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The MAJOR SHIFT in POWER from MALE to FEMALE in Star Trek PICARD The BLADE RUNNER/ BSG connection to PICARD GAO report finds Trump administration violated law by withholding Ukraine aid. Parnas will be INTERVIEWED AGAIN TONIGHT on THE RACHEL MADDOW (at 8 PM CENTRAL/9PM EASTERN) Text messages with RUDY released to CONGRESS by the guy who got LOCKED UP "A "trove" of text messages turned over by Lev Parnas . BJORN'S DECISION to BANISH the BANDITS Weekends with ALEX WITT who INTERVIEWS the EDITOR in CHIEF of CT (not ET) NANCY REFUSING to hand over the SCAM MAN's ARTICLES of IMPEACHMENT to MOSCOW MITCH There is NO RESTRICTION on how many times one can be IMPEACHED Proof that the SCAM MAN inhabits an ALTERNATIVE REALITY View all posts >


Not only have they had LIMITED CONTACT with the CIVILIAN WORLD, but they've also had LIMITED CONTACT with MOST of the rest of those who live OUTSIDE of the FEDERATION. To see this is the case, all one needs to do is check out a MAP which shows you where the ROMULAN and the KLINGON and other TERRITORY is located. So [b]members of STAR FLEET also inhabit pretty much what amounts to their being inside of a PROTECTIVE CACOON like setting where they really have no idea what else goes on around them (which is also made EVIDENT in the COMIC BOOK PREQUEL story where PICARD goes to rescue 10,000 ROMULANS and DISCOVERS how they've also got 5 MILLION SLAVES who grow their VINEYARDS for them).[/b] The IDEA that one could PUSH a BUTTON or tell a MACHINE to BUILD a SHIP is probably also just as UTOPIAN an IDEA as thinking one could ever create a PERFECT SOCIETY. Because one also still needs someone to CHECK to see that there haven't been any MAJOR SCREW UPS during the BUILDING PROCESS. Otherwise a CREW could also get out into SPACE before they discovered something wasn't done properly during the BUILDING PROCESS which could also lead to the DEATHS of everyone on the ship. Thanks everyone for all of your replies back to this topic !!! keithmovies says: [b]And yet the powerful female characters are not that happy. They are emboilled in maintaining power and suppressing threats[/b][/quote]. ------------------ Well put. I agree. What comes to mind is the saying about how POWER CORRUPTS. At the 8:30 TIME MARK in this VIDEO 7 of 9 explains how she sees STAR FLEET and PICARD as responsible for the mess that the GALAXY is in now: And it also talks about how she belongs to some kind of "FEMALE FREEDOM FIGHTER" group. So the question is WHO's FREEDOM are they FIGHTING FOR??? For those who were FORMER BORG's??? ------------------- [quote]I don't think she resents Picard because he is a man though... I believe - it was just not issue for her whether men had too much power or not [/quote] Me either. Which also makes it kind of ODD that we'd have so many FEMALES in POWER now after the way SEXUAL POLITICS never seemed to be that much of an issue before for STAR FLEET … especially once we also had a FEMALE CAPTAIN and ADMIRAL like JANEWAY who also achieved LEGENDARY STATUS due to the way she OUTSMARTED and DEFEATED the BORG QUEEN. Since PICARD was also originally DEFEATED and ASSIMILATED by the BORG QUEEN, perhaps that may also have something to do with the reason why we have so many WOMEN in positions of POWER now??? Because maybe FEMALES are seen as being more CUNNING and CLEVER??? Or maybe with the MIRROR version of GEORGIOU helping to run SECTION 31, that might also have something to do with it??? Because after LORCA tried to do away with her and make himself an EMPEROR, maybe she's LESS TRUSTFUL now of having MEN being in POWERFUL positions??? And it's also interesting how the BORG also chose to have a FEMALE (instead of a MALE) who had POWER over all of them. [quote]I challange anyone to name a popular tv show or movie in the past 5 years where a 'damsel in distress' was rescued by a man.[/quote] That's an EASY PEASY one because of the we saw MICHAEL BURNHAM in "DISCOVERY" being a DAMSEL in DISTRESS at least 2 TIMES. Once was when TYLER's ALTER KLINGON PERSONALITY Kicks in and almost CHOKES her to death before SARU comes to the RESCUE and yanks him off of her. The other time was when the other guy she knew (who she didn't know had already been taken over by CONTROL) tried to kill her before SPOCK RESCUES her and stops the other guy from harming her. One could also say NUMBER ONE also RESCUED her as well when Airiam needed to be AIR LOCKED and MICHAEL wasn't able to do it. PLUS her mother (the RED ANGEL) also RESCUED her when they deliberately let her die as a way to CAPTURE the RED ANGEL :) Picard obviously can't FIGHT against this SECRET ROMULAN organization all alone. If it wasn't for the ROMULAN woman who works for him he'd be dead. If it wasn't for the ELNOR who CHOPS