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2 If you don't mind a bit of shameless self-promotion here, I have a book on kindle that can fairly be described as The Stand without the supernatural stuff. It is called The Pale Horse, and it tells the story of a group of Marxist fanatics that release a virus that kills the majority of the human race. Both the pandemic and the aftermath are reported, but the aftermath is the majority of the story. It is not politically correct, even though I have created a good (and realistic, I think) cast of characters that represent US society in the eary 21st Century. Minorities and females are well-represented as both good and bad guys. 2 Good; thank you. How did you like the book? 2 I don't have a dog in this fight but the implication from your OP is that while you did not care about Larry's race-swap, you DID care about the judge's gender swap. [quote]"I don't care if they race swapped Larry, but it appears they did gender swap the dear old judge. Pretty sure the judge was a male in the book."[/quote] Perhaps it wasn't your intention but you certainly gave the impression that the gender-swap of the judge did matter to you. It appears that I am not alone in this view, either. 2 If you have seen the 1994 ABC effort, you have the story, as it followed the book very closely. There were a few differences (Rita was combined with Nadine and the boy Joe was with Lucy originally, among others) but for the most part, if something was in the 1994 series, it was in the book, including the ending. Personally, I didn't have a problem with the ending, but that's me. 2 The reason they hired a hearing actor for this role is that Nick does talk in his dreams. For that, a hearing (speaking) actor was needed. Like I say, I am hearing impaired, being 100% deaf in my right ear and have about a 70% loss in my left, so I can understand the concerns of those of us who have hearing problems. There are legitimate issues that deaf and hard-of-hearing and other disabled actorsface, but I don't believe that this is one of them. Quite so. One of my favorite films is not liked by many and I don't look down on the folks that don't like it. Chalk it up to a film (or book, or whatever) ringing our bells, so to speak. Some will and some won't. Obviously, you enjoyed 2001: ASO, and I'm happy for you. Your username looks familiar. Were you on the IMDb message boards? Thank you for your courtesy. On the IMDb I was called a troll, and stupid, among other things, just for not liking it. With respect, I strongly disagree; it was extremely tedious. It was so dull that I couldn't finish it in one sitting. I'm glad that you enjoyed it, but to me, it was dull, tedious, and extremely boring. I'll grant that the sets were spectacular, but that was the only thing that I will give to this plodding monstrosity. We disagree about this film and I respect your viewpoint. I did not care for it. [quote]I find it one of the most hypnotic movies I have ever seen — not at all boring and hugely rewatch able, <b>but it’s certainly not for everyone.</b> [/quote] That's certainly true!!!! Like the OP, I found it to be tedious beyond description. 2 IMDb very recently did not even have him on the cast list. This series was not on Greg Kinnear's filmography either and then I checked once more on IMDb, and lo! and behold, there he be. Seems to me like IMDb had better get their act together. View all replies >