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Rocky already nipped this one in the bud. I hope its not all in his head. View all posts >


At least it wasn't the Gwyneth Paltrow's ass candle that exploded. That would have been a mess. I prefer watching it alone at home, I don't think it is the type of film that needs the big display treatment. There are videos of them being removed and videos of them being kept extreme distances away so they could not possibly see what was on the ballots. Nobody admitted anything in court, the courts just dismissed the cases. Repeating the lies don't make them into truth. No a bunch of people in 6 counties counting votes in the middle of the night while the other side has been removed from observing what they are doing is what decides elections. Did you really pay for it, if so I agree but the rioters I've seen in all those peaceful protests didn't look like they had a job. But we will all be funding a bullish*t war in the Middle East in a month from now so bye bye to all of our lunch money. No my side wants a fair shake, your side wants a free lunch. You idiots spent the last six months burning down cities. According to you a mob released on corrupt scum = bad, a mob released on people trying to run a business or get food for their families = good. At least be consistent and say all are bad or all are good. Well, because you can get 100% of scientists to agree with the statement that the climate is changing, because it always has and always will. But it is harder to get that percentage when you say the climate is getting warmer. Just another situation where the fbi plans a scheme, funds and recruits morons and then tries to save the day, but it goes awry and they are there to tidy things up. If you are so afraid get a vaccine and wear a hazmat suit. View all replies >