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Supposed to be set in the 1960s, right? Coming soon: Shaniqua Found a cool picture of Trudeau and Obama! Great epic movie in spite of lackluster leading man. Weirdest/creepiest looking movie idol ever. Just checking... Have I got this right? Truly we live in Clown World. Jen Psaki vs Kayleigh McEnany - the real truth here! His evil shows on his face. Current popular entertainment shows that as a culture, we are suffering from mass psychosis View all posts >


I see no reason to doubt this. Nothing Biden has done indicates this is not true. He looks great for his age. At 91, most people look really <i>dead.</i> If White privilege was real and worked the way Brux seems to think it does from this post, then every single White person in America would be rich and successful. It's so funny how people can rant about White Privilege in one statement, and then turn around and laugh at how they believe White people all live in trailers, have no teeth, shop only at Walmart and marry their cousins. Where's the privilege in that untrue stereotype? <blockquote>You have no clue what smart Progressive people are thinking and doing.</blockquote> Yeah, I have no idea what Hobbits or Unicorns are thinking and doing, either. <blockquote>"there's a wave of smart, educated, independent thinking people" </blockquote> Translation: "there's a horde of deluded, brain-washed, lockstep zombies" Going to have to check out American Gangster! Bumpy was a pretty cool character. Thanks! I thought I would never find out what movie that appeared in. I was renting so many crime movies at the time I saw that scene that they all blurred together. I had forgotten that two singing assassins were involved. That's not what I heard. I read recently that there is no appreciable difference in viral loads between vaxxed and unvaxxed. The point is, Sheen and Dillon's characters are NOT tough. They are scared teenage kids putting on a big front. Their toughness was copied from old cowboy and gangster shows they watched as children on TV in the 1950s. They are "The phony tough and the crazy brave" to quote from Full Metal Jacket. Their attempts at toughness should indeed come across as awkward and foolish. They were not playing Rambo characters, or even a more realistic tough guy veteran like Barnes. They did a great job as the scared, bluffing kids they were supposed to be. Yeah! It was <i>Yesterday! </i> Come on, Man! Newsom is Niedermeyer from Animal House at age 55. View all replies >