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does that mean they have the same bra size you probably are the same height as tom cruise works for free but won't show taxes to prove it trump protects american but deports soldiers trump wants to save america more tariffs please threatening to remove people from office BRIBERY you sound more and more like a Trump kid selfish and stupid Trump needs to stop his road blocks and just let the chips fall where they will have faith that money talks and threats of losing jobs will work for him hopefully like the other mobster al capone the taxes will get him stranger is that no matter how many pictures Trump will say never knew them and pretends he know nothing about it good don the con yes they can clear him and not commit perjury the offense of willfully telling an untruth in a court after having taken an oath or affirmation. the news media wants trump to keep running and win so they can make more money on him than anyone else told you she will run and probably get elected if dumbo moves over admit it he sent the transcript probably could not read it because it was not in 2 inch letters is that Jordan the guy that let the pedohifile do the kids at the colllage you obviously never went to a lunch where they divided the check and everyone paid same amount or stood in a line for a cup of soup or could not afford your drugs View all replies >