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Sounds like it just eats you up inside. LolZ! With one search you might have learned that Michelle Obama pocketed a 65 mil advance on her book deal two years ago. She subsequently went on a book tour and was feted like a rock star by sold out crowds, so it was well worth it for the publisher. Rofl. I doubt an obese whale like Bubba would qualify. They'd probably want someone who doesn't stick to the bottom of the pool. Hilarious his he's blaming his orange color today on environmentalists and not makeup. It's true. In court to prove someone lied you have to prove intent. You have not done that. No there's a difference between misspeaking when citing facts and making things up like trump. Why would I say that? I said I wasn't aware of him deliberately lying. I believe he's generally an honest guy until I see oterwise. Pointing to sentences he said that were false because he left a couple words like "on average" does not prove he lied. To prove he actually lied instead of misspoke you have to prove intent. You haven't done that. You understand there's a difference between misspeaking and deliberately lying right? Whoa dude. I found all sorts of false allegations of Sanders on that page. Policy wise there is no discernible difference between Sanders "Democratic Socialism" and FDR's New Deal Liberalism. Yet that page tries to say there is and Sanders is lying without providing proof. It's also ridiculously unfair by claiming Sanders lied about not campaigning for Hillary when that's not true either. Clearly was written by a Hillary supporter with an axe to grind. View all replies >