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"This one's eating my popcorn!" How would the scenario of this movie go for you? I can't beleive this won worst picture and worst director at the Razzies. This movie should have this as a plotpoint. He will be great as Carnage. I am looking forward to this. The end credit scene was hillarious! SPOILER Comment about the first episode of Season 5. So after watching the first one for the first time in a few years... View all posts >


Yeah. Unlike Hans, Stuart actually did hurt McClaine physically in a fight. In Die Hard 1, Hans' men end up being the ones to inflict injuries on him. But Hans never really does anything to him. Come to think of it, in the 3rd one [spoiler]Hans' brother Simon never gets into a physical fight with him either. Coincidence?[/spoiler] You have to admit though that Arnold just isn't that convincing as a scientist. They tried doing that in Junior which came out 3 years before this and it didn't work there either. I see. I like Cahterine O Hara as Mrs. Peacock. Come to think of it, she hasn't been in a ton of movies the last few years. The last one I remember her in was Where the Wild Things are. It was Mr. Green who asked is that what we ate. Also just before he is killed the cop tells the person on the phone that he isn't on duty. So that's why he didn't call it in. Frankly if it is a remake it shouldn't have Wadsworth since it should create a new character to replace him. Also Mrs. Peacock should be a young woman in the remake. I don't know who I would want to cast in the roles. Also a remake shouldn't be a comedy. It should be a thriller to be different from the original. I agree MickyMac. I will never get casting Arnold Schwarzenegger as Mr. Freeze. He just can't do smart scientist well. Also the characterization of Mr. Freeze was terrible. He's not supposed to enjoy doing the bad things he's doing. He's miserable and is wanting to make everyone else miserable. But instead they turned him into a sadist who happily murders people. Yeah. Maybe they were fans of the last 2 episodes of Spider-Man the 90s cartoon where Green Goblin works for Kingpin. At the time of this movie adamantium was something Marvel couldn't use since the rights belonged to Fox cause of it being apart of Wolverine's origin. D'oh. Yeah. Dirt/crud from the Vacuum Cleaner. I had just started watching it for the first time in years when I posted it. From what I heard he wanted it to be rated R for Violence, Language, and sexual content and for Michael Biehn to be Peter Parker. That's not how you do a Spider-Man movie. View all replies >