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Winning! T-rump caves, won’t have G7 at Doral Miami

T-rump caved into pressure from Democrats and announced tonight the G7 will be looking for a new location, as he’s cancelling plans to hold it at his rodent infested/ roach infested/ bed bug infested filthy Doral Miami Hotel next June!


He'll probably NEXT chose the HOTEL that he runs in there in DC where BARR is also having his $30,000 CHRISTMAS PARTY this year.

Or else he'll try to chose MAR A SWAMPO where he also EXPOSED TOP SECRET INFO to the leader of another COUNTRY who was visiting there at the time.

So as much as this is WONDERFUL NEWS, one also suspects that we're probably not out of the WOODS YET, and that the SCAM MAN will probably come up with still another PLAN as a way to try and SCAM us TAX PAYERS out of still more of our hard earned MONEY!!!


I totally agree! He is also going to try to find a way to invite Putin which becomes easier if the G7 is at one of his rodent-infested hotels.


Good catch Keelai !!!

Had completely forgotten about how the SCAM MAN said he thought they should INVITE PUTIN back in again !!!

And since he also wants him to be a part of the G7, what could anyone do if he did invite PUTIN to attend it???

What right would anyone have to tell him that they didn't want him to have PUTIN as a GUEST on his own property???

The INFANTILE DRAMA QUEEN could probably also KICK UP a BIG FUSS and insist that whoever complained about PUTIN being there needs to LEAVE.


You're right! Didn't even think of his undermining the G7 that way. Good call!


so where to you think it should be held


Did a search for the BEST PLACES in the US to hold the G7 and only got CRAP about the SCAM MAN's plans to hold it at his BED BUG RIDDEN RESORT.

So tried searching for best places to hold a CONVENTION and got this:

Not sure if a CONFERENCE would be the same thing or meet the same kind of NEEDS of the G7 though.

Since the WHITE HOUSE claims to have considered OTHER PLACES, it would also be nice to know what other places they took into consideration and where the one is located that they said was so HIGH UP that they'd need to wear OXYGEN MASKS.


But never heard of TOURIST needing to wear MASKS when they visit the area.


They can hold G7 where they have held it in the past like Camp David or Sea Island, Georgia.

"As with previous sites of the G8 meeting, the venue (Sea Island resort) is remote, easily secured, and has a history of luxurious accommodations."


They said Camp David makes the most sense - this is where Obama held it while he was in Office. However, since T-rump doesn't want to do anything Obama did......


There's a resort in Hawaii which was mentioned the other day - supposedly they were the chosen location until wing nut threw his hotel in there.


Hawaii is an extra 10 hours of flight time from the U.S. eastern coast. Very long trip from Europe.


Put it on at Camp David again that way it is guarded by the military.


I guess it will be Pelosi s call in the end.


Pressure breaks pipes. For those who think Trump can't be stopped and laws don’t apply to him, they do. This happened because people believed that the emoluments clause does make this illegal (even if the clause has rarely, if ever, been invoked). That led to public outrage, political criticism, and it caused Trump to back down. He can also be forced to resign if enough pressure is applied.


This NEW FORMAT is so much nicer … makes it much more easy to follow discussions taking place.

Anyhow, didn't COHEN also say the REAL REASON why the SCAM MAN ran for office wasn't because he wanted to WIN, but was because he was doing it as a PUBLICITY STUNT in hopes that the MEDIA EXPOSURE would help to increase his BUSINESS dealings ???

Apparently that's also what this has been … still another STUNT that he's pulled as a way to get some FREE ADVERTISING??? But with all the talk of the place being INFESTED with BED BUGS, ROACHES, RATS, and other INSECTS that the health inspectors found in the KITCHEN apparently the PUBLICITY was so BAD that he wasn't going to benefit from it.

Because WHEN have we ever seen him CAVE IN before??? It's only BAD PRESS COVERAGE and a BAD MEDIA IMAGE that ever seems to GET THROUGH his THICK SKULL and get him to CHANGE his mind.

Anyway, it also looks like he WANTS TO BE IMPEACHED, because he NEVER REALLY WANTED or EXPECTED to WIN in the first place.

In other words, he also seems to be doing EVERYTHING he can to get BOOTED OUT of OFFICE, but because of those who IRRATIONALLY WORSHIP and ADORE HIM he's also having a HARD TIME trying to accomplish that GOAL.


Maybe. I have no doubt he was never really expecting to win and the first 6-12 months he really hated the pressure cooker, especially when he thought Mueller was going to cook his goose.

