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Jud's plan New poster, yeeesh Got "walloped" by Covid. Met him a few weeks ago and very impressed. Now they blame a carpeted floor. No second season. Harold the dog has passed away. Rocky already nipped this one in the bud. I hope its not all in his head. View all posts >


I thought it was David Lynch on a bunch of uppers. Wayne was right to spy on her. So if he didnt break up the marriage she probably would have had sex with Bobby only a few days after punching Wayne in the face for suggesting that was what was going on. She is still hot enough. But if I was Sandler I'd push to have her recast with Scarlett Johansson and make it a beach movie. Why would the audience want to see Happy become a sex addict and get a bunch of DUI's? I think he is flooding the country for the crime they bring and also to keep the housing market from collapsing before the election. They didnt need the illegals in 2020 they just printed ballots and shut down voting in the middle of the night, there were no consequences so they will do it again. You beat off to a picture of an old billy goat? Gross. You dont seem interested in movies, weird you found a movie forum to talk about Trump on. I think Paul has had a good deal of boxing experience hasnt he? It's not like he is just some guy with no experience. Tyson is 58, that is a gigantic disadvantage so it is hard to say if he knocks him out. Tyson was fast and relentless not just with power but setting up shots and finding openings, everything is slowed down at 58 so even if he has the power the question will be if he can land a clean shot. Paul has gained a bunch of weight which will help him take shots but he's going to get gassed just as easy as Tyson because of it. Logic says Tyson loses but goes all the rounds, but I still think he knocks Paul out if it isn't play fighting like the Roy Jones fight. For somebody who doesn't think Trump has a chance of winning you sure do spend the entire day starting new topics about him. I dont think RFK can win, so I dont spend much time talking about him. You are obsessed to the point I suspect you masturbate to the guy. I think you would have to go back and get his mother before she had him because once his consciousness was created all bets are off. You came back with an updated username just for this 3 year old post? View all replies >