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If the movie takes place in 1984 why does the trailer feature a 1977 Donna Summer song? I just dreamed I watched a new Tarantino movie. Quentin, if you read this, it's a gold mine! An outlaw gang who traveled in a wagon train full of women and kids would have lasted maybe 20 days... Was Memo kind of a subdued Jar Jar Binks character? After going to so much trouble to get authentic 80s props, cars, clothes, videos, music, etc... Based on a true story! Hard to believe this is the same Patricia Arquette from True Romance. Always sad when the only posts on someone's board are R.I.P threads. What's the message behind this movie? Looks JUST LIKE... View all posts >


I like how he brought racial relations back to 1968 levels of cooperation. Robin & Marian and also The Man Who Would Be King and Zardoz. Mid-1970s Connery was the best. [url][/url] [url][/url] [url][/url] Yeah. 300. Obviously a faithful historic retelling with no fantasy elements whatsoever. Not Sword & Sorcery at all... What was I thinking? Wow. I was around in 1984 and 70s Disco was D.E.A.D. In 84 it was all about hair metal, New Wave and guys like Phil Collins, David Bowie and Prince. I didn't hear any Disco at all during the 80s unless it was being used satirically. It's not dumb. If thy are trying so hard to capture an era, they should have picked one of that era's signature songs, not a signature song of a previous era. The mood and mindset of the mid 1980s was nothing at all like the mood and mindset of the later mid-1970s. 300 was a Sword & Sorcery fantasy movie and heavy metal has been associated with Sword & Sorcery fantasy since the early 70s. Totally different case. "The crackers in power weren't about rehabilitation and building character, but treating life cheaply and wanting to destroy your mind and body." What were they thinking? Not like today when inmates almost universally rehabilitate and create productive, meaningful lives in the outside world. I always wanted to see Arnold and Stallone do a WW2 movie together. Stallone is an American and Arnold is a German with anti-Nazi sentiments who winds up working together with Stallone. Eagles is a comic-book version of the WW2 mission movie, with Eastwood firing MP40s in both hands mowing down hundreds of Germans. GoN is a much more realistic version of the WW2 Mission caper. Totally different takes on the same genre. Both are great movies, but it's like comparing Robocop to Serpico to try to compare them. Children of Men Holy cow! That's got to be it! Thanks! View all replies >