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renewed for one more season King writing final episode with new material holy crap--it's filming already! How many seasons is this going to run? Pedophile-enabler Alex Acosta resigns as Secretary of Labor 546 of Trump’s Atrocities and Crimes committed before and during his Presidency Finally going to nail that Jeffrey Epstein bastard... Liked it, but ending pissed me off Whizzing on the Sacred Tree... Something interesting on the dvd about the ending... View all posts >


I've never seen a politician look as insincere and barely literate when reading from a teleprompter as Donald Trump. Forty years of sustained opposition to the USSR and enormous and costly military spending brought that state down. Reagan mistakenly gets all the credit for this happening from conservatives who are clueless about history. How could you leave off In Harm's Way from the list? Kirk is very convincing as a naval officer who rapes a very young nurse in the film. A good performance that he drew on his own experience for. Paying attention to anything doesn't seem to be your strong why bother now? "What exactly is it that his supporters think they’re getting from him???" Federal Judges, who are intended to contribute to the oligarchial rule of America by upholding the control of Corporations and the 1% while diminishing the rights and liberties of individual citizens. All these neo-conservative dickheads who think Ass-Clown Trump, Moscow Mitch, and the rest of the fascist Republican party are sticking up for them are a bunch of clueless morons. ah, "Moscow Mitch"... It has such a nice, alliterative ring to it, doesn't it? And not only that, it happens to be true! The chants are not going to diminish as long as Moscow Mitch continues to block the anti-election bills from the Senate, either. Yes, it may be a more sensational headline to hear " ## Killed in shooting", but it shouldn't diminish the tragedy, nor the discussion as to whether the harm would have occurred at the number it did if the perpetrator hadn't had access to a rapid-fire weapon in the first place. How was he misleading? Or does the mention of "1025 injured" in those 252 mass shootings not carry any gravitas because they're not in the Killed column? Whaddya want--a medal? Have people tell you that you're a great American or something? You're part of the problem, idiot. View all replies >