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what a shitty ending standard 5/10 ending? pretty damn funny terrible hilarious post apocalyptic... SPOILER pretty funny actually View all posts >


gotta do cardio to lose fat so the abs show. a quicker and temporary way to make em pop is get dehydrated (quit salt for awhile) yeah it feels like its not fair that eating is so much quicker than food preparation and sometimes u have to wait for it to cool off 21 jump street i loved the show s a teen, and though the movies are nothing like it, theyre still funny enough to love u know i may have missed the point of the thread medical police is just as funny as chidrens hospital, which its a spinoff of..... that was indeed a good collection at your link heres something similar (i hope links are allowed) https://www.boredpanda.com/types-of-movie-posters/?utm_source=duckduckgo&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=organic good enough to make my ipod. and thats very rare. i got a list of good tv shows. most of which are good comedy. some are pretty hard to find, buti found em all online since we seem to have similar taste in humor... medical police workaholics fargo baskets ozark master of none Last man on earth the detour eastbound and down Angie Tribeca Vice Principals childrens hospital Spartacus CORPORATE Wrecked Man Seeking Woman burning love future man parks and rec norsemen 30 minutes or less extract uhf when i saw that i didnt know about workaholics. saw the series after the film. i guess u have really seen everything. heres a comedy i lol'd a ton at: GAME OVER, MAN u know thats what i thought theres something about mary was gonna be, which made it funnier. if u tell someone its the funniest thing ever, they may expect too much low expectations are key View all replies >