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Off to a Great Start in 2021 Best-looking actress to appear on Star Trek (TOS) Catchy Tune Looks like Gerry Anderson made a movie put of a couple of Space 1999 eps New voice actor for Dr. Hibbert In Seinfeld and Friends episodes in ‘95 Pretty Looks like he’s preparing to invade Ukraine again Known for... Messy love life View all posts >


Bill controls the flow of information and most people are sheep, and yet, Bill has been unable to persuade Americans to follow his advice on climate change, pandemic preparation and much else and is unloved. Doesn’t follow. >”If you control the flow of information and news, you can control the mindsets of the sheep.” Despite the supposed ability to control the flow of information, Bill has been unable to persuade the public to behave or believe as he would wish. How is that? She’s attractive. Seems to have found a home on Lifetime and Hallmark. Yikes. I’d assumed it was his wife that had asked for the divorce but apparently it was John. Hope he was “of sound mind” when he made this decision and not an indicator that he is spiraling. Money. Certain episodes were repackaged for markets where the series wasn’t shown. This version was actually shown in movie theaters. MST3K actually parodied this film. That’s probably the better version of this to watch. “Valmont” would make my top three list. Her character was alluring, twisted and tragic and Annette leveraged her beauty and gave a strong performance. Victoria was cute, warm and kind but I think Robin - who was an exceptional beauty, friendly, witty and fun - would have been his best option. Blew my mind as a kid. Needless to say, I was jealous of Johnny. Or she’s an ideal person to hawk the love-themed jewelry because she’s found love so many times. 😂 But it would also be appropriate for her to sell products associated with being unlucky in love (e.g., a pre-nup or celebratory divorce cruise). Four times is a lot. Either she has bad taste in men, she’s too quick to marry, she’s too quick to divorce, she’s hard to live with and/or she’s been very unlucky. View all replies >