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Jimmy's inexplicable behavior ... Mueller Testifies Russia Had Blackmail on Trump Not buying his self-immolating defense against accusation of statutory rape by pedophile Epstein victim Virginia Roberts Tiny statues of Trump with signs reading 'pee on me' appear across Brooklyn Sent child pornography to the lawyers for the families of the Sandy Hook tragedy, their lawyers said. Sure looks like Dany is being set up to die in the end by an act of treachery, any way to avoid this? Most despicable protagonist from Episode 3: Samwell Tarly getting Edd killed Did anyone think Sansa was about to perform seppuku when she pulled out the dagger in the crypt? WTF happened to Jon's dragon? Trump reverses Libya policy, backs strongman dictator in attempts to overthrow UN backed government View all posts >


Very interesting. Thanks for the update. Great points. Sorry, fixed. Corruption is much worse. There's the issue of having to pay bribes as a way of life in Russia. That's a distinction that USA and western democracies have over more corrupt governments. In USA if you get pulled over and try to bribe the officer to let you off you're far more likely to go to jail for trying to bribe a police officer. In Russia you're expected to pay them off to avoid going to jail. As bad as police corruption and abuse of power can be here, in Russia it's far worse. That would suck to live in a country where you have to worry about random shakedowns. "The disgust from the public would not abate even if he gave up high profile names." Maybe, but for a narcissist who beat any serious charges last time to kill himself before he even gets to trial or tries to negotiate a plea? That seems highly unusual to me. Pre-trial there's always hope. Especially when you've got the money, track record of success, and leverage he potentially had. "He was toast and he knew it." You seem to know his state of mind better than his lawyers, who described him as brimming with confidence that he'd beat his rap. "Suicide is perfectly reasonable for a man who was living the highlife one day and now has to worry about getting raped for the next 20 years." Suicide is perfectly reasonable AFTER getting convicted and sentenced when he knows he's out of lifelines and shit-outta-luck, not before. "Videotape, pictures taken, hidden in some vault somewhere. After he is 'offed'...that evidence won't just distinigrate. The FBI will probably find it." You're far more confident about this than I am. Seeing as how this type of evidence is all stored digitally these days and you can store as much as 2 terabytes on a micro sdcard less than inch in size, that could be potentially very hard to find. It could be anywhere. Even if they find it they might not be able to access it if it's encrypted. Mueller's prosecutors weren't able to access Paul Manafort's encrypted messages exchanged with Russian agent Konstantin Kilimnik to whom he sent internal campaign polling data to on multiple occasions because he refused to share his encryption key. Dead men can't share encryption keys either. I agree Russia is far worse. Journalists and activists don't just die by getting thrown off buildings or poisoned in USA like they do in Russia. USA is better than most on rule of law, but it's still a plutocracy. There's still a two tiered system of justice where only those that can afford a defense can actually get one. Many people caught up in the criminal justice system don't have a couple hundred K laying around (and that's on the cheap side) to afford a proper defense and innocent will be forced to either plea out or go to trial with an overworked public defender who has neither the time or resources to devote to their defense. His lawyers also went on record to say the first "suicide attempt" was actually an attempt on his life by the dirty ex-cop cellmate he had previously, which is why they argued to prison officials that he be taken off suicide watch because he wasn't a suicide risk. [url][/url] They also mention how he was always in “great spirits” and almost delusional in his absolute confidence he’d win his case on the grounds of double jeopardy. Definitely doesn't sound like someone who was eager to kill himself. The most fascinating reveal in that article was how he wanted bail so he could cooperate with authorities! Reading between the lines, it would only make sense he'd need to be out on bail to cooperate with authorities if had additional evidence hidden away somewhere that he planned to use as leverage to negotiate a deal. Otherwise, why would he need bail to signal cooperation? lulz. Believing colleges teach "white people are evil, men are evil, America is evil, Christians are evil, cops are evil, US troops are evil" are the words of a raging right wing loon. Proclaiming the propaganda arm of a right wing christian cult as the best quality paper in DC was just icing on the cake. I need say no more, you crushed yourself. LMAO! If you were actually familiar with Haidt's work instead of pretending, you'd be aware that his study on cancel culture found the problem specifically in west coast colleges and elite colleges in the northeast. It wasn't a problem on every campus you titanic buffoon. It's hilarious you think I actually make the effort to debate you when all I do is point out the gaping fallacies and fiction in your arguments. You're the one scurrying to cherry pick quotes from Haidt to make it appear like you're familiar with him and so you don't appear like the giant liar that you are. Your gaslighting reply perfectly exemplifies your intellectual dishonesty and why you're not worth expending any effort to debate. Your words: "This is happening on virtually every campus and is spreading from there to the world, as Haidt observes." No, you're just empirically wrong. Haidt doesn't observe it on every college campus. If you were familiar with his study you'd know this. You even provide a quote that disproves your claim that Haidt "observes" this on "virtually every campus". Yet you gaslight and lie when cornered on the facts. So in desperation you try and say it was your observation, not Haidt, when you spelled out in the very previous post it was Haidt's observation. PS - lulz. When you pwn yourself you prove you suck at debating. LMAO! As much as you wish Mueller didn't say "NOT UNDER THE RUBRIC OF COLLUSION" those words aren't going away, no matter how much you cut and paste everything he said afterward you assclown. You're such a sore loser. Too bad you're not interested in doing your homework. To try and claim you were able to pass any college level course is laughable. View all replies >