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The fandom's gotten worse since 2010. May had every right to... Streisand's best screen performance! What's wrong with Brian Wilson, anyway? True Patriots wash their hands and wear face coverings. Horrible human beings get together for a reason, you know. Future Star Wars films to have lower budgets? Close off Florida. Now. RIP, Grant Imahara. The best travel host ever! View all posts >


Well she can't possibly be proud of her performance in those films! I hope he will be, someday. No kidding! We need a new WPA, hire the legion of new unemployed to make PPE, set up field hospitals and move them where they're needed, mass-produce medicines and vaccines in the US and ship them, setting up an online school network that works, train in basic healthcare, and police their idiot neighbors who don't bother to cover their faces or washing their hands. I'm not kidding, we've let the virus get out of hand, and we're going to be facing a healthcare crisis as well as an economic one very soon, if Yup, that's just what I was going to say! Both good overall, but weak compared to the first two, and desperately in need of some good editing and a script doctor to make the stuff that was supposed to be funny be funny. How was this worker than the first film? Well they can't sue a pandemic, can they. "hen he tried to make a deal with her behind closed doors but she insisted on getting more in the divorce or she would blackmail him by the supposed evidence of him beating her which there was no evidence just her texting her friends who she knew would back her up...." You don't get it. If a person wants to work as an actor or in any field that requires public support, YOU MAKE THAT DEAL. You pay up, you buy them off, even if they're a pathological liar who is threatening to accuse you of raping babies on Satan's altar or other things that are not true. You pay whatever it takes to keep them quiet, [italic] because the money spent on silence is an investment in saving your career![italic] And then you stay quiet and they stay quiet, and you kick yourself for having been a damn fool in marrying that trash, and you apply yourself to your career and get paid more for your future efforts than you lost in the divorce. That's how it's supposed to work, that's what any Hollywood lawyer or publicist would advise. That, of if you simply can't afford an arrangement, you can probably afford a hit man. Because in an ugly divorce, an A-list actor's focus needs to be on saving their career, not on winning a public argument. Because you see, an actor can't actually win a public argument over their own behavior, what wins the mass audience back is time and silence. The public has short memories and there are a lot of celebrity divorces, they'll forget all about any particular actor's in time, if everyone involved just shut up about it. But no, Depp keeps dragging it all back into the public eye, and what makes the headlines are her statements about him. I understand most women would also be amazed, size without skill counts for nothing. Maybe he's got great drugs, and shares them. Eh, "Volcano" was made at the same time, and is more fun. A volcano in Los Angeles beats a volcano in the Cascades! "For repeat viewing, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid." This is true. I mean you can enjoy "The Sting" over repeat viewings, but they have to be widely spaced - like decades apart. Because it's an absolutely great movie on first viewing, but the fun is hugely bound up with a surprise ending, and that can only happen once. "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" is a movie you can enjoy many times, at many stages of your life. It's a damn good movie, which offers everything I like in a movie - action, genuinely hilarious moments, depth, drama, gorgeous actors and hot men. It's also one of the few films that carries off both incredibly funny scenes and incredibly dark scenes, which agrees with my personal world view. I laugh and make jokes, because life is so hard that you just have to laugh or give up. So I guess "BCatSD" is not only a better film, for me it's a much more personal one. View all replies >