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Well no but she is the likely pick the democrats will use to run against Nikki Haley in 2024. Well no,but she is the likely pick to run again against Nikki Haley in 2024. This was after Captain Marvel so I would think some alein technology along with the antiseptic injector. Green Energy and Gun Laws Like miilions of people I'm not sick and don't want to wait in line for the test.But I have never asked if the company will switch a virus test for a doctor visit on a I don't feel well to come in thing.I might ask on the next monthly meeting though. And you and some of the press has made a mile wide loop in what is a virus death. Well I haven't been keeping up with the rules lately. Before when I was it was you have to have saying a symptom and need a appointment. Still my company if you say your sick after the second day you have to have seen a doctor. An initial investigation suggests that the 7-year-old Savannah boy listed as the youngest Georgian to die from coronavirus had a fever-fueled seizure while in the bathtub and drowned, a local official told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. I would think a parent leaving a child alone with a high fever also isn't someone who gives the child a regular doctor visit. Still any disease can give a child a high fever. A bunch is conversion from christian past. People believing the hype os Islam being more vocal in getting the people more power in the world. My company I'm with makes us have a doctors excuse of why we our out more than 1 day. Getting a test here you have to have a reason and a appointment for it. View all replies >