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Lol Yep. Nancy and the libs wanted the whole process done asap. Senate is just obliging them. So you admit it was hoax? Puberty does not end at 12. Men, boys , males, bros, dudes, homies, whatever you want to call them all have the XY chromosome. It was Nancy Pelosi and the libs who said time was of the essence and rushed through the impeachment in the house. Mitch and the Senate want to oblige their requests by getting acquittal asap. Men have XY chromosomes. Thank you, and good night. You can't win this. Please go look up the definition of puberty, help yourself. In short it is the process where a boy or girl becomes and adult. What are adults called? Men or women. Laws also dictate when you become an adult. Based on your sick logic, a 60 year old man could identify as as a nine year old boy and have his way with little girls. Sick! You people not only defend this, but encourage it! Need to get sick people you off the streets. You seem ill. TDS will do this to people. Bruce is also a man based on science View all replies >