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eYe update: Bombshell Mondays 10-14-2019 Polly is supposed to be 45 when she looks 15-20 years older? Before watching this in case you need a refresher ... Wow! Rudy Giuliani has been set up to be the fall guy for the Ukraine scandal after all. Poor Rudy. Trump-Erdogan Turkey Corruption Quick Primer Republican Source Says Lindsey Graham's Fealty to Trump Because He Is Hiding Controversial Past 10/4/19 political summary in case you're having trouble keeping pace with warp speed. WOW!!! Mark down (Oct 2, 2019) as one of the most stunning days of this epic political saga for the history books. WTF is Tom Cruise doing in Ukraine?!? Now I've seen it all. Holy Jebus, Christian Taliban Trump surrogate goes on Fox and threatens 2nd Civil War if Dems impeach Trump View all posts >


*But where they really kill Trump is on the UKR shakedown. They bribed GOP politicians on the one hand (Pete Sessions) to support the removal of the US ambassador to Ukraine (Yovanovitch), which was thought by Trump/Rudy to be key to the whole operation. They then worked with Rudy to produce, market or shop dirt against Joe Biden. On top of that, they were working with and inducing the UKR prosecutor, Yuriy Leschenko to prosecute Biden (this is a Foreign corrupt practices act violation btw). All of these actions were sanctioned and approved by Trump and were part of an illegal scheme. **One last note. Any right wingnut asserting this is fake news; it's Murdoch's WSJ that has been at the forefront of reporting Ukraine scandal. Better coverage than both WaPO and NYT combined because they have providing all the inside scoops from Team Bolton and assorted merry whistleblowers. Also what we know so far about the two Ukrainians goons pulled off the Sopranos set: Parnas and Fruman are the conduit by which the hand of the Kremlin and the Russian mob corrupt our political system and help Trump execute schemes which both Trump and the Kremlin see in their mutual benefit, at the expense of the Republic. They facilitate Trump's treason. That makes this scandal [b]next level[/b]. 3 key facts: Lev Parnas has been known to the Trump family since the days of Fred Trump. He has sold Trump condos. Parnas and Fruman have been in photos with Trump since at least 2014. They’re not coffee boy, but Felix Sater level facilitators. Parnas and Fruman appear to be business partners or associates of pro-Russian Ukrainian oligarch, Dmitry Firtash. Firtash is strongly backed by the Russian mafia run by Semion Mogilevich. Mogilivech and the Kremlin are in alignment and have a de facto alliance as it relates to Ukrainian politics (Both support the pro-Russian parties and are against UKR being free enough to join Europe). Parnas' and Fruman's value to the Kremlin and the Russian mob is that they are US citizens and have been citizens for a long while. That gives the Russians and Pro-Russian Ukrainians like Firtash access to the US market, US corporations, and US politicians. Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman were paying Rudy Giuliani for services (which means Firtash was paying Rudy, which means Russian mob was paying Rudy, which means the Kremlin encouraged or approved). They both were represented by Trumper counsel and were part of the Giuliani team that he used to run the extortion operation of the Ukraine gov. They were also trying to corrupt the Ukrainian state owned natural gas co, Naftogaz, with Rick Perry's unwitting help to put in friendlies who would pay the kickbacks that have been central to Firtash's income stream. [cont] The picture emerging is that Rudy's consulting business is a front for a political influence and bribery/kick back operation for the benefit of his main client, Donald Trump. WSJ has reported SDNY has been looking into his finances and relationships Rudy built in Ukraine with those who are members of or friendly to the pro-Russian UKR parties (party of regions and their offshoots) and who are generally opposed to greater integration with Europe (b/c it means you have to be less corrupt. no gravy train for the Firtash* types). SDNY is looking at how Rudy leveraged those relationships to "lobby" for them to get the ear of the Trump Administration. This came in the form of access buying via fundraising. So he may well be a part of the Parnas/Fruman scheme to raise donations for Trump/GOP and to push to GOP politicians to support the ‘UKR agenda’ of his "clients". (In truth, his clients are backed by or aligned with the interests of the Russian mob and the Kremlin). But this is SDNY completely ignoring the other part, and that's the demands Trump would push back to the Ukrainians to help him illegally woo and pressure their gov to do his bidding. Some, like Letsenko, were willing participants to a point. Others, like Zelensky and his gov, had to be pressured. These clients of Rudy were used as part of Trump's conspiracy to push the origins of the Mueller investigation story, and dig dirt on Biden while conditioning aid as the leverage point. The intersection point is Marie Yovanovitch. The pro-Russian UKR types wanted her out b/c she favors a less corrupt UKR. The Trumpers wanted her out b/c she wouldn't let a shakedown of an important ally occur. SDNY has to stop ignoring the other piece, acknowledge the intersection point and open up that criminal investigation that the ICIG recommended, work with the House Intel run impeachment inquiry and investigate and prosecute everyone that they recommend for criminal charges. SDNY [b]must also shut Barr out and force his recusal. This will be the test.