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what a shitty ending standard 5/10 ending? pretty damn funny terrible hilarious post apocalyptic... SPOILER pretty funny actually View all posts >


i agree, shes looked very hot in other films. why make her androgynous and ugly? just saw it-loved it. so many funny parts i didnt mind the cheesy action i didnt go to film school, so i am sure ive missed quite a bit. i was thinkin the cat was a metaphor for his child(ren), but overall i thought the film needed an actual ending its a good podcast. i used to lol all the time, but not so much for 2019 shows 7.5/10 from me spoiler question: was that a non-alchoholic beer? it was good it was funny. i liked it yep she did not sing well... yep danny is awesome ghostbusters with the women leads View all replies >