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That isn’t what I asked. Also Chauvin didn’t kneel until Floyd died, he kneeled to keep him subdued because he was acting like a psychopath. Had that same amount of pressure been applied to someone not high off their ass would it still have killed them? You’re intentionally dodging the question. No one is trashing the show because it stars mostly females. People are trashing the show because they see it as not respecting the franchise, has bad acting and seems to be putting an agenda ahead of telling a story. IkR, it’s pathetic that people would apparently rather watch a wookie watching porn than watch the acolyte That’s not what I asked, if everything was the same except for Floyd being on drugs would he still have died? Same amount of pressure and event. You’re not answering my questions. Also I noticed that the acolyte is getting destroyed on IMDb also, was that also “review bombed” He clearly said he didn’t want to watch a show FOR lesbians. That’s a lot different than saying you don’t want to watch a show that just happened to start black lesbians. He sees it as a show whose priority is to promote DEI and LGBTQ propaganda and not telling a Star Wars story. You took his words out of context. I’m sure that if the show was respectful to the lore, didn’t prioritize DEI, was well written and was entertaining he wouldn’t have a problem with it. You’re a liar and a race baiter. Also i said I had yet to see anyone give the show a 1 just because it didn’t star white men, you posted an anonymous chat room poster which is quite different and also said nothing about white men, just that he was sick of “the message” being prioritized over telling a story. You also ignored like 90 percent of my last post btw. Nope, that is just the pre-planned narrative Disney had ready to go because they were sure this series was going to fail. Heck Kathy was even attacking the fans before the show even premiered. I’ll admit that after the family arrives at Wally World it gets less good, but there were at least some funny moments, and at least it had John Candy. I wouldn’t say it “sucked” but yes it was less funny than what came before it. No, they just lifted the stones back up to their original position. This is well documented. Just let him enjoy the show and quit being so toxic. He was also in Stripes. LOL The Acolyte is now more hated than the Holiday Special, I find that hilarious. I have yet to see anyone give The Acolyte a 1/10 just because it didn’t star white men, however I’ve seen plenty of people praise The Acolyte because it stared DEI quotas. I have also seen people criticize The Acolyte because they went out of their way to cast and hire “diversity” instead of people who had talent and knew what they were doing, that’s not the same as criticizes the Acolyte because it didn’t star any white men. You’re attempting to set up a false premise, race baiter. Also it’s Disney who went out of their way to cast and hire people just because they checked off the correct DEI quotas, not because of their artistic talent. You and Disney are the only ones who are obsessed with race and gender. Also no one in their right mind thinks The Acolyte is anywhere near as a good as A New Hope is. Why didn’t you answer any of my questions? Are you interested in having an actual discussion or are you more comfortable deflecting and throwing out disgusting smears and insults. I’ll ask again: If the people who don’t like the Acolyte are a “minority of racists and sexists” then why do you care what they think? They literally have no impact on your ability to enjoy The Acolyte? The only explanation I can see is you are a very insecure person and you need validation from strangers. I think deep down you are jealous that we get more enjoyment out of making fun of Disney Star Wars than you do from watching it. Well I guess it seems we are ready to move on seeing how I had to fact check you. As of now we have established: Floyd was on drugs and Chauvin did follow a logical course of action given the circumstances. Now would Chauvin’s actions had had the same effect on a person who was not high and had never done drugs? This is a yes or no question. Chacon had no way of knowing the guy didn’t have a pulse. Again he’s not a doctor. Please answer the question honestly or we are done here. First of all they aren’t trolls, they are pointing out legitimate criticisms , secondly if Disney is so convinced they are just a minority of trolls then why are they so triggered by them? If we see supposed to ignore the negative reviews should we also ignore the positive shill reviews that Disney paid for? Also what have I said that insinuates that I just don’t want women POCs in Star Wars? I’m against bad writing in Star Wars and it seems you are the one who is “projecting”. I also asked you why you care so much what the “racist toxic trolls” are doing as they have no impact on your ability to enjoy the show. It sounds like both you and Disney aren’t very secure with yourselves. You and Disney are one and the same, just call people who point out legitimate criticisms “racist”, “toxic”, etc. it’s all just a defense mechanism to shield the fact that Disney Star Wars is a disaster. The acolyte now has a lower RT score than the holiday special, live with that race baiter. If Kathy were so confident that the only people who didn’t like the show were a minority of “racist toxic trolls” then she wouldn’t be running defense control. Apparently that minority has a lot of control over her and you. Also why do you care so much? Why is it so important to you that everyone likes what you like? I’ve also yet to see any evidence of your racist, toxic fanbase attacking Disney , except for rightfully pointing out legitimate criticisms. Maybe you should have your facts straight before you make such vile smears. You’re wrong, at the time of the incident neck restraints were permitted: Well I’m sure whatever it is doesn’t believe in gender so it really doesn’t matter.