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Why would a wholesome generally positive kid like Peter Parker I like how Spider Man's class was incredibly racially diverse, but... The rock and roll soundtrack was inappropriate. Why would anyone use a shotgun in field combat operations in modern warfare? So how will they come up with a plot for TS5? Why does the mass-shooter in her new "God Control" song look just like Weird Al Yankovic? They should NOT have bothered to hire Mickey Rourke. New "Name of the Rose" TV Series is riding the GoT Gravy Train. Are the Nazis depicted as they are as a surrogate for 1980s America? So isn't the term "subverting your expectations" just a fancy way of saying View all posts >


They sold a suitcase full of dope to Phil Spector and had the gas tanks of their bikes filled with rubber hoses stuffed with money. A closeup of the hose being fed into Wyatt's stars & stripes gas tank is a visual metaphor for f--king America with money. The William Shatner cover blows the original away. [url][/url] up to the 70s or 80s it was commonplace. But in modern cinema women cannot have empowerment AND a sweet, loving feminine nature. All empowered women in movies must be arrogant and masculine. Buzz seemed mentally deficient in this one. She is empowered now. Modern female empowerment means you become an insensitive bitch. There is no room for sweetness and loving nature with modern empowered women. Those are tools of the patriarchy employed to keep women weak. To prevent contamination from Smollett's possibly AIDS or HIV tainted blood. If a gay man hired me to beat him, that's the first thing I would be worrying about. It's a real slog at times. Watch it for free here: [url][/url] I agree. He doesn't seem right. Maybe they chose him because the story takes place in Northern Italy and he is of Italian descent, but the character, William of Baskerville, is supposed to be British according to Eco's novel. Perhaps it's a case of overly enthusiastic Correctness casting? View all replies >