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This is why I hated the 80s, during the 80s. Poe is gay, just so you know. Why see the movie when you've seen the trailer? I got dragged out half way through. So who was the heroine? The Doctor Who episodes "Time of the Angels" and "Flesh and Stone". The monochromatic costumes Amazing in "The Favourite"! This I want to see This is why I don't like horror movies. View all posts >


Yeah, James E. Jones as the voice of Darth Vader wins. Darth Vader is such a marvelous character that it takes seven or eight actors to play him! And if I may nominate a best supporting vocal actor, I adored Morgan Freeman's wizard character in "The Lego Movie". His voice was every so slightly cracked and slurred, giving the character seem loopy and odd. I really I wish I could trust Abrams to do something other than fan-service plot twists that aren't nearly as clever as he thinks they are, but let's get real. He's J.J. Abrams. Belly buttons weren't scandalous in 1965, but they were still new and exciting. Abdomen-baring bikinis had only been around for a couple of years, and IMHO they were the only reason anyone ever watched those stupid "beach party" movies with Frankie and Annette. And you couldn't show ladies' belly buttons on TV in the mid-sixties, did you know there was a rule against it? I learned that from my obsessive youthful study of "Star Trek (TOS)"! When they had a belly-dancer character appear on one episode she had to have a jewel in her navel, because showing the actual belly button was against TV rules. Amazing the idiotic stuff that sticks in a person's brain. You beat me to it, dude. It's always hard to judge a filmmaker's intent without any background info, but I do suspect that the intent was neither comedy nor camp. I suspect the intent was mainly to express annoyance with the youth of the day, and to show hot babes in minimal clothing. The opening of the James Bond film "Spectre" is one long spectacular tracking shot, that goes through a Day Of The Dead street party and into and around various buildings, and is really quite amazing. Okay, after about ten minutes there's a cut or two, but it's very subtle and hardly interferes with the amazing flow of camera work. Then skip the rest of the film. It's a letdown, after that amazing opening shot. It's so awful there's a certain amount of entertainment value in it, but not enough. "Volcano" is so bad it's good, but "The Core" is so bad it's just unbelievably bad. No. That boy looks like a young Karl Urban, but Han Solo does not! How about "unintentional comedy"? They enjoy complaining! It's their hobby, their preferred form of communication. Complaining makes them feel alive and energized, gives them something to live for. Or at least that's what I infer from their behavior. View all replies >