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"What's bumming fans out is that most were fooled into believing she was a heroine when she was the opposite all along." And this is where I believe you've got it wrong. She wasn't the "opposite all along", because she wasn't mad all along. Her disease was degenerative and progressive. As I stated earlier, the primordial period leading up to a first episode of psychosis can be anywhere between a few weeks to a few years and symptoms include cognitive impairment. I was telling gater the first signs something was amiss was her execution of the Tarlys. That's when she started going mad. You're going out of your way to paint her as this cruel and evil queen "all along" that just doesn't fit with the character of Dany portrayed in the show or described in the books prior to her arrival in Westeros. Until that point, we're given every reason to believe she would be the mythical benevolent monarch in the Elizabethan mold. Her reign in Meereen and hordes of adoring followers was the proof. Yet you argue "Even if she hadn't become mad, she would've made a poor queen because of her cruelty and narcissism" by reaching with arguments like this that I found so dumbfounding I'm almost inclined to think you're trolling: "Dany freed Meereen AND kept the slavers armada. She killed Xaro and kept his wealth to build a ship. In other words, her good deeds weren''t pure." Pure? Please Keelai tell me you weren't serious. This is a world where the victor takes the spoils and you're trying to hold her to an alien standard of christian sainthood after defeating Meereen slavers? And again Dany executed Xaro after he slaughtered her loyal men and handmaidens and sold her three children off to the House of the Undying. So if she donated Xaro's wealth to Salvation Army would that have met your purity test? I think it's logical to assume if she hadn't taken his wealth after executing him, someone less savory would have. But what does your arbitrary and invented standard of "purity" have to do with anything? The best part was how he insisted he read the Mueller Report (even when everyone knows that's laughable since the man doesn't read) which means the claim could be used against him in the future if he ever wanted to argue that he didn’t know what the law was. It would have been smart for him to concede he hadn’t read it so he could claim ignorance in the face of any FEC violation which requires the subject KNOWS they are violating the law. But of course we already know Trump's not smart. He intimidates far more intelligent opponents into feckless silence (ahem Mueller, Pelosi, all Republicans in congress except Amash) with the raw savagery of his blunt tweets. They're all pathetic. "Even if she hadn't become mad, she would've made a poor queen because of her cruelty and narcissism." Yeah I just don't agree with this entirely one sided characterization. You're not even striving for objectivity when you don't bother to acknowledge all the times she showed empathy, compassion, benevolence, and all the qualities that inspired the loyalty of followers like Barristan Selmy, Tyrion, and Varys who all came to believe she was the most enlightened ruler for the realm. There's plenty of evidence that directly contradicts your one dimensional caricature. Perhaps this point is made more clearly in the books from the amount of time she invests in Meereen after freeing the slaves to ensure they live a better life. She refuses Xaro's gift of a fleet to sail to Westeros when she realizes the freedmen left behind will be enslaved again or die. She instead commits to learning how to rule as queen so they wouldn't suffer the same fate. We're given one example after another of her empathy and learning from her mistakes that signaled she would have made a great queen. She repeatedly places the welfare of her newly freed subjects before her own interests, offering to wed a noble Hizdahr if he can stop the attacks on civilians from the Sons of the Harpy and refuses to have him tortured when he's suspected of being a spy. She angrily sends off Daario when he plans to massacre the Grand Maesters because she intends to honor her promise to wed a douchenozzle she clearly didn't love in order to keep the peace. She rules as selflessly and with as much compassion as you'd about expect of an enlightened monarch during her reign in Essos and succeeds in improving their lives. So when you cite her not appearing sad when watching her sadistic brother who sexually abused and treated her so cruelly suffer for a few moments before dying, or suggest a lack of mercy for traitors Xaro and Doreah who stole her children and slaughtered all her loyal men and handmaidens leaving her to enslavement or death, as reasons you think she'd make a poor queen ... it's just really hard for me to take your charges seriously. The images having been sent to Infowars email addresses sounds like it could be a setup. But if the FBI were behind a conspiracy to frame him it wouldn't make sense to reveal a MO where he could easily claim to have been set up by having it randomly sent to him via email. I went back and re-watched that scene wondering if I had missed something. But she looked as stoic delivering