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Does anyone really LOVE this show? Ahsoka 2? Man explains why "Nice Guys" REALLY don't get laid. Some entertaining movie/TV Fan Theories! Already campaigining for Best Original Screenplay! This Year's Burning Man is... what's the soggy opposite of a dumpster fire? Presented without comment... "Barbiecore" is a word now. I saw the movie again, for the first time in decades. Lahaina, Maui, may have been destroyed by a wildfire. View all posts >


Funny how when men write women who want freedom and independence, they write about the woman expressing their independence by fucking around. When women write stories about women wanting freedom and independence, they write about women sailing solo around the world or buying an old house in Tuscany or something. I think they play "Social Media Billionaire" now. I predict that regardless of outcome, San Francisco will PARTY. Does putting my ass on top of a car seat coult? Every time I hear an athlete thank God for their victory, I assume all the losers are simultaneously cursing God for their loss and swearing allegiance to Satan. Look, most people are likely to encounter more than one person they hate during their lifetime. If a person kills their own mother for saying unkind things and for interfering in their private life, who's to say that if they're released, they won't go on to kill a spouse or a boss or an in-law, or someone else who hit the same damn buttons? Like I said, humanity got lucky with those two. Or it probably did, if either of them ever killed again, they got away with it. And Hulme at least grew up to write murder mysteries (under the name Anne Perry), so she spent decades studying murder techniques... I absolutely love that movie! I love its weirdness, it's brilliant color and touches of surrealism, and its sentimentality and goofy comedy, and the whole-hearted embrace of kitsch. But it's one of those movies where I understand why other people don't love it. In fact, it's the sort of movie where I tell some people not to watch it, they won't get it... Of course I'm worried! My country has shown that it refuses to protect its citizens from pandemics, and that includes both the government and much of the general populace. Just dear old mom... Can't win 'em all, dude. View all replies >