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Sounds like a concept dreamed up by an insane person. Like 'Pete's Dragon' with Hitler as the dragon. Stephen King has said that if it was not for writing he would have become a mass shooter. Tench's son murder subplot is forced and lame. Gunn looks just like Doctor Evil Watching Season 1, going into episode 7. Can the series sustain itself? Could have been a sequel to Richard Brooks earlier "The Professionals". Season 2: Boring. Nothing to do with the book, no Dan Simmons input. PC tripe. Did Bruce Springsteen finance this movie? Looks like a 40 year old Lee Harvey Oswald. Reed's greatest role? View all posts >


I am familiar with The Great Dictator, but the comparison is way off. The Great Dictator did not portray Hitler as a lovable and goofy mentor/father figure to a small boy. The Great Dictator set Hitler up for mockery. This one is more like Pete's Dragon or something similar, with Hitler as the Dragon. Watching the JoJo trailer, you like the Hitler character. Watching The Great Dictator, you think he's laughable and sort of pathetic. Other of his films may be more artistic or technically proficient, but for sheer enjoyment, you CANNOT beat "The Fearless Vampire Killers". Well, the only people who will truly appreciate this are people without a deep understanding of Hitler and WW2. I guess that's why movies like this did not come out until most of the WW2 generation had passed away. What an ill-conceived movie. This is going to become legendary for all the wrong reasons. I agree. My interest in re-watching the series flatlined after season 7. Even if they planned to destroy the show they could not have done any worse. I'm willing to bet Randall Flagg's look and dialogue will have plenty of Donald Trump references and Mother Abigail will be a sophisticated modern Oprah Winfrey type woman. They are going to sacrifice the chance to make a classic in order to make a quickly-dated political cartoon. She'll be a modern Oprah Winfrey type of woman. Yeah. They had to add a lot of forced drama about Tench's son and Carr's romance. Best Manson performance by far. Even better than Steve Railsback in the 1976 Helter Skelter miniseries. He made Jeremy Davies in the 2004 version look like an SNL skit. If only someone would remake the Manson story starring Herriman. He deserves a full film devoted to his portrayal. I just watched this episode last night and it was done rather obviously. The way the Wayne Williams actor turned around and stopped for a second facing the camera. You could tell, even if you did not know what Williams really looked like (and the actor is just about dead on), that this one guy was not just another extra and was someone to watch for. It would have been better if they had included him more subtly without that 'Hey! Look at me!' moment. What they SHOULD have done is adapt Simmons' novel Song of Kali instead. This current story is just tedious. View all replies >