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[quote]I'm willing to bet Randall Flagg's look and dialogue will have plenty of Donald Trump references and Mother Abigail will be a sophisticated modern Oprah Winfrey type woman. They are going to sacrifice the chance to make a classic in order to make a quickly-dated political cartoon.[/quote] Maybe not. I recall from the book that Mother Abagail was very conservative. She was the oldest registered Republican in her area and thought that FDR and his crew were communists. Still, that was the book. The film may be entirely different. OP, you want a bad movie? Try 'She-Creature'. That was so bad I couldn't finish it. [quote]I hope not. They will undoubtedly destroy it with Liberal SJW garbage.[/quote] I have heard and expressed similar concerns myself, especially with Stephen King saying that he intends to write a'final chapter' or however he phrased it, to tell the stories of what happened after. But, let's wait and see. Odysseus in Troy and Spence in Ronin. It wouldn't surprise me at all. They'll almost have to do some filming elsewhere as the novel takes place in Oklahoma, Kansas, New York, Maine and some parts of it in the Utah desert. Filming it only in Vancouver would likely not work too well for those scenes. OT, but I have a confession: I'm going to find it hard to get used to anyone except Gary Sinise as Stu. In the FWIW department, WallyWorld has an SK DVD set that includes Pet Sematary, The Langoliers, The Stand and a couple of others. It's around $20 or so. Here's a link [url][/url] [quote]Da rats iz his![/quote]106 years old seems a might long in the tooth to be leading the children of Israel outta Egypt, or the children of America into Colorado. Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. At least the taxpayers are nearly done with this sick bastard. [quote] FYI, It is scheduled for release in late September. [/quote]Just pre-ordered the blu-ray. Looking forward to seeing it. View all replies >