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Antifa Activist Identified as Man Armed with Rifle Who Tried to Set Fire to ICE Center

It's irrelevant who fired first. If a violent extremist holds a gun in a threatening way, the police can kill him. Naturally Antifa praised the dead scumbag.

Yesterday, a man armed with a rifle and Molotov cocktails at the ICE Tacoma Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma, Wash., was killed by responding police officers, according to the authorities.

At around 4 a.m. on Saturday, the Washington State man threw “incendiary devices” at the ICE detention center and nearby cars, setting one on fire.

“The male attempted to ignite a large propane tank and set out buildings on fire,” a statement released by the Tacoma police department said. “The male continued throwing lit objects at the buildings and cars.”

Four officers arrived at the scene and were involved in the shooting. Police initially called out to the man and then shots were fired. It remains unclear who began firing first.

The man who attacked the ICE center has now been identified as 69-year-old Willem Van Spronsen of Vashon Island, Washington.

Van Spronsen was described as “an anarchist and anti-fascist,” according to Deb Bartley, a friend of his for about 20 years.

Last year, in a protest outside the same federal immigration detention center, Van Spronsen wrapped his arms around a police officer’s throat and shoulders in an attempt to free another protester.

Van Spronsen was found to have been armed with a collapsible baton and knife in his pocket, leading to criminal charges.


Well, that was pretty one sided. No mention of GEO group that runs the detention centre, or the fact they are suspected of treating detainees very poorly. But then, why would we bother to need the whole picture and not just the one that fits some weird narrative.


First thing I always look at when these Trumptards post some supposedly revelatory news story is what is the source for it. In this case, is a conservative site--which these days means a TrumpSiegHeil source of information--so I just ignore them.


Antifa and BLM and the Democraps should be labeled as terrorist groups.


This is on AOC and other liberals.