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FYI being batshit crazy isn't enough to qualify a person for conservotorship. Being a danger to one's self or others may be grounds for involuntary hospitalization, but not for conervatorship. Conservatorship is meant only for people with permanent cognitive or mental disabilities, and Spears doesn't meet those criteria. Sorry, but the the fans were actually correct about the conservatorship, not that I think Spears is better off now. George's friend Freddie Mercury stayed with his band instead of going solo, and the band looked out for him when he was ill and they were all close friends when Mercury died. So who knows, maybe Michael would have been better off keeping the band together. Which is all useless speculation of course, but I like speculating. Actually, she's reached a point in her career where she has no place to go but down! I don't expect her to go anyplace fast, of course, she seems to manage everything much more sensibly than most artists. We all heard a lot about the snow on Mt. Baldy this year... so I assume the LA Basin got more rain and storms than usual this year. No. Hardly anyone can afford to have kids these days, and modern parenting techniques guarantee that you kid will grow up to be a mess. One who both hates you and blames you for their problems, but who can't afford to move out of your house. It doesn't matter whether the conservatorship was a good idea or not, what matters is whether she meets the strict legal definition of a person who can be put under conservatorship. She does not meet the criteria. Maybe she can be put under a 5150 hold at some point, but the law is very clear. She can't be conserved again, unless it's demonstrated that she will never be able to.make rational decisions. I thought that the zombies of Haiti weren't just folklore, but humans who's been drugged into brain-damage and who are held as slaves? Which is all kept very secret, but there was a best-selling book about it in the 1990s, called "The Serpent and the Rainbow". I have no idea of how much of it is factual, but according to both the folklore and the book, there's a species of fish around Haiti that is toxic enough to induce what seems to be death, and a plant called "zombie cucumber" which turns a person into a walking husk that can't think or make decisions. So people who've been chosen to be zombified are poisoned with the toxic fish, they're declared dead and buried, and then the Zombie Masters dig them up and wait for the toxin to wear off. When it does, the people are given zombie cucumber, their minds are zapped, and they're put in the fields to work as slaves. Or so the story goes. Thank you, dude. I would say... no. Or, not always, or not entirely. Some movie mummies are indeed animated corpses, but they usually have an intelligence and supernatural powers that aren't seen in proper zombies. Classic zombies stagger around eating anything that isn't fast enough to walk away from them, while mummies can raise armies, incarnate as good-looking humans, and use magic to kick up sandstorms! Likewise. It's the flavor of comfort, and that bright orange artificial Cheeziness has a sharper flavor than any homemade version made with real cheese. View all replies >