all eternity. Honestly the academy for a long time was more of a fan of dramas than horror, action, and comedy. The people in charge of it seem to think anything that's not a drama is not worthy of winning best picture. We are lucky they gave Return of the King best picture. But horror, action, and comedies are lesser films to the people in charge of these awards. I don't agree that it's about having to marry into money. The fact is Cinderella's stepmother is rich but won't ever share her wealth with Cinderella cause she hates her for some reason we aren't told. I admit this isn't my favorite Disney film but I do like it for the visuals. Well, I am ignorant on that. Sorry. This isn't something that's recent and it will continue in the future. Sean Connery won an Oscar for the Untouchables over Morgan Freeman in Street Smart, Denzel Washington in Cry Freedom, Albert Brooks in Broadcast News, and Vincent Gardenia in Moonstruck. Jack Palance won an Oscar for City Slickers over Tommy Lee Jones in JFK, Ben Kingsley in Bugsy, Harvey Keitel in Bugsy, and Michael Lerner in Barton Fink. Tommy Lee Jones won an Oscar for the Fugitive over Ralph Fiennes in Schindler's List, John Malkovich in In the Line of Fire, Leonardo DiCaprio in What's eating Gilbert Grape, and Pete Postelewaite in In the name of the Father. Fact is quite a few people in Hollywood like Martin Scorcese, Stanley Kubrick, Al Pacino, Morgan Freeman, Brad Pitt, and Leonardo DiCaprio did not win an Oscar for their best stuff. And in the future a lot of current popular actors and actresses will not win an Oscar til later in their careers because some longer time actor or actress is given one instead. Always gonna be that way. I've said this in similar topics but I really don't like people looking at something from long ago from a modern perspective. Judging from what you said you probably hate every old story and movie and can only stand stories that came out in the last 10 or 20 years. I will never understand how someone can just expect an old story to have the standards of the modern day. But I pity you cause you are too much mind set in modern times to enjoy anything from the distant past. I refuse to even see Avatar 2. I didn't like the original. It's a shame after all the great movies he did in the 80s and 90s he'd end up doing mediocre ones now. I haven't seen this movie though. And I probably never will. Prefer older dramas. View all replies >