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What episode did this happen? Comment/Question MAJOR SPOILER Is Edna Strickland related to Marty's and George's principal from the movies? That cartoon Daniel was fired from. What day would you not want to live over over? Comment/Question Spoilers The part where they sing on Top of Old Smokey all covered in blood. This was pretty good I thought. Nedry was an idiot. You ever heard of an apartment complex that didn't allow kids? View all posts >


Toy Story 2 already had the evil villain Prospector. I don't like your nitpicks! It sounds like you're really overthinking everything! I see now. Now thinking of it, the very ending scene does make it seem like some of the movie might not have really happened. Gd5150, your comment made me LOL! That does bother me though. Just to let you know I'm about to get political. I know a great majority of people hate the rich and want the government to take away 90% of their money but these people who think like that don't get that if you do that the business they spend money on disappear and there goes a bunch of peoples' jobs. Frankly there are rich people who do care about people. Like Bill Gates. He does all sorts of stuff for people around the world. Also your view of him being the bad guy seems hypocritical when he is running for mayor to try to put more money into the social programs that were cut by the current mayor and city council. To be fair, Thomas Wayne didn't know about Arthur's condition that makes him laugh so you can't really blame him for punching Arthur in the face. Personally I think it's dumb to boycot a song just because the guy that made it did something bad. By that logic we should all burn our copies of Predator, Die Hard 1 and 3, Last Action Hero, and the Thomas Crown Affair just because John Mctiernan went to prison for not paying his taxes. I confess you're right. Though it's possible he stole it. I just saw the movie an hour ago but it seems like it wasn't there earlier in the movie when he and his mom were watching TV. I actually liked his take. The only thing that bothered me was <spoiler>Joker's follower killing Bruce Wayne's Parents. That's really the only reason I wouldn't want this movie to be canon. I was fine with the guy Jack Napier who would later become Joker killing Bruce's parents in Tim Burton's Batman but the way it was done in this movie bothered me. </spoiler> I never bothered seeing that. Just looked meh to me. View all replies >