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[quote]this is a woman who has no problem walking into her daughter-in-law's room when she's asleep. These hints at Mary Louise's lack of boundaries continue through the first episode. like with Perry, Celeste's instinct is to bow to it, not to push back. Her silence indicates acceptance to the boys. Perry's work turning his sons into potential abusers now continues through his mother. [/quote] It's nice to see how MADDY and JANE also STEP out of Boundaries when they VERBALLY ATTACK Mary Louise telling her what a MONSTER they think she is for trying to take the TWINS away from Celeste. Of course Mary Louise WALKS AWAY from Maddy as she's giving her a TONGUE LASHING. And this week Mary Louise also SLAMS the DOOR SHUT on JANE rather than continue to LISTEN to what she's saying about what she still continues to see as her PERFECT SON. And that also reminds one of the way that Celeste also DENY's that her SON who attacked and BITES Renata's daughter did something wrong when Celeste also insisted that her sons were GOOD BOYS. Does that also indicate Celeste has the potential to raise her abusive son the same way as Mary Louise did PERRY??? Now that she knows Mary Louise SPIED on her with PI's, will Celeste also SPY on Mary Louise and do a BACKGROUND CHECK on her Monster in Law??? Perhaps a COURT TRANSCRIPT of the DIVORCE HEARING will also turn up some JUICY DETAILS about Mary Louise and reveal the reasons why she's also NOT FIT to have CUSTODY of the TWINS??? Maybe Celeste would also be able to find some PHOTOS that were taken of PERRY as a child after Mary Louise BEAT HIM UP and had SLAPPED him around??? Because maybe Perry's teachers also saw the BRUISES on his body and reported it??? And maybe that's also how Perry got the idea that LOVING someone is suppose to have a connection with VIOLENCE??? But then BONNIE also grew up with an abusive mother and doesn't PHYSICALLY abuse her daughter or her husband??? Whatever the case may be, [b]it will also be nice to finally see Celeste PUSH BACK at Mary Louise and give her a dose of her own medicine next week when she CROSS EXAMINES her on the WITNESS STAND.[/b] [quote]Can everything be resolved in just a few episodes or are they going for another season?[/quote] Read an article that said it's HIGHLY UNLIKELY they'll have another season of the show due to the way each of the ACTRESSES are so busy and already have other commitments to do other shows (like NICOLE who will also be in another HBO SHOW that's coming up). So the problem is trying to work around all of their other WORK SCHEDULES. But the person who is responsible also said they haven't completely ruled out doing another season of this show. Just that it will be complicated to do to so. The MAIN PROBLEM with these people is the way they seem to be way too involved with each other. Bonnie's mother said something about how FAMILIES were ALL UP in each other's FACE because that's what families do. But FRIENDS and FAMILIY members should also have BORDER LINES that one doesn't CROSS OVER, and all of them have been CROSSING LINES that probably shouldn't have been crossed. Bonnie's hubby keeps BUGGING ED, for example, and asking him to do things he shouldn't be asking him to do. When he asked him to TALK to BONNIE for him, for instance, that was also a NO NO (due to the way ED is married to MADDY who would see that as being a BETRAYAL of her due to the way it would feel like ED was taking Bonnie's side against her in regards to her oldest daughter living with Bonnie). So that's an example of the way that Bonnie's hubby keeps CROSSING a BOUNDARY by always BUGGING ED to do something for him that puts ED into the MIDDLE of something that he has no business getting mixed up in (because it also puts him at odds with Maddy if he does what her former hubby wants him to do). Anyhow, If Bonnie and Maddy's X hubby don't move away, probably the best thing Maddy and Ed can do is move away to another different town where Maddy's X won't keep bugging Ed. And if Mary Louise won't leave town, then Jane and Celeste should probably also do the same thing as a way to keep Mary Louise from bugging them. And we also already know RENATA will be moving out of her house. So my guess would be the way the show RESOVLES things is with these people no longer living there in the same town anymore where they're UP in the FACE of each other all of the time. ED and MADDY CONTINUED: PART 2: And maybe a part of the reason why MADDY IGNORES Bonnie is because of the way she was ANGRY at the way her oldest daughter moved in with Bonnie and her former husband. So when BONNIE begins to behave like she has PTSD, and she no longer showers Maddy's daughter with attention anymore, Maddy is probably also happy to have her daughter move back in with her again. Which means if she HELPS Bonnie and she gets better, that might