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So the CHOP district was started because Black Lives Matter, right? Anyone planning a trip or move to New York City? Is this a show from Idiocracy? Should guys like LeBron James and Colin Kaepernick be replaced as spokesmen for athletic wear and shoes? Went from one of the most prominent Progressive spokespersons to CANCELED in about a week. If John Kerry had beaten George W. Bush in 2004 Obama would never have been elected. The premise sounds ridiculous. Voltaire on America's current political situation. The new poster just looks like GTA Great idea for replacing the police! View all posts >


I didn't get that information about the slashed budgets and the rising crime from Fox. All your talking points just give more credence to the Left's exploitation of the virus for political points. If Hillary had won, the situation would be many times worse. Electing a laughable old dementia patient like Biden would be suicide for America. You people just want to burn the whole country because you can't have it. You are like a disturbed kindergarten child who crushes the class hamster because the teacher won't let him take it home. But what I posted is true. The whole BLM movement is a political gambit based on a lie that is easily debunked with a minimum of research. If anyone is racist, it's the Leftists who are exploiting black people for political means. And you're deluded. Plenty of proof he did unleash that babbling torrent. LOL! You're just another sad Leftist playing the "RACIST" card. Bad leaders... Like the Democrats who allow anarchists to take over their cities and burn and loot and run amok and who want to remove law enforcement, or are just senile, befuddled old men who cannot string a simple thought together without sounding like Grandpa Simpson. I can't help but notice that when the earlier round of BLM riots/protests were going on during the Obama years, the participants were almost universally black people. The white protesters only came out now in the Trump era. Seems like it was more of an opportunity for them to rail against Trump than to support the BLM cause. I would imagine that if a Democrat were to win office again, the next round of BLM actions will be back to a mainly black demographic. Hyperbole. And as I said, it's impossible to stop crime in a city when the city's leadership does not want it stopped. <blockquote>So what's there to protest?</blockquote> How about the inherent problems with the culture and values that enable the shooting deaths of 3 and 4 year olds and 77 year old men to be commonplace? How about the proliferation of gangs and violence in those communities and the scorn for law and order? Why isn't anyone trying to change <i>that</i> with protests? This ingrained crime-culture is the key factor in every problem faced by African Americans, but to even MENTION it makes the Left scream "RACIST!" Why does nobody in the BLM movement give a shit about these little black children? Or the 77 year-old retired black police chief who was killed defending his neighborhood from black looters? BLM probably thinks he is a despicable Uncle Tom. BLM ONLY responds to the deaths of black criminals resisting arrest. The lives of innocent black victims killed by gang violence mean nothing to them. But a guy who jammed a gun into a pregnant woman's belly while invading her home becomes Black Jesus. View all replies >