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This is how I feel today... Wolfgang Van Halen asks the fans to stop being such assholes... I GOT MY SECOND DOSE OF THE COVID-19 VACCINE!!! Was Brando ever a "Great Actor"? Why yes, COVID-19 can cause erectile dysfunction in men. FUCK OFF, 2020!!!! His birthday is coming up... I HAVE BEEN VACCINATED!!!!! So how much of the issues with the Sixth Doctor... He's fifty-eight years old. View all posts >


I'm not surprised, she's just not a very good actress. Honestly, I think she'd be happier with her life if she left acting and did something in the real world. She's bright, she's got money, she could make a difference. What they ought to do is produce some TV streaming shows in the Wizarding universe, maybe remake the whole shebang as a miniseries lasting 7 or 8 years, with a new child cast. None of the original cast grew up to be the most charismatic adult actors, I can't say I'm aching to see more of them, I think a remake with more time and detail would be a better product. If that's a hit, start with the spin-off shows. Personally, I'd like to see a spin-off show set int he 1940s, with Dumbledore, McGonnagal, and Arabella Figg fighting Grindlewald and the Nazis. And yes, I know Mrs. Figg is a squib, but my idea for a fan fiction series that I never got around to writing is that she's a top-level spy, because even though she can't do real magic she can still talk to cats or see through their eyes. She uses common house cats to find out all sorts of secrets... I think that most American women are already quite aware of their men's fandom-related emotional needs. That doesn't mean they react the way they wish you would, as far as I can tell most of them wish to fucking God that the men would put their emotional energy into something more useful, like their careers or their children, and that maybe the husbands would show some awareness and sympathy towards their emotional needs. Sorry, understanding another person's motivations and feelings doesn't necessarily mean a kind response. He was highly rated during his life, not just after. Around the time "Brokeback Mountain" came out, moviegoers and critics began to realize he wasn't just some cute guy that did teen movies, this was a real actor with real talent. Maybe even one of the greats. Her outfit was just right - warm, unusal, slighly outrageous but not too much, and I really liked the huge dove-of-peace pin. She really got it all right, she even made a song that we've all heard ten billion times seem fresh and meaningful. Very few singers can pull that off. Being theaterical was appropriate to the occasion, and for a song that everyone's heard at least a billion times before. Please stop responding to my old posts when you want to want to say something about Kim Basinger. I will not post here again. The issue is that you've been complaining about this online conversation you had with a stranger for weeks now, which means you need to LET IT GO. I'm beginning to understand why she got short with you. Don't respond. I'm done with this. Oh for fuck's sake, LET IT GO! FYI people on Quora are no more obligated to answer your Since they aren't paid and are just doing it to share information and be nice, THEY get to decide which questions they are willing to answer, and in how much detail. NOT you. Your rights are NOT being violated, you have no right to resent anything you have described. Sigh. Trying to teach strangers on the internet basic human interaction and social skills is always futile, but I keep doing it. View all replies >