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Cheetolini just killed the stimulus deal Are the cultists bothered by Donald's taxes? My first kudos to Biden I'm getting bad Mueller Probe/Trump Impeachment vibes about this election I cannot BELIEVE that QAnon is actually gaining traction here... Confirmed COVID-19 cases from Sturgis........SHOCKER.... Sean Hannity reportedly called Trump "bats--- crazy" in private "Trump Defeat May Prompt Right-Wing Terror Attacks" Are Barr's days numbered? Covidiots at Sturgis. Get ready for another COVID spike View all posts >


Not only did COVID not humble Donald--it actually brought more of his true evil to the surface. He's going scorched earth...the route we all feared but secretly knew he'd take. Thanks! Maybe we'll get lucky and a Graboid will eat her. But OBAMA!!! Clown. Well, getting COVID was never going to humble him. You can't humble a rotten, twisted, evil bastard. Humble isn't in his vocabulary. He's sick, evil, corrupt and lacks a soul. And to any Trumpers telling people they're wrong to rejoice in Donald's pain: fuck you. You're defending an evil man who cares only for himself. He brought it all on himself. Many of the 200,000 who died because of his continued negligence with this virus suffered just as much if not more...and NONE of them received the special treatment this bastard did. So, if he's looking for sympathy, he'd better turn to his dumbass supporters because most people aren't going to shed tears for a man who DOES NOT CARE about the deaths that happened on his watch. His supporters are fools and tools for kissing his ass right now. If any one of his supporters wound up in the same situation they would NEVER get the degree of help he has and Trump most CERTAINLY wouldn't give two shits about them. Thanks for the stats but I have to be honest here: I won't be letting my guard down until Donald is officially off the White House property on January 20, 2021. Even then, I may not relax since his psychotic supporters will be sparking up violent and god knows what between November - January. At this point, 70% of the country could vote against him and I'd still err on the side of caution since this psychopath intends to steal the election one way or another. What does anything you just wrote have to do with what I said? View all replies >