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Donald trump is so bad at business he lost money in a casino. Are the right wingers here able to make an argument... Sounds like a CW effort Do people not get what this show is? Why is it that right wing nutters are always telling people what to do... Swallow or spit? View all posts >


the problem is, hes right. Partisanship will make sure he gets re elected. they all fucking hate him, but theyll walk off that cliff like fucking lemmings because hes the republican. That wasnt a strawman argument. That was me flat out saying that anyone who needs to tell the world hes armed to the teeth going to a store, is all mouth. Im no lover of trump, but meh. So youre trusted with a gun, but you cant answer a simple question past your won hero worship? The cops will show up at some point, right? So when they do, and they see YOU, standing with a smoking hand gun and bunch of dead people littering the street...And back to Keelai's question...? Apparently it does, or you wouldnt have responded. And no, its about fear. Youre scared. 😂 🤥 Now that’s a real man! Too scared to get the weekly shop in without carrying a gun 😂. You’re so cool 😒 View all replies >