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<blockquote> Because, again, what he did was ILLEGAL</blockquote> If someone is convicted criminally insane, then he would have been legally not criminally guilty at the time of the crime. It doesn’t matter whether it was illegal, he was unable to discern right from wrong at the time, which means the doctors reinforcing to him that he’s guilty of killing his family is just incorrect. “It became unspeakable” - Salem’s Lot Is that what you call it when lotion and Kleenex are handy? She could have gotten an abortion, she just chose not to. Shaky camera work that looks like it was shot in someone’s backyard. Teal and Orange colour grading. Bad editing with no sense of continuity or geography. If you’re thinking of stuff like “Jersey Boys,” then it seems Corny now in hindsight. But doo-wop was one of the beginnings of rock n roll, and began among black American youths in inner-cities. In the early-50s it sounded dirty and subversive to a lot of young people. Groups like The Cadillacs or The Dominoes were a huge influence on a lot of soul and funk music of the 60s/70s. Doo-wop music is some of the greatest Both films are awful in the story department, but at least TPM has very nice cinematography, art/production/costume design, and casting. Everything <I>feels</i> connected to the OT, except set in the past. In fact, TPM is arguably the best looking film out of the prequel trilogy. Force Awakens just looks cheap in comparison, like the off-brand Chinese version of Star Wars. All their designs are just lifted from the OT, except worse. Maybe he should have been played by Morgan Freeman You know who had an arc? Noah View all replies >