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Why does the picture show four men with modern hairstyles? Gymnasts explain what's going on with Biles If you're aged 18-40, you need to get the COVID-19 vaccination ASAP. Rumor has it that... New game! Is "The Great Resignation" for real? Get your ass vaccinated NOW. A "goldeneye" is a kind of small duck. Nearly all US COVID deaths are now unvaccinated people And the moral of the story is... View all posts >


That usually means good plastic surgery. She can afford VERY good plastic surgery! Odds are the recast is because the first kid asked for too much money, but maybe she has better things to do with her life than acting. Like he wouldn't have taken any job on the Marvel money train he was offered. No, that's Durian, a fruit I have tried and which I didn't like. This sucker is a jackfruit. https://static.freshtohome.com/media/catalog/product/cache/1/image/18ae109e34f485bd0b0c075abec96b2e/j/a/jackfruit-whole.jpg So... even you aren't sure about the one in the back, then! No, I failed to type a different word, sorry about that. Kisses! Years and years of rumors, from sources that also provided years and years of rumors about guys like Ricky Martin and Matt Bomer... before they came out of the closet. Yes, men dressed like that in the 1970s... if they had no taste. Costume is supposed to reveal character, and what the Mayor's tacky outfits show is a man with money to spend, no taste, and a desire to attract attention by any means at his disposable. His outfits are tacky and showy, not the sort of thing a cool guy would wear, more what a successful car salesman would think was sharp. I never said you implied that! I implied the hell out of it, I didn't mean to drag you into it. I do like do think that Lee himself was part of the inspiration for Bond, he was Fkeming's cousin after all. And he played a Bond villain, it would all be so ironic if it were true! But I've heard it said that Lee exaggerated his experiences with the Office if Ungentlemanly Warfare a bit. View all replies >