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Spring is here, spring is here! Life is skittles, life is beer! "Atmospheric". Anyone been to Santiago or Valparaiso, Chile? How does the bribe system result in a degree? What do you think became of Cher? And he's finally out of the closet! Better than "Deadpool"! Has Disney made their $4 Billion back yet? He gives me the creeps. This show really does need to be remade. View all posts >


Elves are never jn a hurry. They could easily spend several years getting to the port and then hanging around doing nothing, before actually debarkng in The Last Ship. No, if give this movie a very high rating, it's completely fun all the way through, and touching in places as well. It the best Marvel CBM, and IMHO that is saying a lot. All the Marvel films are fun, but some are really good! But a good Cinematographer can make her look beautiful. That's very useful for an actor, being able to look plain or gorgeous, as the part requires. It gets them up for more roles. They were advertised as fail-safe! Big difference from actually being safe. Oh, people can definitely get infatuated in two days! Of course, if you do, it usually wears off in a week or so No, theyd been embarrassed out if college. Do try to keep up. Sure! Not in love with it or anything, but I like everything I've tried. Except for the durian pastries. Those tasted like part dessert, part ripe soft cheese, part ripe soft corpse. FYI as long as there are uninsured who needs healthcare, you're paying for their care anyway. If doctors or hospitals treat the uninsured, they have no choice but to raise costs for the insured... you and me. As long as there is anyone in this country who still cant get medicaid of medical insurance, any healthcare they receive comes out of the public purse anyway! It makes much more sense to set up a reasonable system of universal healthcare, where costs can be controlled, than to just pass the costs of treating the uninsured randomly, as still happens. It all comes put of your pocket one way or another, it might as well be done right. What is it with the "sick teen" movies? Why are they popular? Why do healthy young people want to watch movies about other kids getting sick and dying? Someone please explain. Oh, you support Obamacare and universal health care then? Yay! Because that IS how you keep US citizens from doing without healthcare, and IMHO giving healthcare and education to all citizens should be the #1 priority of the US government, or at least in the top five priorities, and I'm incredibly saddened that there are so many political attacks on such a basic human right. I am okay with extending healthcare and education to all residents, but I understand why other people disagree. But personally, I think it's worth the cost, to prevent having to deal with people who can't get healthcare spreading tuberculosis or something, and people who can't get education growing up to be public menaces. View all replies >