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The only problem with that argument is Trump never said anything remotely like that. Just wait until Bernie tries to defend his official platform of decriminalizing illegal border crossing, abolition of ICE, pathway to citizenship for all illegals, free healthcare and welfare for all illegals. No restrictions on Muslims from problem countries. In other words, open borders. He'll be toast. I'm surprised they made her one of those loser cis-females. Don't they know that by SJW protocol trans-females come first in hierarchy. One of the rumors is he does show up in the last episode of the season. I don't know how they're going to explain his aging, though. I always like a review from Critical Drinker. Nerdroctic's reviews are also very humorous. I love it when he does the feminine soyboy voice. It's to go with "Star Trek: Discovery" = STD = Sexually Transmitted Disease. The allegations of wokeness is because Patrick Stewart said himself it's going to a metaphor for Trump and Brexit. There are a lot of rumors about it online from insiders who saw the entire season. There's nothing really woke yet, but we're only into one episode. That's what I said. He agreed to not harm anyone. I like Bernie, but he's surrounded himself with communists. They already turned him on open borders. He was rightly always against them, but now he supports decriminalization of illegal border crossing, an end to deportations and a pathway to citizenship. Put those all together and it's de facto open borders and a nation destroyer. That rear-end of hers is a padded prop. If you watch her other non-Marvel movies you'll see she's kind of flat back there. View all replies >