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BREAKING: Cheeto asserts "executive privilege" to keep unredacted Mueller report from being released Donald thinks he should receive an extra 2 years as president as "reparations" for the "Mueller Coup" Omar receiving death threats after string of Trump tweets I'm surprised no one here is talking about the orange psycho's border shutdown threat Trump's lawyer says he will fight "aggressively" to keep his answers to Mueller confidential Here's what I don't get: the timing of all this Breaking: UPDATE 1-Trump announces deal to reopen federal government through Feb. 15 Senate panel subpoenas Michael Cohen, President Trump's former personal lawyer No joke--Mike Pence just compared Donald's border wall to MLK's legacy Donald starting to crack. Shows some of his more potent venom in tweetstorm View all posts >


It won't last anywhere in a few million years. We'll never colonize the stars. I hope to god we never do. We haven't earned our keep here on Earth, so why should we be given the opportunity to fck up Mars or wherever? No--we're going to go extinct right here on Earth and probably long before the Sun ever enters its red giant phase...and good riddance. Depends on your definition of "gender equality". These days, everyone has their own idea of what that is. A man who assaults his wife gets more jail time than a wife who assaults her husband. That's not gender equality, yet we live in a society geared toward automatically taking the woman's side because she's...a woman. No equality there. Then you have the feminists who treat men as if they were all evil and always stick up for a woman in every domestic situation, never even CONSIDERING the POSSIBILITY that maybe the woman was guilty--it's always "the guy". Just look at the whole Johnny Depp/Amber Heard fiasco and that will tell you all you need to know about the idea of "gender equality" here in America. I see feminists talking about "equality" all the time but the only things they seem to ever care about or push for are: -Equal job opportunities for women (don't we have that already?) -Equal pay for men and women (Both sexes get the shaft with pay at many jobs. That's not a sexist thing--that's a "who's the favorite brown noser of the office?" thing) -Representation in movies, tv If feminists really cared for gender equality they'd be fighting for the women who are REALLY suffering around the world--like places in Africa/Middle East where they're having their clitoris lobbed off so only the man can have pleasure in sex. Where's their crying over those TRULY persecuted women? The only way we'll have gender equality here in America at least is if feminists dissolve away. My wife, for example, despises feminists and she's one of the strongest women I've ever personally known. She doesn't take sh!t from anyone and she said a lot of what I've written here herself. My wife comes from a culture/country where men are overbearing in relationships and women are not treated equal, so if she can come from that environment and still think feminists are full of sh!t, I'd say that says something. TRUE gender equality would be BOTH genders being charged the SAME way for crimes. TRUE gender equality would be to stop looking at every damn thing in life through a "who's getting the most 'representation'" lens and just treat people equally without a regard for gender. Will that ever happen? Hell, no. We're only going to get worse. Not an opinion--it's a fact. We're humans. Humans only ever fck things up for themselves. For all our technological and medical advancements, we're still a bunch of destructive morons who can't get over our own egos to fight the darker parts of our nature. *Looks around* What maniac Muslims? Where are all these maniac Muslim boogeymen you guys keep talking about? Sure, there are Muslims here in America but they're all looking at your Trumpers like you're stupid as you're running for cover, thinking all of them have a suicide vest. And I want open borders? *Scans my posts* Yeah, I'm not seeing any indication of me wanting open borders. Except we're not having an Orlando every week--we're having a Vegas every week and none of them are Muslims. My face was cringing at two lousy, sh!tty candidates in 2016 if you must know. Same could be said for you, buddy-boy: "Left lover! But Hillary! But you're a jobless lib!". That would make you happy, wouldn't it? I've no doubt you would wish something similar for gays (and anti-Trumpers) here in the USA as well. Just more of that "tolerant Christian Trumper love" I keep hearing about. O_o You're missing a few Trump supporter reply cliches: you haven't called me a Hillary/Obama voter yet, nor have you told me that I want "open borders" yet. Care to close the circle? What? What's that? I can't hear you? Can you please try talking to me WITHOUT Donald's cheeto in your mouth so I can understand you? If they didn't have Obama and Hillary (and sometimes Bill Clinton) to deflect to, they've have no platform of defense at all for their orange dictator and they know it. Donald is a worthless piece of sh!t and they know it somewhere deep down--so they have to make others look like a piece of sh!t to try to elevate Donald McDonald. If the only way you can defend your guy is to constantly compare him to others then you have no basis for defense of your guy on his own merits. PS: Are you not sick and tired of literally saying the same thing for THIS long? For fcks sake, you new trolls are some of the most boring-ass sh!t I've ever witnessed. You keep repeating the same sh!t over and over and over and over and over and over and over again for more than a year now. That goes beyond trolling at this point--that's downright insane. Seriously, you have some form of mental disorder at this point. You literally don't say anything different and there are several posters with the same exact posting style, grammar/sentence structure as you which most likely means you have alts here. What fun is it trolling a board in such a dull and stale manner? You're not even creative with it--you just repeat this same garbage over and over, ad nauseum. I'd report your nonsene but the mods here are useless and seem to have no issue with clowns like you doing your thing here. That's WHY you're doing it: you pretty much have free reign around here. Well, that's what makes you lame: you have an almost consequence-free environment to spread your troll wings around here and you don't even take advantage of it--just commence your same lame-brain trolling. My personal take? I think you don't even support Trump. I think you're just like those fake flat earthers who make fun of the real flat earthers by pretending to be one of them and engaging in every cliche just to be part of the "bandwagon". That, in essence, makes you even lamer than the real Trumpers because you essentially stand for nothing. You're just some little pissant trying to look relevant on a board that's pretty much the old west of forums with zero consequences. I'll likely get a spanking from the mods for this (as they will stick up for you guys always, for some reason) but it was worth it. :) View all replies >