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The Classic Doctor Who Channel on Pluto Wait a minute... this came out AFTER "Star Wars"? Adjunct Professor of Engineering Asperger's syndrome? There is no cure. There is only prevention. I'm late to the streaming party! Help me catch up! New Zealand wins the pandemic! Is this the end of Blockbuster movies? Be prepared to socially distance, wear gloves correctly, and wash your hands frequently for the next year or two View all posts >


OMG, I thought I was the only one left! Have you seen a live Ring Cycle? Although BTW I have to admit that Wagner's most lasting and impactful cultural contribution was the "leitmotif", which is the basis of film scoring. Tough shit. If a film has an agenda that gets up my nose, I'm going to complain about it! Of course that doesn't mean I like it when other people do the same thing. Live long and prosper, Brian! The world needs it's hard rockin' scientists! Because he reminds me of Sheldon Cooper with a guitar? A heat wave TODAY! First of the year! Usually we get the first around late April, I should be grateful it's held off this long. After being a vegetarian his whole adult life? How embarrassing! I can't blame May and Taylor for wanting to just go out and do some crowd-pleasing at their time of life. It's got to be incredibly fun. I always liked the fact that the annoying kid and the survivalist nutcase and hippie flake woman and various other twerps weren't eaten by the graboids. In letting some annoying people become allies or friends or just survive, this movie broke a lot of monster movie traditions, and I liked that! I mean, how many million films have you seen where nobody survives at the end but the attractive protagonist and an attractive person of the opposite sex? That's kind of how I expected this film to go, but it got a bit more original instead. Instead of having the monster pick everyone off one by one and deliver satisfying and entertaining deaths, we saw the townspeople pulling together and surviving in a group, and protecting the kids who were annoying as fuck, but still innocent. Yeah, that's my theory. If there's something in the human brain that says "I am male" or "I am female", then that little neural cue is going to go wrong in a few people. But it's also obvious that a lot of transgender people aren't like that, they have other things going on inside. The thing is, there's no known biological basis for transgenderism. If you're a man with a dick and balls and XY chromosones and believe you're a woman or were meant to be a woman, you aren't a woman, you're a man with gender dysphoria. Now the best way to deal with gender dysphoria may indeed to go for the medical transition and live the life you want to live, and I see nothing wrong with that - unless you start denying scientific realities. Because believing you are something doesn't make you that thing - if I believe I'm a hummingbird I don't develop the ability to fly, if I believe I'm 19 and beautiful, it doesn't make other people want to nail me. So there's really a limit to how much a person can do to change their life to match their self-image. As for people like Lily... oy. What's going to become of someone who wants to be a pretty girl, and will never look like anything but an older man in a dress. Real life can't possibly match their expectations. Yeah, this is the world they're planning for. All the tasty nutritious natural foods reserved for the wealthy, the rest of us living on processed bugs. Mmmm, protein! View all replies >