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Unhappy with my current job that I just started a month ago and want to go back to my old job. I'm getting a root canal later this week. Should I be frightened? If someone starts off their apology with "If you feel or think that I did anything wrong......"" Is Donald Trump the most famous person on the planet currently? You can't be an ethical and moral person to make it to the top. If Billie Jean was not his lover then who was? Sexiest man alive? Does anyone else think the "women and children only" rule is sexist and offensive? Does anyone else here HATE children? View all posts >


Why, thank you, R-Kane. Nice solid advice. I appreciate you taking the time to write all of that. <b>"If s/he asks why you are leaving, take the opportunity to politely but honestly explain your problems with the culture and the lack of training, as you’ve done here. "</b> Errr, I'm worried answering that question honestly may invite unneeded conflict/stress. She will likely divert and blame me. I don't want to get into a long drawn-out argument with her. How about responding with "No comment". Just keep it simple and brief? <b>"If the manager thanks you for giving ideas how to improve the place, you can say you’re going back to your previous job—and, if your old job is now matching the pay of the job you’re leaving, tell the manager. It increases your value in their eyes, and they make you a counter-offer. "</b> I highly doubt this manager will change her ways. I doubt they will make a counter-offer given that alot of coworkers are reporting negative comments about me to her. This kind of thing hasn't happened with my old job or my current 2nd part-time job, yet it's happening here. I feel boredline bullied here. I do agree telling her that I'm returning to my old boss will increase my value in their eyes. Like "Well, his old boss must have appreciated him. Why else would they take him back?". There's a lot of unclear expectations here in this current place. I can't read my boss' mind and when I don't do certain tasks her way, I'm set up for failure and coworkers report on me. It's stressful. Lack of communication is a big thing here. <b>"And leave this job off your resume. Just list your former/“new” job as 1 continuous period of employment."</b> Indeed. It's as if I didn't work there at all. I cannot wait until I own my own business someday! Set my own rules and my own destiny. Too many politics and stress working for someone else. It's rare to find a good fit. I like to think of it as dating. Being in this current place is like being in an unhappy, dysfunctional marriage. Thanks. Should I bother telling the new boss that I'm going back to my old boss/workplace? Or don't even bother with that? Just be brief as possible. I'll say "It's not a fit". And if they ask why it's not a fit, I'll just say "No comment". Just by looking at the map, Alaska should be part of Canada. No way is Alaska ever going to turn blue. That state is red asf. LOL. What are you? A secret spy? An assassin? "Popular vote" really doesn't mean anything, correct? I'm sorry but that is a major turn-off. I simply refuse to believe that pretty girls poo. No Yes. I remember that vividly. Mother Teresa was a crook and a fraud. View all replies >