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Cheaper than building the library Unstoppable Vice President Pence Hugging a windmill is still the important thing Golden Corral would never do that March fo life Mountain range in movie Nikki will eat her lunch zatanna Only 100 people want to see Donald View all posts >


Ivanka went for a polished businesswoman look for the occasion, donning a burgundy turtleneck layered with a $498 Brooks Brothers blazer and finishing off with a pair of $595 blue checked trousers by Akris. I think VP is picked after the nomination. So you are making it even easier on Donald to beat Sanders. Sanders is old of the old and crusty. Like Nebula said in the Endgame movie to Gamora. Your choices was Donald or the old crusty communist. Phoebe Tonkin Nicole Kidman Born in Hawaii but her parents Australian going to school there. He knew to much about fashion and selfies. He liked the Asian girl so I think he was bisexual. He didn't design the glove that guy on that planet did.But like Rocket said to Tony he is only a genious on Earth. In Winter Soldier at the end the ships putting up the targets the Stark Tower was shown with a red dot in it. I don't think plant life. The scene like Hawkeye daughter the tree stayed. The bird at the Avenger site appearing but the tree was there before. I didn't see any plant like disappearing in the first movie just people. View all replies >