But I've also observed how he's grown to love and enjoy the trappings of power; how much his narcissistic ego revels in being stroked, how much he lives for being feted like royalty around the world. He receives far more respect now than he ever did before. Plus as we're learning more by the day, how much he really loves cashing in on the presidency as governments around the world patronize his businesses to curry personal favor with him.

Because he is the SCAM MAN!

I think he'll be loathe to give that up unless sufficiently pressured.

But the douche is just so entitled and lacking of any moral compass that I expect him to continue to self destruct anyway because he really doesn't believe he is constrained by any law.


I've also observed how he's grown to love and enjoy the trappings of power; how much his narcissistic ego revels in being stroked, how much he lives for being feted like royalty around the world.

Interesting ideas … but what about that time when he visited the QUEEN and she lays out several photo albums of what happened in WW2 … and he glanced at them like he was BORED to DEATH???

What I'm thinking is MAYBE with the BETRAYAL of the KURDS he finally sees how he's BIT OFF way more than he can CHEW, and is looking for a way out because he's finally been confronted with a situation that he isn't QUALIFIED to handle???

Have you seen that HOTEL in DC that use to be a POST OFFICE??? They've really done a nice job of DECORATING the place. It's lovely inside. Clicking onto this link and then the PHOTO enables you to see 40 PHOTOS, and the 3rd one is a bar where they've also got the PO BOXES on display where the drinks are served:

And since someone who wrote a book about him also mentioned how he'd sit there all day looking at CARPET and other fabric samples, one also has to wonder if he's the one who chose the DECOR for that DC HOTEL.

And if so, then what someone should do is OFFER him some kind of a NEW REALITY SHOW to do if he RESIGNS. Because that might also be a way to GET RID OF HIM so he can SAVE FACE, and also be GOOD AT WHAT he would NEXT DO???

And doing a show like that (where he'd also be doing something that interest him) could also be a good way to satisfy his NARCISSISM and his EGO??? Maybe it could also be like the APPRENTICE, but this time he'd have INTERIOR DECORATING STUDENTS who'd compete with each other??? Since I've never seen the APPRENTICE, I also have no idea what it was about, and don't really know if this is making any sense or not.

Anyhow, he'd still have a SENSE of POWER by doing a show like that, which could also appeal to his EGO needs, and IF he's also the one who picked out the fabrics, etc. for that DC HOTEL, then he'd probably also be pretty good at what he'd be doing???

Thus a WIN/WIN SITUATION for EVERYONE ... if it also turns out to be a way to get him to LEAVE OFFICE???


What I'm thinking is MAYBE with the BETRAYAL of the KURDS he finally sees how he's BIT OFF way more than he can CHEW, and is looking for a way out because he's finally been confronted with a situation that he isn't QUALIFIED to handle???

Excellent observation - you may be onto something.


Thanks DD. With the release of that GOOFY LETTER to the LEADER of TURKEY (that sounded like a 3RD GRADER had written it), surely he must realize by now how he's WAY OVER his HEAD when it comes to knowing how to handle FOREIGN POLICY???

What's more, he also has NO INTEREST in learning more about it, which is also why they have to use PICTURES as a way to try and keep his ATTENTION FOCUSED whenever they give him the DAILY BRIEFINGS.

But he also complained about those, and doesn't even get them on a DAILY BASIS anymore, which is part of the REASON WHY he's done something this INCOMPETENT to the KURDS.

And with 129 members of the GOP VOTING to CONDEMN him for it, and only 60 supporting him, surely he must also know his days are numbered now after this BIG BOO BOO???

Having grown up in DC, one can also APPRECIATE how he (or whoever DECORATED that POST OFFICE TURNED HOTEL) nicely captured the SPIRIT of the place.

My grandmother also use to own a home near there that also had the same CEILING FIXTURE in it that you see the CHANDELIER hanging from in the BEDROOM. And when she lived in it the light fixture that use to hang from it in her house was also illuminated with GAS (not electricity).

So it's interesting to see how the place was DONE OVER yet still retains some of the ORIGINAL FIXTURES from the PREVIOUS CENTURY.

And if he had his own DECORATING SHOW, he could also pass on some of those kind of SKILLS to others who could use them. Thus also leaving him with something POSITIVE to say about the otherwise useless time that he's spent there in the OVAL OFFICE.

Do you think he'd RESIGN if someone made him an OFFER to do a REALITY DECORATING show???


Well you have to admit that from now on he would have leftist vandals messing up the place till the thing went on. There lucky as they don't work so have all day to go do junk against others.


Sound to me like any vandalism you are concerned about would actually be an improvement to the place. Maybe they could get the rodents, roaches and bedbugs out of the building.


It will be CAmp David so Melania friends can hide from the press while they are at it.