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Heh. Shortly after posting the above, I ran into this (I should have googled first): It would be a complete and utter waste of time for him to validate any side of your insane hate tirade. Once you realize this, you'll know how much energy you're squandering and perhaps will get on with your life. "Discuss" As soon as you move out of your grandma's basement. I found aNOTHER glaring error: Robin Hood is a FICTIONAL character -- how dare he appear on the supreme map of all time?! And don't EVEN get me started on the giant -- LAZY writing. Winston is real though. But the back is the least of his worries. Signed, Speck PS: the supreme asking for a signature? Wot an insult to the theater viewer's intelligence -- they never did explain what rights Kevin had signed away! Has anybody seen Kevin lately? Hey Jimmy, When you get your drivers license and don't need your retinoids anymore, you might find that adults have to endure hardships much larger than a film they don't like. You'll get over it. I mean, if you grew up into your 20s or 30s and still felt this way, that would be a sad thing indeed. Meanwhile, Rain aside, you never did mention how you liked this film (Knives Out). Ever seen The Brother's Bloom? It's really a great film. Ciao! Cheers! Chris "In the end, I think it was just another red herring and a comedic element." Yes. No, I will not discuss a comparison to a crappy film that is <b>nothing like</b> Knives Out. You mean the central character? I was replying to Foebane72's words who said "It's only if you find humour in everything that dwarfs and/or midgets do". The results are in though. I went to another movie board with people I trust a lot more and the consensus is that the humor in that scene was almost certainly <b>as the filmmakers intended</b>. It's okay if others did not find it to be funny, but to denigrate someone who did (apply bigoted characteristics that were not actually evident) is out of line. Chris Furthermore, I wonder if you get other kinds of dark humor. View all replies >