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Delete your posts Ghostbusters style. I'm voting for her in the Illinois primaries. The 911 call did go through. Happy Groundhog Day! Comment about the ending. SPOILER Peter Parker's Uncle Ben and his Mother Mary Parker are in this? What are your favorite scenes of a jerk getting fired from their job. Anyone else wish the Night the reindeer died was a real movie? While watching this just now I realized neither the police or Blanc checked the phone records. View all posts >


She doesn't like that one either cause she doesn't like that his character thinks it's part of a TV show when it's real. She does like Ghostusters 1 and 2 and Groundhog Day. Also, I keep forgetting that about old imdb threads. I like What about Bob, Caddyshack, and The man who knew too little. Wes Craven's ending wasn't done right imo cause there is no moment Nancy wakes up in it. She defeats Freddy, opens the door to the hall, goes through it, and then is suddenly on the front porch of her house in different clothes. If that's supposed to tell us she's woken up from a bad dream it's done poorly cause without knowing Wes Craven's intention, it doesn't show that at all. It more to me shows her going from a bad dream to a good dream. I've had dreams sort of like that where I'm in one place seeing things and then magically am in a another different place experiencing different things. That's what his ending feels like to me. Nope. Without going to that link, 1. Obi Wan dying from Uncle Owen. 2. His father dying from both Uncle Owen and Obi Wan/Ben. 3. Darth Vader killing his father from Obi Wan/Ben. <spoiler>The film ends with the birth of Peter Parker in a hospital and Madame Web in the next room blind and saying he'll be important in the future to the 3 young girls who will become Spider-Women. Said Spider-Women have nothing to do with Spider-Man origin wise in the comics. All were willingly part of an experiment that gave them their powers. No accidents. If you grew up in that era most moviesand shows had gang members be white. Like The Terminator or the cartoon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Yeah. I suppose that makes sense. Maybe this will lead to Sony selling the rights back to Marvel. I plan on not seeing Kraven. He's a Spider-Man villain. Not a vigilante who fights against other bad guys. <spoiler>He starts off evil shooting the mother of the main character with a gun along with some other people while she is pregnant with her so he can steal the spider she found. Cause he wants it for experiments.</spoiler> I'd forgotten I even replied to this topic. But this is the natural result of letting 13 year olds rate movies. View all replies >