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Economists blown away by how great economy is doing, unemployment % hits 50 year low Looks Great sometimes, looks bad other times Good Bond, awful movies Why didn't Marv & Harry spent only a year in jail? Madolyn's baby How whiney Daniel Craig killed James Bond Thoughts on New Trailer? What the hell is Joe Biden talking about here? Did anyone else hate Craig's southern accent? View all posts >


Meh, it wasn't that funny. Yes People don't want that anymore. They want the old James Bond back. No, just all of (normal) America is laughing at her. Leaders of the world are intimidated by Trump, he's not a push over like Obama. Barbara Broccoli & Michael Wilson Walken & May Day were great. The score and theme song were awesome. Moore was too old. Tanya Roberts was awful. Playing California girls while Bond is snowboarding was cringe worthy. The movie felt tired and meh Connery was sort of fat in Diamonds are Forever. You live up to your username, D Team. Let the successful adults talk! Yes. I am hoping it isn't as bad as we all fear it is. Seems like they've hurt you. View all replies >