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Are all the Trumpers going as Trump this year for Halloween? Jesse and the Disappearer Despite looming impeachment, the clown show continues as Ronald McDonald claims he'll "obliterate" the Turkish economy Donald apparently wanted migrants to be shot on the border/alligators placed in a moat around the border wall BREAKING: Cheeto asserts "executive privilege" to keep unredacted Mueller report from being released Donald thinks he should receive an extra 2 years as president as "reparations" for the "Mueller Coup" Omar receiving death threats after string of Trump tweets I'm surprised no one here is talking about the orange psycho's border shutdown threat Trump's lawyer says he will fight "aggressively" to keep his answers to Mueller confidential Here's what I don't get: the timing of all this View all posts >


Nope. Your trolling speaks for itself. Very obvious trollbait at that. One day I will realize that you're is the day. So, you try to prove something is factually better by using opinion-based reviews as your basis of proof? As a lifelong Star Wars fan, it brings my blood to a boil to think about this. This was Disney's to lose. They had a golden goose. This wasn't rocket science. All they had to do is give fans what they want and construct an even halfway decent story. But no--they decided to do NOTHING new, insert politics that no one asked for into it and INSULT both the original characters, original movies and us, the fans. This was Ghostbusters 2016 but on a mammoth scale. Amen to THAT! That's far too much of an oversimplification as well as a fragment of the entire problem with Disney Star Wars Trilogy: -Woke female politics are definitely an issue, yes. We've had decades of movies with strong female leads that we love and few, if any felt insulted by it. I attribute this to the fact that the new woke agenda seems to turn women into damn near demi-goddesses, removing their flaws acting like being in a relationship is a "weakness" and treating motherhood like it's some kind of an evil thing that no "strong womyn" would partake in. That's why it's both insulting as well as STUPID. -The other major issue is poor writing. There's VERY little in the way of originality here and, rather than make their mark with a new mythology, Disney simply recycled everything Lucas did and renamed it all WHILE still insulting all that came before. Luke, Leia and Han are all failures with miserable outcomes to their lives and miserable ends to their lives. They don't even share a single goddamn scene together as the big three. No resolution of any kind between Luke and Han and almost none between Leia and Luke. No resolution between Leia and Han. They lose their son. They break up. They never really reconcile. Han dies at the hand of his punk son. Luke dies alone on some island from "forcing" himself to death. Kylo is a very bad Anakin retread through and through down to the damn suit. First Order is just another Empire. Snoke is just another Palpatine who paves the way to...the actual Palpatine. Death Stars. Super Rey. Underdeveloped and lame Finn and Poe. Just bad decision after bad decision after bad decision. -And, in my opinion, this is the greatest sin of Disney Star Wars Trilogy other than the destruction of Han, Luke and Leia: The undoing of everything established by the first six films. Anakin and Luke are failures. They brought balance to the force for all ten years or so before the same exact threat rises back up again for some unknown nobody named Super Rey to save it all and do the job "those men" failed to do. Awful. Fcking awful. A fcking insult. This is why I don't give two shits about this Jon Favre rumored "Regime change". Why? Because they pissed in the soup. They destroyed the main Star Wars films. No amount of high quality spinoffs will change that. The soup's been pissed in. They ruined it. Destroyed it. It now serves to make any other potential good Star Wars material tainted/bittersweet since three steaming sequel trilogy turds remain, souring it all. The only solution here to de-canonize that moronic trilogy. I, as a Star Wars fan, will accept nothing less. Stop telling other posters what to do. This Disney Star Wars insult is a trilogy--ergo, this discussion is appropriate. Persist in telling other posters what to do and I will report you to the moderators. I'd expect nothing less from this turd trilogy. I hope you're right. Another term of Trump is unfathomable. Possibly. Either way, neither side should be getting too cocky about the election right now. This might just be one of the closest elections of all time. View all replies >