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Someone's a shitty artist, that's my first impression. Honey, the only people who aren't greedy and obsessed with money are the rich! They're able to take it for granted, and waste people's time by lecturing about how money doesn't buy happiness. We know that, we want more money anyway. I partly disagree, her face-shifting skills made for an AWESOME scene at the Frey's family party, and she couldn't have done what she did without learning how to use the faces of others. In Bravos. Okay, she could have learned stealth and sword skills elsewhere, but not that, and it's a skill that changed her character from someone we liked to someone we considered a badass on the same level as the other major characters. I just with they'd spent less time in Bravos, because those scenes either dragged or got ridiculous*, they could have got the whole thing over in one season. And maybe mentioned how the Faceless Men felt about her running off to use their secret power to her own ends, not theirs. * I still haven't forgiven anyone for the scenes where she got stabbed in the gut ten times and fell into a filthy canal full of sewage, and she was fine after someone put bandages on her tum! No, these shows are not made just for the fandom, they cost too much for that. The real intent is to get the millions or billions of mainstream viewers who saw PJ's Tolkien-based films. And "Game of Thrones" and Marvel films and Star Trek products, and every other mainstream franchise with both geek and mainstream followings. The real money is in the mainstream, ALWAYS. And you racist assholes don't represent the fandom anyway. The bulk of the fandom is made up of decent human beings, who've run you out of everywhere else. So... it sounds like there's going to be a young Batman, a middle-aged Batman, and an old Batman all coming out around the same time! Like I said, the world of a DC fan is a strange place! Liking comic-book movies where everyone is miserable is one of the saner things about the fandom... Which is really going to mean duelling DC movie franchises! The world of a DC fan is a very strange place. Since there was a bottle of vodka with her during her high-speed tour of the suburbs, I assume the alcohol in her system burned off during the fire! But seriously, there's no point in hating on a dead person, none at all. The only sane response is to ask how we can keep people with addictions or serious mental illnesses from doing this again, to themselves and others. What kind of treatment needs to be more available? Same reason young men are wearing things that look like Oreos in their ears, they think it's cool. Once there's a sequel, "Joker" wi no longer be a standalone, it'll be part of a new franchise. Or subfranchise. But there's no such thing as s standalone comic book movie these days! View all replies >