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Why dud Maude choose Jeffery?

I mean, she went to the trouble of having him doctor-checked and all. What is it that said to Maude "barring any problems with a Doctor check, he is the right man to father my child, biologically"?

Could it be that she simply recognized the superior genes that must be involved for someone to evolve like this (or rather, perhaps, not evolve), to create a man that can so easily look at all the world's various and complex problems and say "Fŭck it"?


She tells him in the film.


He's quite physically attractive, for one thing.

For another, he's one of the few men in the world who would be pretty much guaranteed to wander off after he fathers the kid, and not demand a huge role in the kid's life or child support payments. If any other man in the LA basin fathered her kid he'd constantly be trying to use the kid to get money out of her, but not The Dude. He doesn't give a rat's ass about a million dollars in cash, he just wants his rug back.


I didn't totally get that, either.

She could have just gone to a fertility doctor and been impregnated that way. That would have met her requirements, mentioned in the movie.

Maybe she was attracted to Lebowski?