the hammer to Sam as he broke down in front of her as I remembered the first time. I didn't catch any hint of her being "taken aback". It was in stark contrast to the emotive facial expressions of Ser Jorah standing right next to her, who most definitely was "taken aback". I believe that side by side was quite deliberate. "A sociopath has the ability to switch off empathy which Dany does." Dany is one of the primary POV characters in the first five books where the reader is privy to her thoughts. And no she was not written as a sociopath who decides to switch off empathy whenever it suited her. Quite the opposite it was her compassion and empathy as an enlightened ruler that earned her 'breaker of chains' moniker where she was widely adored and respected by her followers. Greatly principled knights like Barristan Selmy in his POV chapter favorably compared her to her deceased brother Prince Rhaegar known for his valiance and being honorable and noble. You're just wrong on this. She wasn't always a sociopath because she just wasn't written that way. For her it was degenerative and progressive just like her father who began his reign as an enlightened ruler and descended into madness. The prodromol period preceding a first psychotic episode can last anywhere between a few weeks to a few years. This is the period when a person going mad has symptoms like delusions, hallucinations, paranoia, disorganized thinking, cognitive impairment. In retrospect we see some of that in Dany in the weeks leading up to her full blown psychosis when we see her all disheveled and unkempt, making poor and out of character decisions, and convinced Jon Snow had betrayed her. I say troll away. I'm as disgusted with Pelosi as I am with the troll-in-chief. If she can be trolled into action, I say troll away. Let him keep pushing the envelope with outrageous crap like that Stephanopoulos interview. It just raises the stakes on her and highlights her cravenness from doing anything about it. You still in Florida? Looks like that state's really gone off the political deep end. I've visited South Beach many times, wouldn't want to live there though. I used to live in Portland where COPS originated. I'd heard of them filming but never actually saw it going down. I always wondered how or why anyone arrested would ever agree to allow their face to be shown. But it happened often enough that it forced me to wonder whether they were paid because it was staged or they just didn't care. Where the betrayal resulted in Dany's children being taken from her and the rest of Dany's loyal men and the other handmaidens who were friends of Dany slaughtered? Was Doreah "sane" in your book to betray her friend Dany to slavery or death? I think that's a very selective and unjustified application of the word "sanity" here when vengeance was entirely understandable and justified given the depths of Doreah's betrayal. I don't think many people would have felt much compassion when taking vengeance on a former friend who sold her kids off into slavery and whose betrayal resulted in everyone else close to her being butchered. Regardless, Dany wasn't a sociopath because the underlying attribute in sociopathology, an inability to feel empathy, is present in sociopaths at birth. Dany clearly was capable of empathy in early seasons as she personally intervened to prevent the rapes of villagers by Dothraki hordes and got Drogo to instill a new rule that forbade it. Her words in season 2 "I am not here to be queen of the ashes" because her goal at that time was to be a kinder and gentler ruler. She deliberately took Yunkai, Astapor, and Meereen with minimal bloodshed when she didn't have to. She also stayed as long as she did in order to create a better world for its inhabitants, which she succeeded in doing. A sociopath lacking empathy would not have bothered. Her condition was a degenerative and progressive disease (I'm assuming schizophrenia) she inherited that ultimately culminated with her psychotic break where she takes out her rage on the innocents she was ostensibly there to save from Cersei's tyranny. But she couldn't have been a sociopath all along when she had clearly shown a strong capability for empathy and compassion for others prior to that. Even as recently as her initial plans to conquer Westeros were made to ensure minimal bloodshed. "Characters must stay true to their character." Unless they go mad, which does happen IRL. Schizophrenia, the mental disorder most commonly associated with what was called "madness" prior to it becoming a psychiatric diagnosis, typically begins in adulthood brought on by a combination of heritable genetics (which we know Dany had) and environmental factors. Problem is Dany's descent into madness was too abrupt, or at least the cues leading up to her psychotic break where she torches innocents were too subtle. In hindsight it's easy to see how the execution of the Tarlys and her stone cold delivery of this news to Sam's face without a hint of regret were warning signs something was amiss. IMO, a few more cues could have made it more believable. What I don't buy is the narrative some have tried to sell here that she was a sociopath all along. That makes absolutely no sense. View all replies >