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King writing final episode with new material

Just saw this post on IndieWire... Evidently SK is going to extend the story with a coda that evidently takes the story past where it ended in the book. I'm guessing it will probably also include the fate of Flagg similar to how the extended edition closed:

"For one of its biggest upcoming projects, CBS All Access is enlisting the services of one of the only people who could help add another chapter: This adaptation of “The Stand” will feature a new ending written by the book’s original author Stephen King.

The streaming service’s EVP of Original Content Julie McNamara told reporters at the Television Critics Association summer press tour that King’s contribution will be a special close to the series’ story, new and different from the source material of his iconic 1978 novel.

“For fans of the book who wondered what became of the survivors of ‘The Stand,’ this episode will contain stories taking them beyond the book,” McNamara said, confirming that production on the series will begin this fall in Vancouver."


Here is the link to the full article (nothing much extra that's not already on imdb, though):

I'm a little worried by something the article states and doesn't elaborate on..."production on the series will begin this fall in Vancouver." Uh, ONLY Vancouver?


They'll almost have to do some filming elsewhere as the novel takes place in Oklahoma, Kansas, New York, Maine and some parts of it in the Utah desert. Filming it only in Vancouver would likely not work too well for those scenes.

OT, but I have a confession: I'm going to find it hard to get used to anyone except Gary Sinise as Stu.


Knowing the modern-day focus of Mr. King, I'm betting the new material consists of thinly-veiled political commentary.


It wouldn't surprise me at all.