Weird Movie

I don't know anything about the source novel, but it seems odd to me to see so many Hollywood heavyweights associated with a Young Adult adaptation

Doug Liman is directing. Charlie Kaufman, the patron saint of hipsters, is one of the writers. So is John Lee Hancock. So is the writer of the actual novel. And two more lesser known writers

Why does any film need 5 writers? Especially when you have seasoned pros like Kaufman and Hancock? Or the writer of the freaking novel, who you would think should be able to adapt the screenplay on his own, or with a max of one partner

The cast is pretty solid, too. Tom Holland, Daisy Ridley, Mads Mikkelsen, etc.

Anyone know if the novel is some kind of masterpiece? Because it seems that the studio really believed in it if they recruited this all-star team

And yet, the production seems to be a mess. Delays. News that the results so far are "unwatchable". The plot synopsis sounds odd and unfilmable

YA novels tend to make for shitty movies. And high-concept sci-fi YA movies are a dime a dozen. The whole thing seems like a giant mess


"A dystopian world where there are no women..."

Yet starring Daisy Ridley right and center on the poster. Oh.


They should just release it onto some streaming service already. No one cares about this.


Yep. What a waste of time, talent, and money

They should just release what they have. I'd rather watch some "unwatchable" disaster epic fail than whatever mediocre teenage adventure film they were hoping it would be