[/b] "An impeachment inquiry is an act of the House that requires a full House vote" Wrong. I explained this to you months ago but apparently facts have a way of flying over your head. There is nothing in the Constitution that requires a full House vote to authorize an impeachment inquiry. The House is a co-equal branch of government and makes their own rules on how they choose to conduct their business. Its the same thing that happens with oversight powers. You don't need to pass legislation prior to issuing a subpoena based on the "oversight" function derived from Article 1 Section 1 (ie.the power to legislate). Each year, the House passes its own rules, one aspect of which is the delegation of oversight subpoena power to the standing committees. (technically, each committee is given areas of oversight, and empowered to issue subpoenas to fulfill their oversight function.) The same is true for impeachment powers. The House can choose to delegate impeachment powers to standing committees of who they so choose. There is nothing that binds the House to requiring a full vote before beginning an inquiry. The inquiry phase is like the discovery process in court, the period when subpoenas are issued and evidence is gathered. They don't need to proceed to hearings until discovery is complete. "They've frozen Republican committee members out of the key decision making processes and the lack of a House vote means no stable due process rules allowing fundamental fairness. Current "rules" are in flux and at the mercy of Democratic committee heads' whims." Seriously cry me a fucking river when this is exactly what Republicans do when they are in power and control the standing committees in the House. lulz. You know nothing of constitutional law and you just proved it once again. I encourage that you read those landmark decisions if you want to become more informed instead of trying to pretend you understand a topic that you so transparently struggle to grasp. Oh, that's right, you don't read legal documents. You require Fox News or Federalist Society propagandists to dumb it down and interpret them for you. Too bad. You might want to work on expanding your vocabulary by looking up the word 'implied' in the dictionary. What it'll tell you is that 'implied' means implicitly understood by everyone except those too limited by intellectual shortcomings that makes it impossible to grasp what should be obvious. That means you in case you're having a hard time understanding what that "implies". Doubling down on your belligerently ignorant opinion doesn't make you right. It just confirms once again that you have no idea what you're talking about. Yeah but he can still make an emergency appeal to the Supreme Court should the district court refuse to hear his appeal. wow. rodeo clowns are really circling the wagons eh? Oversight of the executive branch is one of the primary responsibilities of standing committees in congress, but even more important for committees in chambers controlled by the opposition party since you can't really expect the chambers controlled by the same party to conduct real oversight. Since GOP controlled both chambers of congress from 2017-2018 no real congressional oversight was ever conducted of Trump. We collectively suffered since, as I'm sure you recall, GOP did everything they could to cover up his crimes instead of conducting real oversight. Remember when Nunes chaired the Intel committee and instead of issuing subpoenas he was conducting secret midnight runs to the White House and trying to frame the Obama administration for wiretapping Trump? So yeah, it was especially important for Dems winning the House to start providing the necessary public oversight function that had been lacking the previous years. Sure there was the special counsel investigation but that had a different function since that was a criminal investigation very narrowly focused on a very specific violation of federal conspiracy law. Meanwhile Congressional investigations are supposed to serve the public by providing broad oversight and open ended investigation of the executive branch where discovery is a transparent and ongoing process that happens in realtime instead of before secret grand juries and evidence the public never learns about until years later after the fact. It's not Shep Smith who was suspended after pushing the wingnut theme hailed by David Duke that White Supremacy is a hoax. That was Tucker Carlson. If Napolitano or Wallace are next to go then we know it's all bullshit and they've decided to clean house and go full wingnut. View all replies >