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Still nothing on Trashy. [quote]George C. Scott(1984) is my favorite by a wide margin.....[/quote] Mine too. One of the Arnett residents is now listed; Troy Mundle as Ralph Hodges. Sally Field is a good actress: I'll give that to her. That said, I don't particularly like her politics. I'd argue against that vehemently. Coppola's may or may not be the best adaptation, but it's definitely not the most faithful. It may preserve some details that the 1977 version doesn't but the entire heart of the movie is a love story that didn't even exist in the book. [b]The '77 version is a straight up dramatization; Coppola's version is a reinterpretation.[/b] Agreed. The basic story of the book is a classic battle between good and evil and the 1977 BBC effort presents this. The Coppola film has it as a sappy love story between the Count and Mina (who, conveniently is a reincarnated Elisabeta) that is not even hinted at in the book by Stoker. Granted, the Coppola version has some nice visual touches. Among these are the spectacular sets and costumes, and the blue flames telling the locations of buried treasure, but in other areas the script strayed very far from the novel. The strong point iof the BBC version, is its' fidelity to the Stoker story and the acting. I am looking forward to observing my Hallowe'en tradition of watching this fine film. It is my favorite vampire film. Entirely possible. And while I am certainly not glad that a young woman died so needlessly, I am happy that Ted was not elected POTUS. Hey, Mr B!! A video that you might like. So far, nothing on who plays Ralph, Campion, Whitney Horgan, the Rat Man, Susan Stern, Dayna, or any of the folks from Arnett. No; it isn't. HFRO was about a planned defection and there was no exchange involved. Granted there is the incompetent surgeon in both stories but no young agent gives up an older one. There was an exchange in "Cardinal of the Kremlin", but even there, it happened in the early 1960's with Oleg Penkovskiy was exposed as a CIA mole, by one of the characters who became a valued Western asset. [quote]What I always thought happened was that Joseph's father boarded up the room before he left the country. That's why I wondered why Cora's book was in the room. Or, if he was not the one who boarded it up, why would he leave the wheelchair there?[/quote] This is what I thought happened as well. But, like you say that doesn't explain Cora's notebook. View all replies >