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I assume it was for sheer visual drama. I assume that they're traveling VERY fast, but it's hard to visualize their speed as there's nothing close enough to the ships to provide a visual reference. I don't know if Kubrick wanted the ships to look slow because he wanted the viewer to feel that the astronaut characters were trapped in a claustrophobic environment, or if he just couldn't figure out a good way to show the real speed of the ships. Probably the former. Maybe he liked the shoes so much he bought a second pair? Maybe the second pair were a gift for someone else, someone who wanted to look a bit like Elton John? I'm willing to forgive that one, as I've been known to buy two pairs of really good shoes or pants. Yeah, I'm willing to forgive the change in set list, because that scene absolutely positively called for a get-up-and-dance song. And Elton didn't write that many get-up-and-dance songs, I can't think of one that would have worked better, or another that was bursting with the kind of innocent enthusiasm the scene called for. I mean the scene is about Elton losing his musical virginity, so to speak, a more adult song like "Honky Cat" just wouldn't do. It's a great line all right! Because it encapsulates the process of developing a star persona, and tells that a loss of identity comes with doing so. A lot of celebrities do the same thing, they pick a new name and develop a star persona, someone who's radically different from their original self, and quite a lot of them develop identity crises over time, or get frustrated because nobody knows their "real" self. And yes, since this movie is about Elton developing serious psychological issues over time, that one line both shows Elton his path and foreshadows his near-doom. I do agree that some Marvel films are better than others, and that few are really top-flight movies. However, I dont think tailorring the movies to the taste of comic-book fans is the way to make them better. These movies aren't made for comic book lovers, they're made for the mainstream. The mainstream really likes Marvel's signature mix of action, fun, laughs, and hotties in tight costumes! Who the hell is Taika Waititi playng? I still hear plenty about her, but then I seek out the sort of people who talk about old movies. I'm stuck at the vet, feeling cranky and having nothing better to do than argue with strangers. View all replies >