also mean her daughter would chose to move back in with Bonnie again (because Maddy and her daughter are also still fighting with each other about her going to college). So Maddy appears to be the one who is more LIKE Mary Louise than ED. But she's also more SUBTLE about it, and isn't as IN YOUR FACE about it. And we also saw MADDY NEGLECTING ED last season each time he kept trying to get her ATTENTION (like the time he was dressed up in the ELVIS COSTUME and sang to her). So Ed's also just giving MADDY a dose of the same medicine that she dished out to him last season. [quote]you can fight with kindness, caring and commitment and resolve your differences, strengthen your marriage [/quote] The problem with what you've said is ED has also agreed to go to MARRIAGE COUNCELING sessions with Maddy, and he also agreed to go to that other GROUP ENCOUNTER session (where people were hugging each other that Maddy also apologized for taking him to). So he has made efforts to deal with the issues between them due to her cheating on him. And in the PREVIEW CLIP it also looks like the wife of the guy Maddy had the affair with is going to try to SEDUCE Ed again (because she also seemed to be FLIRTING with him in the Grocery Store). But at the same time she was doing it, she also didn't seem to be that interested in him. Which also makes one suspect that maybe her hubby is putting her up to doing it, especially since we also see him sitting there watching when she does it again in the BAR setting. Maybe she's just using ED as a way to try to make her husband jealous??? And maybe the Affair Maddy had was for the same reason??? Perhaps she was also feeling NEGLECTED by ED which made her vulnerable to the attention of the other guy??? It's also strange that we see Maddy and Ed in the THERAPY session with the same SHRINK that Celeste uses, but then haven't seen them having any more sessions with her. What I suspect is ED is going to go BALISTIC when he finds out Maddy was the one who told the others to LIE about how PERRY DIED and accuse HER of being manipulative LIKE MARY LOUISE. Then her FORMER HUSBAND will probably also accuse her of the SAME thing when he finds out she's the reason why his wife's been giving him the COLD SHOULDER. And RENATA also reminds one of Mary Louise as well due to the way she has the DISCO PARTY and PRETENDS everything is OK when it's NOT OK, just like Mary Louise PRETENDS PERRY was a PERFECT SON when that was also NOT the case. And BONNIE also accused her father of PRETENDING to have PROTECTED her from her mother. Which is like the way MADDY PRETENDS to be PROTECTING BONNIE from the COPS and then IGNORES her for the MOST PART. What will most likely happen is the FORMER HUSBAND of MARY LOUISE will show up and THREATENED to CUT OFF whatever kind of SETTLEMENT MONEY she's getting from him (as part of their DIVORCE) as a way to get her to LEAVE CELESTE and the TWINS alone. Because didn't the THERAPIST also already tell Celeste the same thing as her attorney told her … about how NO ONE WINS in CUSTODY battles ... which is why it was best to try to work out some kind of a deal with Mary Louise??? With that kind of an ATTITUDE [b]it's HIGHLY UNLIKELY the THERAPIST is going to be the one to CONFRONT the BULLY. Since we heard about the FORMER HUSBAND and about how he left Mary Louise and MARRIED someone else, he'll MOST LIKELY be the one to show up and SAVE the DAY for CELESTE. And he'll probably also be full of lots of other INTERESTING DETAILS about what his former wife was like in the PAST. In other words, that's the kind of a SHOWDOWN that I want to see. THE FORMER HUBBY telling her off, giving her a DOSE of her OWN MEDICINE, and putting his FORMER WIFE into her proper place where she belongs. [/b] Unfortunately it also looks like MADDY might be facing the same kind of FATE as well from both her current hubby and her FORMER HUBBY after they find out how she's the one who got EVERYONE to LIE about what happened to PERRY. Thus also making MADDY kind of look like a TWIN of MARY LOUISE at the end of the story. 😅😅 Oh Look!!! [b]We have our VERY OWN VERSION of MARY LOUISE here[/b] !!! At least one also doesn't need to worry about them filing a SUIT for CUSTODY and trying to FORCE me into a REHAB CENTER like Mary Louise tried doing to CELESTE as a part of her SETTLEMENT OFFER!!! 