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Why do liberals ignore or deny the existance of ANTIFA? If you interrupt or interfere with an ICE raid you should go to jail Improving Infrastructure + Lowering USA debt Craig's movies are reboots, so in theory, you could just ignore them Obama is an Islamic Terrorist for not denouncing Islamic Terrorism Study: Deporting Illegal Aliens Saves Americans Billions in Tax Dollars AOC telling people to fight ICE and law enforcement Could this work / would it ever happen Remember Did the woman in the liquor store.... View all posts >


Its always about race with liberals Wow I can't believe there are people in America like you who support violence and racism. You're gonna compare fighting for independence to removing illegal immigrants (criminals) from an established country with laws? I lol when the MSM and liberals call a gay person a homophoebe because they like Trump. hahah. Or if a black person doesn't fall in line with what is "expected" of them they are called an Uncle Tom. Gotta include Halloween and Hellraiser Neo nazi's are so small they are irrelevant. There's been one event with people getting killed by these people, there have been dozens, hundreds with ANTIFA, which you, liberals, and the MSM ignore. AOC tells them to attack law enforcement. Scary stuff. It seems like this season has a Friday the 13th feel. Fox News is the most honest, impartial news you will find out there. You don't even acknowledge ANTIFA. A group that attacks white people and others based on their political affiliation. Thank you for proving yet again that liberals are disgusting racist people. I thought the original plan for H4 was for Jamie to take over Michael's curse and be the killer. MM was supposed to be truly dead after getting shot a million times and being buried in the mine shaft. View all replies >