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Half of Trump's bodyguards were 48 year old 5 foot 5 roly-poly soccer moms who fumbled with their pistols Leaked photo of shooter. NSFW Bloody. You can see a woman in a MAGA hat and a blond boy in a suit drop when Trump is shot and they do not get up again. The Left's push to legitimize Zoophilia has begun. There hasn't been a Trans icon this powerful since Silence of the Lambs' Buffalo Bill. Prediction Summer of 2024 feels like Summer of 1968. Should have called it "The Boobfighter". In the Dirty Harry universe, did people often approach Harry Callahan and mistake him for Clint Eastwood? Colorized, high definition on Youtube. View all posts >


Going to happen before the convention. If he agrees to go quietly, they'll say COVID weakened him and he's retiring. If he still insists on being President and running, alas, COVID claims another tragic victim. This diagnosis is the beginning of the end for Joe, mark my words. His handlers are probably already planning the state funeral. Thanks! Your posts are very good too! I'll keep you posted on my wife's answer. ;D Um. The video said Jan. It's from the old TV show, The Brady Bunch. How odd. Given your name, I always thought of you as a male poster. Now I learn you are female and in love with me. I'm married too, though. I'll have to check with my wife before we get something going. LOL! Glad you liked the post! Who's Jen? Why do you think it's out of the question that a Leftist would register as Republican in order to skew votes in the primaries? Why are you so naive? You won't comment because you cannot explain it. The corpse is instantly identifiable as the man on the left and looks nothing like any photo of Crooks. And btw, why would a "republican" donate to Project Blue? He may have been registered as a republican, but he certainly didn't hold those views. Anyone can register for whatever party they choose, and often do so to attempt to influence intra-party elections. Look for yourself. BTW, the picture of Crooks is from a video of him TELLING US WE HAVE THE WRONG GUY. The 20 year old guy Matthew Crooks named by the FBI is apparently not the shooter. He posted a clip denying it and he is very much alive. The shooter was an Antifa named Maxwell Yearick. OK changed it. View all replies >