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Former Deutsche Bank exec under investigation for billions in loans to Trump kills self

The Trump body count continues. He got Epsteined.

Most amusing is how this story is headlining the Drudge Report. I guess Jared failed on his mission to find out why Matt Drudge hates his father in law.


suicided by Trump lackies?


Not the first former bank official associated with trump loans with Russian links to purportedly kill himself either.

It's not like these guys were homeless and broke. For all practical purposes they were set for life.


Wow!! This is incredible. The body count continues.




Or was it made to look like suicide?


When it's Kremlin interests and Russian oligarchs trying to cover its tracks of funneling dirty money to the President of the United States (Deutche Bank has shady history acting as front for Russian money laundering) anything is possible.


Interesting that T-rump hasn't tweeted about this or offer his condolences. (Kidding, of course).


Several weeks and/or MONTHS ago MAXINE also claimed that she had RECORDS that this BANK SENT them which supposedly contained INFORMATION she'd requested regarding the business that they'd conducted with the SCAM MAN.

So WHY hasn't anyone said anything else about the records that they received from the BANK???

Has anyone else heard anything else about the records that MAXINE claimed CONGRESS received from this BANK???

FOUND THIS which probably also explains why we haven't heard anything else about them:


Trump, his three eldest children, the Trump Organization and the family trust have jointly filed a lawsuit to try and stop Deutsche Bank and Capital One from turning over records of its financial dealings with the Trump Organization to the House Judiciary and Intelligence Committees, according to Bloomberg.

Leaks published earlier this year revealed how Deutsche Bank turned down a Trump Organization loan request made during the 2016 campaign. The company had been looking for money to finance renovations at its Turnberry golf club in Scotland. Documents showed the bank had been skittish about being associated with Trump due to his controversial rhetoric, and that senior executives at the bank weren't aware of the extent of DB's multi-decade lending relationship with the Trumps. Even after defaulting on a loan and suing the bank during the financial crisis, DB's wealth management unit continued to do business with Trump.
DB has already started handing over documents to the New York State AG, who is carrying out a separate investigation.

Deutsche Bank has been responsible for the bulk of the business lending to the Trump Org since the 1990s, Congress is seeking records from a total of nine financial institutions that have had financial dealings with the Trump Org.

Deutsche Bank, which lent Trump some $340 million, has been a primary target of the House Financial Services Committee, led by Representative Maxine Waters.

given Deutsche Bank's reputation as the "biggest money laundering bank in the world", as Maxine Waters once branded the bank, it has been the House's highest-priority target.

DB has decided to wait on complying with the House's "friendly subpeona" until a judge rules on the Trump lawsuit.


So maybe he CAN'T TWEET about it if there's also a GAG ORDER connected to the LAW SUIT he's filed saying NO ONE can TALK ABOUT it???

In other words, perhaps he's also legally GAGGED HIMSELF???


And the web gets more tangled....


Interesting Thanksgiving for Ronald Dump.

While most people are meeting with family and eating dinner, Donald is stuffing his fat gullet with warmed over Big Macs (since McDonald's is closed on Thanksgiving) while waiting for a call from a guy that says: "It's done."

Remember how quickly all the Trump cultists were so quick to instantaneously blame the Clintons when Epstein ""committed suicide"" but were so quick to instantly absolve Trump despite Trump also having a history with him? And, right on cue, they will all be defending him in this story and instantly absolving him of any blame.

Deep down, of course, I doubt most of the Trumpers actually care if Trump takes people out mob style or not. In fact--I'm sure they welcome it. I'll never forget how some Trumper online a couple years ago said: "They should send drones to the houses of all these anti-Trump people and bomb them".