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It's coming true in Canada! Season 2 will be a huge bomb. In this movie, Max is basically The Gyro Captain to Furiosa's Mad Max. The REAL reason he got 30 years based on nothing but hearsay Jawan Wahik. So they left all the babies to die. It's basically a prequel to "The Hills Have Eyes" Atmospheric, somber music, profound lyrics... Her ripping up the Pope's picture on SNL was the beginning of a protracted process of self-destruction Obviously it was the vaccine OR View all posts >


Whatever achievements East Asia and Arabia may have made or advantages they may have had, these were very distant memories by the time of the industrial revolution. Those regions were backward and medieval and controlled by despots with the power of life and death over their subjects. Just look at the world in the late 19th century. The only countries making advances and developing technologies were white majority nations in Europe and the white-settled regions of North America and Australasia, (whose indigenous peoples never even invented the wheel). Asia and Africa were operating at medieval or stone-age levels of sophistication with Latin America slightly higher, but still far behind. White colonialism brought technology and scientific know-how to these backward societies. Japan showed the most initiative at first. Now, several Asian nations produce technology of sophistication and quality, but everything advanced that they have is based on what they learned from white societies. Not until 2024 I think. <blockquote>a presentable middle-class white man with suspicion, but they didn't</blockquote> Dahmer lived in a crap neighborhood and his job was mixing chocolate. He wasn't presentable middle class by any means. He was also gay, so the cops definitely looked at him with more contempt than any they may have had for black people, as in the comment a cop made about having to be deloused after returning the Asian kid to Dahmer's apartment. If anything the cops ignored what was going on because they didn't care to get involved in what was presented as arguments between gay boyfriends, not because Dahmer was part of some imaginary white get-out-of-jail-free club. You're so moronic that you completely or more likely willfully misunderstood the whole point of what I was saying. They could have treated the victims with sympathy WITHOUT pretending that Dahmer is somehow representative of how evil whites systematically mistreat the noble black people of America. Why can't they tell the story the way it happened without injecting trendy racial politics into it? So take all your obfuscating willfull distortions of what I was saying and sit on them, Ot-Tard. Too bad you're blinded by all the propaganda they fed you in school and on TV your whole life. Stupid, ingenuous response. Nobody is complaining that they made him look evil. That goes without saying. The problem is, they hijacked the story of an evil murderer to turn it into a diatribe against white people in general. It's like if someone made a movie about black murderer Samuel Little, and turned it into "All black people bear responsibility for these killings!" story. This Dahmer retelling was all about being Woke and ennobling his victims who were people of color. If the true version had been shown, the guy in cuffs would have come across as selfish and not at all heroic. That wouldn't have fit the ennoblement theme they were going with. That ennobling theme is also why they created the wise, heroic black woman who desperately tried to warn everyone about Dahmer but was shut down by the white patriarchy cops. In reality, her story was an amalgamation of a lot of different people who just made very small insignificant efforts. It was a 2022 production, so the Netflix execs probably would never have approved the show without a racial injustice angle. In reality, Dahmer's victims were of all races, chosen out of convenience wherever he was living at the time. Diversity was his strength. In the show, though, his killings become some sort of symbol of inherent white racism. Show us a pregnancy pic of Big Mike expecting either of them. Watch the movie "The Road" and that's basically where we would be. View all replies >