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Miss Universe files for bankrupcy. The pageant with the guy in will still happen though. Law enforcement Texas Rangers investigating Lina Hildago. We can all agree that Joe Biden has cancelled the black vote. Jill Stein is running for president. Well there is plenty of idiots here to give her money. I have a big chest so I get to do videos of shooting guns. Can that Hamas girl con as much money from idiots as that Greta girl? Another one of the murdered civilian girls in Israel. It makes you cry in seeing the support for Israel coming out of New York. Rate the babeliciousness of Ivanka at the trial. View all posts >


Given 138,000 from the movie. When seeing the other day that girl that was raped and killed in the back of that truck paraded around town. Everybody throwing stuff and hitting her. I can't see how anybody wouldn't think that whole population is bent and brainwashed. You have to be an utter idiot to go, and yell stop and think a real person would do it. They better go after it now because soon they will be below the population of Latinos, and they will never vote for it. You know it is a Hamas ambulance when you see it traveling because it has gasoline for it when the rest of the country doesn't. They aren't run by homo's and communist, so they were the only site reporting about this. 10 Already at the hospital and it is cheaper to do all the death certiicicate stuff there than having to go to the house. The goverment is just worried the parents will put her on a charter plane and fly her somewhere.We will do the same when we go to government healthcare. Homo Beto said that also. Look how bad he did without Latino votes. Look how bad Shelia Jackson Lee lost when going into all Houston for mayor and not having Latino votes. Black people here are only slaves to other black people here. View all replies >