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I think it was in one of Austen's letters. Yeah, in the book Mary seems pathetic enough that Austen later wrote that she'd found a husband - a clerk. So the girl seems to have married down, but at least she got away from her mother's constant complaints about her nerves. (Still, I totally ship Mary and Mr. Collins! What a missed opportunity for farce that was...) As to appealing to broad audiences... it's possible to appeal to broad audiences and still be historically accurate. Like I said it simply wasn't done among the upper classes (or upper-adjacent) to cry in public, or to physically run away from socially awkward situations. It's possible for good actors to express a world of feeling while still keeping their cool, but, but we're talking Kiera Knightley here. If the Brady kids were never seen out with their friends, it's probably because the show's writers wanted to keep the emphasis on the interrelationships within the family. So we never saw any of the Brady kids have a long-term best friend, or group of friends... or a boyfriend or girlfriend for that matter. The last is really pretty damn unrealistic, Marcia and Greg were attractive and more than old enough to be serious with someone, but nooo! That wouldn't have been innocent and family-oriented. I suspect Dwayne Johnson of studying Willis's career closely, because there's another guy with a monumentally limited range... who's made millions and become world-famous by making the absolute most of a limited talent. If you're an actor with that kind of limitations, the secret of long-term success is to never, EVER, try to stretch your talent with serious dramatic roles. McDonald's may be cheap, but feeding six kids there would still add up. Why fork out, when you're already paying a maid to do the cooking anyway? That happens a lot during Awards Season, voting bodies hold back a lot of big awards until the show or franchise is finished. Like when the last "Lord of the Rings" movie won all the Oscars, even though it was the worst in the series. So theyre doing the sama thing with GoT, giving awards for the whole thing, once the final season is complete. Of course there would be a lot more nominations and wins, if the final season hadn't sucked. Oh, the feeling of muggy steamy tropical heat smelling of sea water and jungle rot was definitely meant to be oppressive! Just like the atmosphere in "Vertigo" was literally meant to be chilling. I wonder why more filmmakers don't put more effort into including that kind of "atmosphere" into their films. "Jeez... that list would take forever to write" That's why I said not to get me started! No, this is one of the few instances where I can understand why an Academy member might not vote for a truly brilliant bit of acting, even if I don't approve or agree. And I certainly wouldn't approve of an AMPAS member who declined to vote for Sutherland on the grounds of being creeped out, and who didn't then vote him a make-up award later. Sutherland never won a competitive Oscar, in spite of decades of brilliant work. So, will Hemsworth be in both "Guardians of the Galaxy 3" and "Thor 4"? Great! I love him in the role! Yes. I would say that "Thor: Ragnarok" is the only Thor movie with any claim to being called good. The others are guilty pleasures, this one is a hoot. View all replies >