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Just name one They definitely will. Anything that doesn’t portrayed Floyd as a martyr will either be changed or ignored David Dorn deserves his own movie. He died of a drug overdose. Show me one antisemitic comment I’ve made and keep your butt sex fantasies to yourself. Butt hurt anti semite Again I think working on basic reading comprehension would help you the most. You also seem like a very angry person who is very easily triggered, seeing a therapist wouldn’t hurt either. Did you even read my last post? I clearly stated in very simple terms that that wasn’t my position. I was just holding Keelai to his own standards. Reading comprehension must not be your thing. That’s not my stance but it is Keelai’s and I’m just holding him to his own standard. You clearly missed the point as I went way over your head. Interestingly enough I noticed you didn’t acknowledge the Jews that Hamas tortured and slaughtered on October 7th. Guess those deaths aren’t convenient to you. Why do you care so much? This doesn’t impact you. View all replies >