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I can't believe that evil foul mouthed kid is Little Foot on Land before Time. In the theater scene one of the movies on the board is Heiddi 2. Can you tell the difference between the taste of butter and Margarine? I had a dream last night I saw an alternate ending of this where Pamela Voorhees was at the end. This guy was such an idiot. It's funny Robert Patrick is in this. The Pink slime is terrifying because they really can't get rid of it. Do you think a faithful movie adaptation of Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde could work? How things used to be. Question about the episode The Devil to pay spoiler View all posts >


Somehow I can see him working in Jeff Goldblum's roles in Jurassic Park and Independence Day. But he really wanted to focus on directing. The last movie I saw him in was the 1997 movie As Good as it gets. Though I didn't see it til the mid 2000s. It's going to be so confusing for anyone born this year to figure out which Spider-Man movie came first. All this confusion because Sony doesn't want the titles to be similar to what came before. I decided to watch an episode of it last night and it warned there was tobacco use in it. Myself-God's not dead That's not it in my experience. For instance, baggers are supposed to work til midnight and a lot of new people we hire haven't been willing to do that. There was also a guy who just refused to do any work and had to be let go. Another college girl who had been scheduled til midnight just quit in the middle of her shift on a Saturday because she "goes to nursing school and therefore can't work that late!" Some people are lazy schmucks who just don't want to do any work. Well a lot of young people have a bad work ethic. I have seen that a lot at my job. No. Nothing is ever said about him. Well a lot of people constantly make big deals about it. I get this is only a joke but the Muppet movies themselves are already live action. Just with a puppet. Certainly not as ridiculous as the Joke about Disney making an alien queen movie about her origin and how she is so sympathetic. Somehow I messed up. I thought somehow you were talking about if Tony and Spider-Man stayed on Earth instead of going to Titan with Dr. Strange. View all replies >