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This dude really blew it. If Belichick can't handle this mess no coach can. His mess will continue for this year, I'd be surprised he plays again this year. Best case for AB is he plays next year There is a big difference between an AR-15 and an AK-47. You should learn it before speaking again on the subject. Even as someone who defends the 2nd Amendment, no. People don't need to be carrying around rifles in the open. If you're hunting or at a range that is different, but I don't need to see Joe Schmo walking around the downtown area with an AR. A concealed handgun should be enough protection. PrinceASS diaries Forgot you're illiterate and didn't read the OPs comments. The NYT already retracted this story. Fake news. Yea I don't watch many episodes that came out after the mid 2000s Victory Celebration. Yub Nub sucks. Agreed, I think many feel season 3-10 are the golden era. Liberals are sad, deranged people. Rather, rinse, repeat. Same shit different day. View all replies >