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I can't beleive this won worst picture and worst director at the Razzies. This movie should have this as a plotpoint. He will be great as Carnage. I am looking forward to this. The end credit scene was hillarious! SPOILER Comment about the first episode of Season 5. So after watching the first one for the first time in a few years... How I want X-Men movies in the future. This movie was better than the book it's based on. View all posts >


There was an alternate ending where John tracks Simon down by himself and plays a life or death McClaine says game with him involving a Bazooka. It's just as dumb and silly though. Especially since it's revealed in that ending that the FBI thought John was in league with Simon and he was fired from the police department for it. It makes no sense with what went down and him killing all those thugs of Simon's that they thought he was in league with them. I admit it's been so long since I saw it for the first time I can't remember. But Probably I did until he saved the people on the boat. I always hated he gets away with cheating on Maggie with Lacey. Dr. Marvin was crazy and was also a jerk. That's the whole point of the movie. The nuke fridge scene doesn't bother me. There is plenty of stuff that happens in other action films that is just as unbeleivable that people don't even mention. Like John and Zeus surviving falling several feet onto a hard surface in Die Hard with a Vengeance. Or in same said movie, them surviving a car flipping upsidedown without wearing seatbelts. To be honest, I am more into country than rock. I was listening to Greenday and Offspring back then. Part 2-4 happen just days apart from each other. All are 5 years after the first. Part 5 is about 10 years after the events of Part 4. Part 6 sort of ignores the 5th one but it also is about 10 years after the events of Part 4. Part 7 it's hard to know cause the movie doesn't really say how much time has passed since Part 6. Maybe a few years. Part 8 feels like it's not that long after part 7. The rest aren't really in continuity as far as I'm concerned. Who in the world is Elastica? View all replies >