off the HEAD of the other guy he'd be dead. If it wasn't for 7 of 9 he'd be dead. So meeting these other NUNS is most likely because at some point the situation is going to ESCALATE to where he'll need an ARMY to protect him. But before that can happen he needs to GATHER ONE together. And that's what he's doing now … going around gathering up people to HELP and SUPPORT him in his MISSION to find MADDOX and SOJI. Plus PICARD also has NO IDEA where to find SOJI because he also doesn't know where she's located. But once he finds MADDOX that issue will most likely also be solved. But by then the LT. who keeps bugging her brother to find out what she wants to know from SOJI may also have KIDNAPPED her and taken her to some kind of TORTURE chamber in another different location. Unless SOJI's SELF DEFENSE MECHANISM KICKS IN (like it did for DAHJ when she was attacked) and DESTROYS the entire BORG CUBE??? In that case, there also might not be a CUBE left to find if and when PICARD ever shows up at the place where it's located. [quote] really want to know why the Romulans are so deeply against synthetic life.[/quote] My guess would also be the ROMULANS are ANTI SYNTH because their own origins indicate that they themselves were also CREATED by MACHINES or else they also use to be MACHINES. And that would also explain the reason why their COUSINS (the VULCANS) are so IN FAVOR of LOGIC and are so dead set against EMOTIONS. Because being ANTI EMOTION also makes them kind of like DATA (who also had trouble understanding them). So that could also explain why the ROMULANS HATE the SYNTHS who would also be like HOLDING UP a MIRROR for them to GAZE INTO and not liking what they see. Or it could also mean they REALIZE the SYNTHS are a MORE ADVANCED SPECIES of BEING than they are themselves and they don't want to be a 2ND BEST SPECIES of being. In "THUS SPOKE ZARATHUSTRA", NIETZSCHE's character explains it this way: As APE is to MAN, so shall MAN be to the OVER MAN. In other words, SOJI would be an "OVER WOMAN" or be a HIGHER form of BEING than the ROMULANS (who would also be inferior to her or would be like the APES are to the HUMANS). And the ROMULANS probably also don't want to be REDUCED to having an APE LIKE STATUS. DAHJ DIES in the very first episode. Yet you consider the SHOW to be MOVING too SLOW for you??? Picard also has his HOME INVADED and he was almost KILLED after that. And that's still too slow??? This week we also saw a NEW CHARACTER CHOP OFF the HEAD of another one who attacked PICARD. Yet the show is STILL moving too slow??? Then at the end of this week's eppy another SHIP also ATTACKS the SHIP PICARD is on and would have DESTROYED IT if it wasn't for the other ship that rescues him. Yet things are still too slow??? Perhaps the real problem lies with your PERCEPTION of what it is that you see??? This link explains how RAFFI smokes something called SNAKE WEED: And my theory is PICARD uses the PROFITS he makes from selling WINE to SUPPORT those who live there in FREECLOUD (which would also explain the reason why he has 2 ROMULANS working for him). Because those in FREECLOUD may also be REFUGEES that he helped to RESCUE. And since no one else would want to help them, PICARD may also be SUPPORTING them by producing the WINE (which would also be PRODUCED by the ROMULAN COUPLE now that PICARD is off again to have still more ADVENTURES in SPACE). Others have expressed CONCERN about the way SOJI so EASILY fell for the "so called" CHARMS of the ROMULAN who's SISTER works for COMMANDER OH. But what I suspect is instead of HIM being the one who is setting up SOJI ... it will turn out that SOJI will be the one to SET UP him … very much like the other case was in the REMAKE version of BSG ... where HELO fell in love with ATHENA … who also got pregnant by her encounter with him ... when she was also suppose to be working to SEDUCE him (like this other ROMULAN character also SEDUCES SOJI). So if and whenever SOJI announces to this ROMULAN that she's also PREGNANT (like ATHENA was in BSG), that would also place that ROMULAN character in opposition to his SISTER and to COMMANDER OH (the same way as HELO also became CONFLICTED and had issues with his COMMANDER once he also found out that he had impregnated a CYLON and that he was also going to be the FATHER of a HYBRID being). And of course that would probably also mean we'd be CONFRONTED again with still another STORY where the FIRST HYBRID BEING is about to be born in the FEDERATION (like was also the case in the remake version of BSG and in the CASE of BLADE RUNNER 2049 which is the SEQUEL FILM where RACHEL also gave birth to the FIRST HYBRID BEING in that story). But in BLADE RUNNER 2049 we'd also LEAPED AHEAD 30 YEARS into the FUTURE, and were LOOKING BACKWARDS at what had already