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Ewwwwwwwww.....Just a Horrible Flm, an absolute creative failure!

I was so looking forward to this....

Movies like this are my all time favorite Genre, I love movies where theres a detective or person trying to catch a serial killer.

from the moment I heard about this film I was excited, and then you add The incredible cast, This was truly one of my most anticipated films....

But dear lord, This was a complete creative failure....I now understand why this script has been shelved since the earlier 90's....

The Ending of this film is IMO up there with The Ending Of M Night Shayamalan's "Glass" as literally one of the worst ending of all time....

I do admit, I enjoyed the first hour of this film...

but it completely falls apart the moment the interrogation of Jared Leto's characters ends.....In fact, I need to do some thinking but I honestly cant remember a film that falls off a cliff this badly

This film should have never been made.....IMO its clear the script sat around in development hell for 30 years because NO liked or had confidence in The last hour of this film.

This Film should NOT exist....Instead A completely different version of this film should exist, where the writer/director rewrote The last half of this film YEARS AGO and IMO Then This script would have easily been picked in the 90s or 2000s and made by a major studio

Instead, This script sat around for 30 years, where Dozens of Studios probably past on it because they knew The last of half the movie was un-filmable....and finally in a time when Streaming Platforms are desperate for original content, One of these streaming services pulls the trigger of this AWFUL script.....

Literally IMO one of the biggest creative failures of all time considering the talent involved.


I realize everyone is entitled to their own opinion, If you enjoyed the film....congrats!


i understand why most didnt like it
but it worked for me
i liked the unpredictable ending
and i am very picky with movies....


The more the movie rambled on and on the more and more I disliked it.

When it got to the point where Rami’s character was digging holes, I completely lost it. Nobody, but NOBODY would keep digging after it became obvious they were being made a fool of, but he KEEPS DIGGING, not just one more hole, but several.


We were all laughing at the ridiculousness of it.


We often agree, but this time not so much. I enjoyed the film a lot while watching, and even more so the day after while thinking about it.

It's something of a wolf in sheep's clothing in that it masquerades as a catch-the-killer film, when in reality it's more of a character study, and holds a mirror to the real world. Not all crimes are solved, and rarely are they solved in the grand fashion we usually see in crime films.

This movie was about how things aren't always what they seem, people don't always live up to their reputation, and that the obvious answer isn't always true. It was the slow descent of a young cop who makes the mistakes of following in the footsteps of a failed cop. He didn't listen to the advice of those who knew better, and it caught up to him.

If you went into this expecting a film about a detective trying to catch a serial killer, I understand why you were disappointed, because that's not what this film is.

For me, the film came together beautifully after the interrogation. Jared Leto did exactly what one would expect of him, but one only expects it once the film is over and you realize who and what he really was. Rami Malek's descent into madness mirrored that of Denzel's, but of course we didn't know that until the end. I loved the way it all dovetailed together at the end, and we realized that we never met the killer, the crimes went unsolved, after which it became obvious that we weren't there to meet a killer or solve a crime, we were there to witness the sad interplay of three flawed human beings.



This "Se7en" wannabe ended at 2; in fact, calling this movie 'mediocre' is a compliment.

What really irks me is that I feel that this movie had great potential but at the end it all went down the toilet.

On one hand, Denzel acting in full auto-pilot mode.

On the other hand, Rami: he was the miscast of the year. I loved his Freddie Mercury but his cop felt as authentic as the "Village People" policeman.

I think this one is going to score really high in my list of 2021 bad movies.