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Whether movies are better today or worse is debateable ..every generation likes d ifferent things. But three things have changed them. Corporate control and consolidation. Silicon Valley taking over effects and cinematography from old school shops. A lowest common denominator international market. Question marks keep it accurate! You could look it up! Her TV husband, Larry David, has gone on record with his support. He says "I support Cheryl Hines." That dark ending would have lined up with Chinatown and other 70s downers..but Hitchcock was old fashioned and often stated that his audience needed relief after suspense..a happy ending. Though neither Frenzy nor Psycho have truly happy endings. The killer is caught, thats all. Innocent people have died horribly and loved ones will feel the pain forever. By the way, screenwriter Anthony Shaffer wrote both Frenzy in 1972 and The Wicker Man in 1973, Frenzy from a novel. How the hell did she fire the that thing? Bond Girl Number One...Ursula Andress...had a brief star career in the sixties. Ah yes...Glynis Johns. I think she counts a little. Movies in the 50s, TV series in the 60s, funny part in the movie The Ref in the 90s. And Mary Poppins. But Soul is more recent and famous to be sure. Well, the first 2 of 2024... The first of 2024? RIP. I just watched South Pacific the other night and headed over to IMdb and read that...I thought. I may have misremembered. Im not where I can reference that now. They had other trivia in there where someone complained about the filters years later and Logan said something like "well, I made 3 million off that movie so I cant complain now." Newman is basically an "undercover cop" but as a fake defector to the Communists. From the farm scene on, Newman is in danger of getting his cover blown. He must get the formula out of the German scientists head, and escape home from the Iron Curtain with Andrews. The chase is on! Hitcockian suspense simplicity. Good stuff. View all replies >