😅😅 FYI: In the PREVIEW clip for THIS WEEK we also hear the VOICE of what you called THE SNITCH (on your other topic) telling the girls what the COPS wanted. So apparently he was FORCED to go to the POLICE STATION for some reason, and isn't WORKING UNDER COVER for them or betraying them. Or even if he was, he's also NOT doing it anymore due to the way we hear him in the PREVIEW CLIP taking the SIDE of the OTHER GIRLS against them. Didn't CELESTE already do that when she SLAPPED her??? [b]I'm betting the FORMER HUSBAND shows up and puts a STOP to his FORMER WIFE taking the TWINS away. Because he can probably also be a WITNESS for CELESTE as to the reason why this WOMAN shouldn't have CUSTODY of them??? It also wouldn't surprise me to discover she's the reason why the other son died. Because she probably also encouraged PERRY to PICK ON RAYMOND who may also have KILLED him due to his JEALOUSLY of him getting the attention of their mother??? [/b] **[b]FALSE ACCUSATION[/b]**: [quote]you're still carrying on these conversations several days after you were asked to move them to the politics board, you are just ignoring the moderators requests[/quote]. **[b]CORRECTION[/b]**: In case you're not AWARE of it here's how this CONVERSATION we're having began: [–] Frogarama (12618) a day ago [b]My argument is to actually START enforcing the rules around here, notably the first rule, NO TROLLING. That rule is clearly not enforced, and now look at what you have: Trolls blatantly complaining that all rules are fascism or censorship.[/b] And I didn't begin it. FROG did. And The reason why you're not looking to DEBATE the TROLL issue is because YOU KNOW what's been said about them is RIGHT, and you'd rather FLING FALSE ACCUSATIONS at me instead of ADMITTING the TROLL is the MAIN ISSUE. And I'm also simply responding back to other posters here, but for some reason once again you TRY to BLAME and PICK ON ME for doing the same thing that others have done who have also been responding back to this topic. Which also demonstrates how YOUR MAIN OBJECTIVE is to try and PREVENT me from expressing the way I FEEL, while it's perfectly Ok for others to express the way they feel. Which also makes you someone who keeps TROLLING and HARASSING me HERE. So [b]why not do us both a favor and just use the IGNORE OPTION if you don't like what it is that I have to say, because I'm also tired of the way you keep PICKING on me and FLINGING FLASE ACCUSATIONS AT ME???[/b] And from this point forwards please also consider yourself to be IGNORED by me, which also means there's no FURTHER POINT in giving me any more of your NON STOP LECTURES that you've also been posting here and over on other TOPICS. I don't see any PRO/ANTI conversations like the one you tell us to SCROLL UP to see. Perhaps that's something that took place on another DIFFERENT TOPIC??? Whatever the case may be, the EASY way to handle the problem was to SIMPLY DELTE the account of the TROLL who posted over 700 MESSAGES here in 10 days (which resulted in another 700 replies back to them if everyone responded to them). But instead of ONE CLICK to END the TRENDING ISSUE the TROLL was causing, the MOD created a lot of EXTRA WORK for themselves by DELETING SEVERAL MORE TOPICS at the POLITICS BOARD as a way to ACCOMODATE the TROLL that MOST of us don't want to deal with either at this BOARD or over at that other one. So the question remains as to WHY the MOD is showing FAVORITISM to the TROLL that caused the problem. And the answer is the TROLL didn't cause the problem because the problem existed for a LONGER TIME than the TROLL has been here. Which still MAKES NO SENSE that they wouldn't DELETE the account of someone who was FLAGRANTLY ABUSING the POSTING RULES by posting LOTS of SPAM here. [b]WHY IGNORE that and the way that TROLL had behaved??? WHY NOT SIMPLY DELETE that ACCOUNT when it's CLEAR the MAIN reason why that poster was here was to START UP FLAME WARS [/b] with other posters here, and to do whatever else they could to SHOVE our TOPICS to the BACK PAGES where they couldn't be seen anymore, which is also the same thing that they're doing now over at the POLITICS BOARD??? [b]when the Cosby trials were on, his mug was constantly trending. People complained about it constantly but MANAGEMENT and THE COMPANY couldn’t have cared less. They were perfectly fine with it or at least it seemed so since they never wrote us exasperated, chiding posts, nor did they corral us over to The Soapbox, or the Science as in Social Science board. This lends credence to the theory that perhaps The Company is pro Trump, since pro Trump Trolling is allowed but any posts about a politician must be posted under politics to be buried by the rule breaking trolls.[/b] EXCELLENT POINT CX. Since we've been given some kind of an EXCUSE EACH time we previously presented them with some FACT about what the TROLLS do, they'd probably also find another one for the COSBY matter. But apparently they've also run out of PATIENCE and STOPPED giving replies back to us now, so we'll probably also never know why they ALLOWED people to post replies about that CELEBRITY RAPING women, but we're not ALLOWED to post messages here about the SCAM MAN RAPING the other woman inside of the DRESSING ROOM of the DEPARTMENT STORE. Because RAPE is also OBVIOUSLY NOT a POLITICAL MATTER which is PROVEN by the way you say they ALLOWED conversations about it to take place at the COSBY board. . View all replies >