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Dem-o-craps Are the Real Racists! Beto Says He Is A Descendant of Slaveowners Commie California is Now A Haven For Dirty Illegals There's a New Movie About Jussie! LOL AL Gore Predicted the Polar Ice caps Melting by 2014 What? Is he still alive? So they Still Havent Found a Cure For Baldness In the Future? Libtard Waitress AOC Screams At Border Agents, Tells More Lies A Shit Show! View all posts >


It's what happens when you put Dem-o-craps in charge! They destroyed LA, just like they destroyed Detroit. The Dem-o-craps want socialism- they want to nationalize everything! Disgusting commies! Melania is now the First Lady, that makes her way smarter than any Dem-o-crap bimbo you know! LOL you have Ivanka Derangement Syndrome- because she's too good looking for you! LOL So? A lot of Americans are of German descent. If you stayed in school you would have known that. Republicans are not racists. Dem-o-craps hate white people- they are the real racists! You ought to be getting ready for the world to end in 12 years, that's what AOC is saying LOL Of course- you're not much of a challenge, worm! View all replies >