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PM Trudeau can wear Blackface REPEATEDLY, but Don just had to say one thing.... The poster looks like they are trying to make Travolta look like Schwarzenegger. Why does Sword & Sorcery always have to be played for laughs? How did Annie's dad not smell the marijuana in the car? Did they have drivers' ed. classes at the asylum? What if The Joker had gotten into Travis Bickle's cab? If Jack had 'always been the caretaker' then why...? My favorite post-apocalyptic movie. The Robin Arryn spinoff is a go! So from the poster, they filmed the Harriet Tubman story as a female "Django Unchained" View all posts >


Looks like JFK on the cover. Look about the same height to me. When you said massive, I was expecting some huge whale. She looks like she could be his mom, though. That's like showing pictures of the Dallas Cowboys at training camp and claiming it's proof they don't really play in professional games. They hoped so, but it's not gonna happen the way things turned out. You'll have to wait a decade or two for the reboot. Hmm. I had forgotten what I read about your posts elsewhere. Looks like they were right. Bye. 'People like me' how, exactly? She's attractive, but while reading the book, I pictured an older-looking woman, kind of a leftover hippie-type. Actually, while the novel Dr. Sleep was only a sequel to the original King book, the movie Dr. Sleep is supposed to be a sequel to both the novel and the Kubrick movie. The survival of and the look of the hotel is drawn directly from the movie. Only in the book and miniseries. In the Kubrick film version it did not burn. He and Stephen King made a perfect duo; same genre, same politics, East-Coast Liberal horror barons. They collaborated on Creepshow and The Dark Half. Romero kind of dropped off after the 1990s, while King remained relevant, but I can see how much they were alike. I was surprised they did not work together more often. Romero seemed like a natural to adapt many of King's books. View all replies >