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not sure but he was not on news everyday and perhaps he had gold fixtures in his bathroom who knows sure he could have been worse but who knows the media sure does not care only good thing about that episode was dumba was back writers are having trouble with plot lines the should have an ending then make up story right the plot to kill presidents wife was someone saying would if and it was lame wonder why he won't give up tax returns so sad he is not who he claims to be but the same con man he always was I had hoped he could do the job but am afraid of his being re elected our foreign policy is in shambles and like on the simpsons his presidency will be hard for anyone to follow good thought they made a mistake in the casting of the new strong one but now who is left some earth stuff and we can not forget that the robots are still out there need the green goddesses from star trek well now they have to decide how to fill the empty slot the actress that plays liz certainly can not do that type of role in fact if liz did anything other than betray red she is out of her range and he sister role please no more of that come on writers watchwd show last night when the new love interest had a child that she gave up for adoption and that was OK bring back his dead wife please the new character are shallow who writes for this show must also be new the meeting in trump tower should have been mentioned wonder what the report really says and yes it was strange how noting leaked we grew up with if it bleeds it leads that is why all this crap is on the news all the time if trump was not such a draw for them they would stop putting him on every day View all replies >