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Interesting. This site says Missandei got $100 K per episode, while Maybe it would be more successful if the witches cast their spells in the nude? Amazing! The only other film I have seen that is similar to Idi I Smotri and... Daenerys's speech was kind of ridiculous... Someone should do a meme of Game of Thrones Daenerys' pep rally to the Unsullied and Dothraki, but replace Bronn will be ruling Westeros within a year. Should have shown Daenerys actually sit on the Iron Throne, but... So is Drogon going to wind up... I predict that in a week or less this board will be totally dead or filled with non-GoT banter The last episode didn't even feel like it was taking place in Westeros. View all posts >


Not much. It was as if they were Dads telling us an amazing bedtime story, then they look at their watches and realize we should have been asleep long ago and Mom is going to be P-Oed, so they end it like this: "And-then-they-killed-the-evil-witch-and-everyone-lived-happily-ever-after-the-end-now-get-to-sleep-good-night." I meant the show, not the efficacy of their magic. Are you kidding? It was a Wagnerian spectacle. The grey, lowering sky, the black-clad stormtrooper-like Unsullied, the huge black and red Targaryen banner, Daenerys's black leather outfit and platinum blonde hair, the ruins evoking bombed out WW2 cities, the pounding weapons and the cheers... Doesn't look like any army you see anywhere other than WW2 documentaries about the 3rd Reich. [url][/url] I'll watch Western adult animation like Ralph Bakshi and Heavy Metal, but Japanimation just has this odd flavor I don't like. Karl Fookin' Tanner, the Legend o' Gin Lane! You get a character just like Bronn, a character like Karl Tanner and a character like The Hound and you make a Westeros-set remake of The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. Set it during the events of the series, with the three anti-heroes traveling around looking for a treasure and double-crossing one another against the backdrop of the great wars for the Iron Throne. She's headed for a lifetime of doing the SF convention circuit. Agreed. All I could think of was the evil queen from Sleeping Beauty turning into a dragon. This sudden face/heel turn was WAY too quick. It would have been believable stretched out over a full season or two, but to have her go from Joan of Arc to Adolf Hitler in two episodes was just farcical. All those spear-thumping Unsullied stormtroopers and howling Dothraki barbarians couldn't have helped much, either. View all replies >