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3rd poster in about 3 weeks. Why so many changes in such a short time? Probably has a MAPS agenda. Bad time to be a genre fan. Why would anyone want a holographic no-touch companion in 2049 when... Most cringeworthy moment so far? So what's up with those Harfoots... Why did they get some plain-looking middle-aged lady to be the Woman King? This film created the Wet T-Shirt Contest Heroic black protagonist, yet not at all a Woke movie. J.F. Sebastian & Friends. A new point of view. View all posts >


Dahmer was definitely gay. He was not turned on by violence. The killing was not what drove him. He had to deaden himself with alcohol to be able to kill. He wanted a male to stay with him and never leave him. He only killed his gay victims so they would not be able to leave him. Saying Jeffrey Dahmer was not gay is just as ridiculous as it would be to say Ted Bundy was not actually heterosexual. You only want to exclude Dahmer from homosexuality because he makes gays look bad. Unlike most serial killer movies, this is not the story of a human monster who killed a lot of unfortunate victims due to his strange compulsions. This one has been filmed as a story about how a White man killed a lot of blacks and Asians and got away with it because he was White. The Leftists who made the movie are using Dahmer as a personification of what they see as "White Privilege". Because the cops didn't arrest Dahmer when his activities were reported, they assume it was because he was white. They are holding Dahmer's story up like a banner to wave against supposed "White Privilege". And if you are capable of interacting with cops without mouthing off/running away/attacking them and getting shot, it's only because you too are white, they claim. You and Dahmer both profit from the mere fact of being white. You're all evil, privileged whites together with Dahmer. For shame. That's the hypothesis behind this treatment of the Dahmer story. That's how Leftists want to portray it. Sounds like you are a typical lying Liberal. The only mention of Dahmer's politics online are your fellow Liberals making wild uneducated guesses on Reddit. John Wayne Gacy was a well known Liberal and as a fellow gay serial killer with very similar tactics, it's more than likely Dahmer preferred the Democrats as well. Well, Steven was white and the focus of the series is how Dahmer victimized blacks, so they had to minimize the impact of Steven's murder by showing us he was just another evil white male and not to be overly sympathized with. So they had him call Dahmer a faggot. Tony came across as an artificial goody-two-shoes. In reality, there is no proof any of the Dahmer/Tony relationship stuff ever happened. All we know is that Tony told his family he was now working for a man named Jeff. It's a setup for the sequel: "Man Queen" starring RuPaul. Looked like a little steak to me. Episode 6 felt like a depressing episode of some gay melodrama show. Didn't mesh with the rest of the series at all. Ridiculous, considering Dahmer is probably the most famous LGBTQ person in all of American history. A very apt analogy. View all replies >