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Should there be a sitcom about her? If Jackson had not altered his appearance... It's a real shame Jackson died... This one HAD TO win the Oscar. With a pic like this, how can there be no posts? Zardoz: The most conservative science fiction film ever His stand-up routines scared me. What do you think happened with the other Vortexes? Imagine a world where... Would you consider Agent Smith to be a handsome man? View all posts >


Diddling 14-year-old girls is bad, true, but it really can't compete at all in the shockingly horrifying department with doing the same to 7-year-old boys. I'm thinking it could be animated. She is a dead ringer for Ren Hoek of The Ren & Stimpy Show. [url][/url] Live action, she would probably have to be done with CGI. How about Alec Baldwin to play Donald Trump and Jesse Smollett to play AOC's boyfriend? Child molesters can say anything, dummy! Lying is their stock in trade. That's how they get kids to work their evil on. Examples: "Hey kid, can you help me find my puppy?" "Hi, your mom is in the hospital and she sent me to pick you up to take you to her." "I have an XBox I don't want at my place. You can have it if you come get it." Only in Black America can a black entertainer who hated his own race so much that he had surgery and skin bleaching to look white and who hired white people to produce his made-to-order children because he didn't want to use his own black genes, and who slept with a string of little white boys, be looked up to as a hero and martyr of his people. You've GOT to be kidding and/or perverted if you find her sexually attractive. She looks like the twin sister of Ren Hoek from Ren & Stimpy, for god's sake! [url][/url] See what I mean? I'm actually beginning to think Trump paid her to run and secretly financed her campaign. I love almost every Western. Of course, I am a huge fan of all the major Western classics, but some of my favorites that don't get a lot of attention are: El Condor Mackenna's Gold Major Dundee Little Big Man Oh, yeah... I suppose we should have reacted with love and understanding... After all, Jackson was [i]born[/i] a scheming child predator. He couldn't [i]help[/i] it... Who are we to judge him. Total BS. If you can't hate Jackson, there must be a part of you that identifies with or perhaps even shares his proclivities. Funny, when I first saw it I was 15 and she was an old lady. Now, I just watched it again in my early 50s and she actually looks pretty hot. He didn't rape her, though. Juan just rapidly removed the social barriers preventing them from getting together. I certainly am! What are your suggestions? Thanks for responding. View all replies >