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Go-To Guy for "Evil White Man" roles. The poster girl's butt is nowhere near that of Demi Moore's on the original Has BLM outlived its usefulness to the Left now that Biden has been declared the winner? Capitol Police officer who killed himself shot Ashli Babbitt. Hunter's sex videos with the underaged Chinese girls. USA - Almost overnight it became a one party system, with that party in control of all major media. Very little action. I was so disappointed. Is Madonna still thinking of blowing up the White House? Is the Capitol Police Officer who committed suicide the same man who shot Ashli Babbitt? How far into Biden's term until it become illegal to criticize him? View all posts >


Those guys play a lot of evil characters, too, but their characters generally just serve the role of antagonist without a racial element. Mikkelsen even plays a lot of heroic people. Michael Shannon specializes in the "white male = evil" kind of villain. Liberals want to bury his greatest performance. They are destroying the legacy of this early black film star. Of course you must obfuscate. Of course you must attempt to divert the conversation. Of course. I couldn't care less what either of their approval ratings are. All I know is that white Liberals only join in BLM activities when it suits them politically. <blockquote>We already knew that though. </blockquote> BS. The narrative all summer was "COPS SHOOT UNARMED JACOB BLAKE!" and "COPS LIE ABOUT KNIFE!". Ha ha! Look, the media is already discrediting Jacob Blake to defuse any hostilities about his case. They are reporting that he did indeed have a knife and picked it up as the cops came for him. But NO outcry when the cops were not charged? No burst of anger over that result? Seems odd, unless it was orchestrated that way. Like I said, just wait until the summer or whenever the next black person is shot during an arrest. I'm predicting bare minimal media acknowledgement of the shooting and little to no white participation in the ensuing protests, if any occur. Actually, according to the BLM narrative that cops are an ongoing, constant threat to the lives of blacks, there must have been at least several very recent shootings of blacks that the media has utterly ignored If anyone thinks the woman in that picture is too fat, they are definitely either a jealous woman or a homosexual man. That is the ideal female shape in that picture right there. I almost had an accident just looking at the pic. What's lame and tired about the "R word" is the modern Liberal's knee-jerk use of it as a catch-all 'ultimate weapon' in your arguments. It makes us desensitized to being called that. In the main, the virtue-signalling white Libs stayed home smoking dope on the couch in 2014-15 while the blacks marched. The same is going to happen when the next black person is shot by cops under Biden. Of course, the media is no longer going to pounce on these cases like they did when Trump was in office. BLM is a sincere movement on the part of black people, whether their actions are productive and justified or not, but the white component of BLM is hijacking that cause and abandons it when it is deemed unnecessary. They do just enough damage to taint the movement with scenes like the denunciation of restaurant patrons and assaulting senior citizens in the street. Ah yes, the "R word" counterattack. So lame, so tired. The point is that BLM was used as a tool by the Anti-Trumpers to deliberately place the nation in strife and danger to damage the President, and now that they don't need it anymore, it gets discarded. Remember when BLM first activated during the Obama regime? You didn't see thousands of whites marching alongside the black protesters. And you will NOT be seeing whites marching with BLM during the Biden regime either. View all replies >