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Met him a few weeks ago and very impressed. Now they blame a carpeted floor. No second season. Harold the dog has passed away. Rocky already nipped this one in the bud. I hope its not all in his head. View all posts >


Then why was Apollo concerned about not letting Clubber go into the later rounds? He said Rocky needed to beat him early, and Tyson did knock people out in rounds past 3, the thing is a lot of people couldn't get there. Fascinating. Never any evidence he went to the island, he used the plane once and banned Epstein from his resort at some point. Right now the dems are down to an alleged hush money payment that happened 8 years ago and was legal anyway, if they had something real like a connection with Epstein they would have used it a long time ago. They could have selectively leaked his name out without giving up all the dems and foreign leaders who were connected to Epstein. True, they are cuckolds. crazy talk The staff were told to throw the two pieces of shit out of the window. Oops, it was an honest mistake. Not true he got like 50 million votes. True, had there been real monsters and the stupid modern day twist didn't happen it would have been a fun horror film. A good twist would have been to not explain the monsters at all. Hitler's grandma was jewish so he was also jewish and that means a jewish man could be hitler and was. Jolie is crazy, just look at her. That does not mean she cannot do charity and good deeds but if you are a male and she has perceived a slight against her, I don't think it would be safe to fall asleep next to her, best case scenario you wake up with poop on the pillow worst case scenario she finds the scissors. He did defeat the Nazis in that tank movie but I don't know if that technically counts. You might be right I'm not sure if he worked with Weinstein directly on films after that. I doubt he did anything abusive to Jolie, she is top level crazy bitch and the funny thing is guys like Depp and Pitt can't spot crazy bitch. It's like Babe Ruth not being able to hit a floater. I don't know why you are attacking Brad Pitt when he allegedly punched out the guy you are claiming is hitler incarnate. View all replies >