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Is he a bit dim? What, he isn't dead? Harvey Fierstein? The "Psycho" theme is now Muzak! "House of Dragons" is coming to HBO! Was I the only child that couldn't stand "Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood"? I've never seen a TV ad for a movie trailer before. McAvoy has got to be a miscast. Hey, they just stole a scene from "Wolverine: Origins"! You realize this makes Godzilla female? View all posts >


I've met people who are not upbeat or cheerful the way some people naturally are, but upbeat and cheerful in a weird, forced, fake way. I once had one smile and look on the bright side, when she was telling me about a relative's serious illness. I think these people are convinced that people only like them when they're smiling and chipper, and that if they ever display any negative emotions, then everyone will shun them or throw stones or something. If all servants have dog daemons, do all criminals have rat or roach daemons? Or would the police just rounding everyone with bedbug demons be considered profiling? If she were too likeable, the relationship with Jessica Lange would make Michael look like a real dirtbag. So they tried to make hff er character seem likeable enough that you understand why Michael hangs around with her, yet unlikable enough that you dont hate him for chasing the tall hot blonde. I dont know that they quite succeded. In the books, someone mentioned a guy who had a dolphin as a daemon. Everyone was sorry for him, because he basically had to live his whole life on boats, he could never go more than a few feet from the water. It must also suck to have a daemon that's just plain uncool, like a dung beetle. Exactly the right response! Polite, but faintly condescending. No, they cast three actresses who work a lot cheaper! And FYI back in the day, some people thought the original TV show was a feminist fantasy, wish fulfillment for women (and others thought it was good-looking garbage). So if this movie strikes some people as being SJW-y, it's true to the story's roots. Oh honey, that girl was so desperate for a bit of love, and food and a bed to sleep in, that she'd probably have married the local 80-year-old undertaker just to get away from her horrible family. But instead of doing what miserable abused girls did in those days, which was to marry someone horrible or run away and end up working the streets, she married the hot rich guy and ended up with money AND a title AND love! And her family were sorry that they'd been mean! And that's the difference between fiction, and fairy tales. In fairy tales, the protagonist gets everything their heart might possibly desire. "If I go to see a movie about a BOOK, it should follow the book as best it can." That only applies to popular books, dear, like the "Harry Potter series and "Lord of the Rings" series. And since the "Logan's Run" books has been out of print for like fifty years, and you're the only person who remembers its existence, well. There's no money to be had in making a movie that pleases nobody but you, because you probably won't go anyway. Yes, there were hints that Starling was being genuinely swayed by Lechter in SotL; she knew she was being manipulated and responded to the manipulation against her better judgement, and knowing that it was manipulation throughout. The relationship between Starling and Lechter was a battle of wills and wits, in which falling for the other meant defeat. Starling sort of won the battle in the first film, which is why I hate to think of her losing in the second round. I've never been able to watch the second through to the end, dont they have Starling participating in a murder of his? Or two? Because if she did, that's corruption with a capital C. They do have to change things up a bit during movie remakes, both to appeal to the sensibilities of the current zeitgeist, and to keep people from just watching the old film instead of paying to see the new one. That's unusually true of this story, as the whole "generation gap" that inspired the pi original story has gone the way of the antebellum south. As for saying that the old generation fucked up the world - that won't work. The new politics coming out of today's colleges are even stupider than the old, something I didnt believe was possible. View all replies >