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Harry and Meg to reimburse taxpayers for their security costs... "Dark Side of the Moon" Does this mean the Tarantino Trek Project is dead? Is the show going into syndication? There's nobody more easily manipulated than someone who doesn't know what they want... Her Majesty the Queen should take away the Royal Dukedom. Time for a remake!!! What's the worst stage name ever? Due for a remake! Or ripoff! Well, the timing could have been worse. View all posts >


I wouldn't worry about it. But I would say "Gosh, thanks! And you wouldn't BELIEVE what I paid for it!". Yes. Obviously. This is the story of a sociopath going through a difficult process of self-discovery, and finally settling on a career path that suits his talents. Well, I'm glad someone likes "Django" that much, because I thought it was pretty weak overall. For me, it's one of the movies that led to be giving up on Tarantino, he is capable of moments of brilliance, but his films always fall apart in the last act, if not earlier. I don't think any wizard ever goes without the necessities of life, but of course in any society where money is used as a means of exchange, some wizards have fewer galleons than others. So the Weasleys aren't lacking for any of the necessities of life, they are just a bit short of consumer goods. I think Rowling did a good job of showing what "poverty" might be like for a wizard family: Instead of worrying that they're going to end up out on the street like poor muggles do, they're sitting around big hearty dinners in a big but unfashionable house, wearing hand-knitted sweaters instead of the latest fashions, being doted over by a mum who doesn't feel the need to get a paying job, and grumbling because bringing second-hand robes and textbooks to Hogwarts makes them uncool. His mother was not known for her intellect, either. She was at the hatters, picking out yet more hats for her schedule of royal engagements. "You have a very large head, your hightness", said the shopgirl. "Don't worry," replied the princess "... there's nothing in it." He's a very good actor, but yeah, he has a reputation for being a monumental pain in the ass to work with. Not just a diva, but the kind of guy who thinks he knows more than anyone else, and who will give notes to other actors and try to take control of a project away from the director. He also comes from a seriously wealthy family, so he doesn't need the money from acting. Oh yeah, she was sane, she was just a neglected kid acting out. I was like that at that age, so were most of my friends, and one of the reasons we became friends was that we had a hell of a lot in common. But we were the basically decent, bright, nerdy, neglected kids. Other neglected kids got into drugs and petty crime, while we got into Star Trek, and I'll leave it for you to decide which was worse. But none of us were crazy, we were just floundering for lack of direction. Prison visiting rooms aren't exactly a place for love to flourish and deepen, you know. They should have fit the Healing powers in earlier, when she's at the rebel encampment. Show or mention that Leia is teaching her how to use the Force to heal, and maybe have her say that her Healing powers are failing, while she can still hack things to bits with a light saber like a champ. That would have given the audience a clue that her Light powers were fading and the Dark powers were getting stronger. And if they'd made the point that healing was strictly a light-sided power, Darth Emo's final scene would have been a lot more powerful. They really needed to spend more time on the script, but they had a special effects schedule to meet if they wanted to get the film out for the Christmas big-bucks season. Because the Chinese think the swim bladder of the Totoaba fish is medicinal, or at least ostentatious, they're willing to pay insane amounts of money to get swim totoaba bladders from the Gulf of California to the Chinese black market. Overfishing of the totoaba is not only reducing their numbers to endangered status, it's killing off the last few Vaquita, the world's smallest whale species. There are maybe 15 vaquita whales left in the wild, and efforts to take them into captivity have failed, and have been abandoned. The species is probably doomed, due to human greed and a willingness to throw away money on stupid fads. https://qz.com/468358/how-chinas-fish-bladder-investment-craze-is-wiping-out-species-on-the-other-side-of-the-planet/ View all replies >