happened, rather than actually being a WITNESS to what happens as it's happening (which appears to be the case in PICARD and was also the case in the remake version of BSG). So if this THEORY is right, then be prepared for SOJI to announce that she's PREGNANT. The next question is this: Will the ROMULANS get just as OFFENDED as the HUMANS got in *BLADE RUNNER 2049* or will they CALM DOWN and accept it the way the HUMANS did in *BSG*??? Due to the way they're already HUNTING for a NEST of SYNTHS, My guess is the ROMULANS will be just as OFFENDED by the idea of a HYBRID CHILD being being born, and that they will also want to DESTROY the HYBRID CHILD the same way as K's boss wanted to in *BR 2049*. And if the NEST of SYNTHS that they're searching for is in FREECLOUD, then Perhaps the LITTLE BOY from FREECLOUD that we see in the PREVIEW for EP. 4 (the one who is given THE 3 MUSKETEERS BOOK by PICARD) could also already be a HYBRID CHILD??? Also Note the way that LITTLE BOY also has a SET of ROMULAN looking EARS. Maybe a HEART ATTACK, STROKE, or the VIRUS from CHINA will be able to STOP him??? So whereas the IMPEACHMENT PROCESS didn't work ... due to the way he kept OBSTRUCTING CONGRESS ... by withholding DOCUMENTS from them and REFUSING to LET any WITNESSES TESTIFY against him ... maybe these other things could finally be a way to put an END to him and to his RIDICULOUS DISPLAYS of EXTREMELY INFANTILE BEHAVIOR??? Will also be keeping the FINGERS crossed in hopes that something like this can get rid of him. Will also even MAKE a PREDICTION that by 6.6.20 something will happen to him that will mean we're finally able to GET RID of him. Have you NOTICED how his EYES look a lot more PUFFY lately??? Almost like they're DISAPPEARING behind all of that FAT that SURROUNDS them??? Perhaps that's also a SIGN that all of those BURGERS and FRIES and all of that other FAST FOODS that he consumes have finally taken their TOLL on him??? :) Here's part of a REVIEW of Ep. 3 that reveals how LARIS is most likely the person who STASHED and HIDES all of the WEAPONS in different places around the ESTATE: QUOTE: suddenly, from nowhere, a Tal Shiar spec ops team assaults the château. This has been skillfully set up and catches you totally by surprise. Moreover, the combat is well choreographed as [b]Laris steals the show. She ducks, dives and dodges incoming fire, while simultaneously, single-handedly, taking out half the squad. Picard and Zhaban do their bit too, but Laris is in her element. A beautiful extra touch is that a handphaser is secretly hidden under almost every desk and table in the lounge; someone — probably Laris — is clearly a firm believer in being prepared[/b]. END QUOTE Which also MAKES SENSE with her being a former member of the TAL SHIAR which would probably also make her someone who KNOWS how to BE PREPARED when TROUBLE shows up. And of course she'd also KNOW TROUBLE was on the WAY with the DEATH of DAHJ taking place when PICARD was with her and then finding out how someone had also ERASED all traces that he'd been with her from the VIDEO. His ENTIRE ESTATE might also be some kind of an ELABORATE HOLOGRAM. Because in the COMIC BOOK that was released as a BACKSTORY to the PICARD STORY he was also ARRESTED by the ROMULANS and placed into PRISON. So for all we know he could still be IN PRISON where the ROMULANS are MANIPULATING his MIND and making him think he's been living on the FAMILY FARM for 14 YEARS when he has NOT BEEN. RIKER also went through something SIMILAR to this when some ALIENS also messed around with his mind. And it also happened to him not just one time but TWO TIMES. So the FANATICS that attacked the place might also be ROMULANS who wanted to KILL HIM (while he's being PROTECTED by other ROMULANS who are his PRISON GUARDS who want to keep him ALIVE so they can try to learn more about the SECRETS of the FEDERATION). Note the way COMMANDER OH is also pissed off at LT. RIZZO because she let DAHJ DIE before they could INTEROGATE her. So naturally they'd also want to MILK PICARD for INFO about the FEDERATION the same way as they wanted to get the other INFO from DAHJ. A situation like that would also explain the LOOK of COMPLETE SURPRISE that we see on the face of LARIS as she watches the TV INTERVIEW where PICARD defends the need to RESCUE the ROMULANS even though they were also their ENEMIES. [b]Why are people in such a BIG HURRY to RUSH to JUDGEMENT??? Why not just BE PATIENT and SIT back, RELAX, and wait for the story to UNFOLD itself??? Ever since we began using SOCIAL MEDIA sites It's as if the ENTIRE POPULATION has developed some kind of ATTENTION DEFICICT DISORDER. And it feels like being on a LONG ROAD TRIP with a bunch of BRATS in the BACK SEAT who keep PESTERING you by saying: ARE WE THERE YET???[/b] View all replies >