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So I've heard that D&D changed GRRM's original ending: "Game of Thrones: The Motion Picture". Is there a hope in hell of a Director's Cut? So is Dany Crazy? Or just an asshole? "This is the way the of world of Westeros ends. Not with a bang but a whimper." A question for Queen fans: "Petition begs Disney to stop ‘Game of Thrones’ showrunners from ruining ‘Star Wars’ too" If Cersei and Danerys had to fight for the throne with nothing but their fists... Can a fisherman really make a living at "sharkin'"? In praise of Gwendoline Christie View all posts >


Agreed. Obviously there's no requirement that 00 agents be male, and I'd love to see a female 00 agent introduced as a colleague (or better, a rival), but Bond himself is the very embodiment of a certain male fantasy. Being male - VERY male - is his reason for existence! That said, I don't insist that he be a white male. Many non-white families have lived in Britain for generations now, long enough for their money to be called "old" and for their children to acquire that public school polish. The ability to portray the right sort of cool and class is not limited to actors of one race. And Batman can be any color, too. I doubt I'd like the filthy rich bastards of any other country much more th jan I like those fictional people. IMHO the movie made it clear that Annie's teaching methods were considered dicey and not soocially acceptable at the time, which is why Sullivan took the kid away from th ed family. She isolated this kid from her family and spent half the day wrestling her or returning bitchslaps, and the only reason she wasnt dismissed like any other abusive governess is that her methods actually worked! Nowadays she'd have been arrested fir tgetting physical with a child, but nowadays there are valid teaching methods for such children. Which started with Annie Sullivan bitchslapping a little kid. FYI the movie was widely derided as a sticky mess when it was new and making bank. It was popular of course, but it definitely wasn't one of those films that everyone adored. When not on the job, i rock the Old Hippie look! Tie-dye, natural fabrics, and thrift store clothes for me. So in a way, the story is about the decline of the monarchy and the rise of civil service types. NOT the beginnings of democracy. I'm the one who says " Well fuck THIS" and scarpers. It's not cowardice. It's good sense. Well it's not like Bran's going to rule either, he's just going to sit there and stare into space while other people actually run things. Tyrion is the real ruler now. Hence my multiple disclaimers. Earth's first real anesthesiologist, and a pioneering epidemiologist. No, really! He has a prominent place in the history of meficine. View all replies >